4 REASONS the 2023 C8 Z06 Corvette could be DELAYED yet again!

In this video by Brink of Speed on YouTube he shares the 4 reasons the UAW is threating General Motors with a strike AGAIN.

  1. They want GM to commit to UAW members for contracted jobs (striping of cars, 3D printing ect..)
  2. They want GM to commit to using Local 2164 for the Performance Build Center.
  3. They want a higher pay rate for specific job classifications in the plant that require more skills to perform the job.
  4. They want GM to promise them that they can work on all future Corvettes including any future electric corvettes.

So far they are negotiating the local contract which seems like a short term fix until at least the September 2023 time frame.

It sounds like the UAW Local 2164 is worried about the electric car transition and being able to be paid more for special skills for example the C8 Corvette Z06 that has a hand built engine.

This is interesting because we have spoke with a local service advisor at a Chevrolet dealership and he brought up a good point a year or so ago when he even purchased his first Tesla. He mentioned if cars go electric even the Service centers of franchise dealers are going to look a lot different and need new skills since in electric cars the make up of the cars are a lot different and you aren’t worrying about transmissions or other issues internal combustible engines have to worry about.

Sounds like the UAQ Local 2164 is getting worried about being able to make the electric cars that General Motors and Chevrolet are on a full blitz to become all electric as most of the Automotive manufactures in the industry.

General Motors Bowling Green Assembly Plant Facing Another UAW Strike?

In this video from Brink of Speed on YouTube he discusses C8 Forum chatter that is talking about another UAW strike like the one that happened in 2019.

You can learn more about the UAW possible strike again in his video below and at this Bowling Green News site.

What’s next for perhaps the region’s best-known employer?

Potential new labor problems, this time arising not from the national United Auto Workers union but from a local contract involving working conditions and perks that members of UAW Local 2164 believe aren’t being addressed.

The Chevrolet Corvette plant workers who make up Local 2164 sent an unmistakable message about the local contract last week, when 98% of the plant’s production workers and 97% of its skilled trades workers voted to reject an offer from plant management that didn’t include many of the demands being made by union leadership.

“We pretty much knew what the outcome would be,” said Jason Watson, shop chairman for Local 2164. “It’s disappointing that the company doesn’t take into consideration what the hourly workers are asking for in improvements.”


In 2019, the UAW strike cost GM 4 billion dollars an this was another reason their was a delay and lower C8 Corvette production numbers since this hit before Covid did in March of 2020.


General Motors No Longer Accepting 2021 C8 Corvette Orders

If you have been watching “C8 Corvette” YouTube lately you will notice channel after channel talking about Chevrolet and General Motors not accepting 2021 Chevrolet Corvette orders until at least June or July which will make any outstanding orders the 2022 model year.

What’s crazy is the C8 is argued back and forth whether its a super car or not and how its marked up already due to supply and demand and this makes it even more exotic with only 2,700 C8 Corvettes being produced in 2020 due to the UAW strike and Covid. While the C8 Corvette was the fastest selling car in February 2021 AGAIN with a higher average transaction price (over 85k!)

Now with no more 2021 orders they maybe will have 7500 units out there making inventory even lower than expected.

Looks like they are going to stay marked up as Chevy Dude pointed out recently selling Used C8s marked up and saying its taking 24 months now from order to get your car.

Its going to take until at least 2022 for the C8 Z06 to come out and for the current owners to start trading them in and for production to resume as normal for C8 Corvettes to end up on lots and for to be able to get them for under 100k.


Rick Corvette Conti started the no more 2021 C8 Corvette news here:

Today’s Upload, having the business conversation regarding a recent GM memo about 2021 ordering and NO LONGER allowing Sold Order entry


Then Brink of Speed YouTube jumped on..

BREAKING: Good & BAD News from GM about YOUR 2021 C8 Orders & Allocation Status!

Then HorsePower Obsesses YouTube jumped on …

2022 C8 Corvette Amplify Orange LEAKED! NO new 2021 C8 orders being taken as of TODAY!

And then… Great White North Corvette YouTube jumped on..

GM Stops Sales Of 2021 Corvette C8’s | Prices Are Still Going Up!

GM Can’t Keep Up with Demand for the 2020 C8 Corvette

The Detroit Free Press has a GM spokesman Kevin Kelly admitting they are going to have to push their 2020 C8 Orders (over 20,000) to 2021 offering all those new C8 Corvette owners first dibs on the 2021 version. Since rolling out a few 2,700 C8s in February because of the UAW strike delay.

One person at the plant said they are building about 60-90 C8s per day with only less than half of the workers with one shift vs. two shifts.

If this is true and let’s take a conservative 50 cars per day as of June, 2020 that would mean about 1000 C8s per month with 6 months until November when they would switch to 2021 that could mean about 5-6k more 2020 C8s hit the market making the 2020 C8 Corvette a limited 8-9k run and a collectors item.

Out of the 2,700 C8s that already hit the market the only way you can get them is by paying a mark up if you didn’t already order one and get passed the 3000 production status. Some C8s we have seen sell for over 150k!

Per Kevin Kelly and Tadge Juechter with General Motors

“We are not going to build all of the 2020 orders,” GM spokesman Kevin Kelly said, adding that GM would work with affected customers and dealers to offer a 2021 option.

“We’ve had an enormous demand for this vehicle and we had that work stoppage and we have suppliers trying to come up to speed too,” Kelly told the Free Press. “The plant is still coming up from COVID. We still haven’t brought up the second shift yet, so we’re still ramping up.”

We are unaware of any production target misses and are attaining the production output set for the team at Bowling Green as we continue to ramp up after the COVID-19 shutdown.”

“There are issues across the board with suppliers and it’s not just the Corvette. You don’t just bring both shifts back up when the production was down. You have to ramp up. We’re ramping up as we get the suppliers online and everyone online.”

“We initially said we would start taking 2021 Corvette orders at the end of this month (May) but, again, due to the plant being down for two months, we’re adjusting that timing to late July,” Tadge Juechter, executive chief engineer for the Corvette, said at the event.

Here are the highlights Tadge Juechter, executive chief engineer for the Corvette shared at the May 29 event:

  • GM will continue to build the 2020 Corvette Stingray through the fall, an extension of what it had originally planned.
  • The extension will help ensure that GM builds most — not all — of the 2020 Corvette orders it  received.
  • GM declined to specify the exact number of 2020 models it will build or how many will be coupes versus convertibles.
  • GM will start building the convertible this summer, but declined to provide specific dates because the plant just came back up.

2021 Corvette C8 Pricing

The good news is the C8 Corvette produced in 2021 will not have the base $59k price raised as they were anticipating since Covid and the UAW strike have ruined the most anticipated Corvette GM and Chevrolet has ever built.

For more information visit Detroit Free Press for more information

C8 Production Update from a Customer with an early order

Also here is a video from a customer that ordered a C8 Corvette and his C8 Corvette Production Order with Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine, TX.

He is at 3000 code status but he decided to move his order to the Z06 which is coming out late 2021 as the 2022 C8 Corvette Z06. His dealership is getting C8s now from production and they are expecting 20 more as of this video.

Will the GM Strike Affect the Production and Delivery Dates of the New C8?

GM has moved all UAW workers to Cobra healthcare and as of Tuesday, September 17th while talks continue the strike continues.

GM wants an end to the strike. Strikes are all about negotiating leverage, as UAW’s first push shutting down all of GM’s US plants including the Bowling Green Kentucky plant where the new mid engine C8 corvette will be made starting December 2nd, costing the company about $100 million per day.

While at once cutting its costs during the walkout, GM is forcing massive health care costs over to the union. This should put pressure on the UAW and the striking employees to want to get a deal done faster vs. paying for healthcare cost themselves vs. the golden healthcare coverage GM provides.

A letter by UAW-GM Vice President Terry Dittes to the company Monday presumed GM would keep UAW rank and file on the company health care plan until Oct. 1, but asked for clarification.

GM clarified Tuesday morning, saying the answer is no.

If employees continue to strike until December when the new 2020 Mid engine C8 corvette is suppose to be starting production this will push back all orders whether you were the first to order the car back in July of this year right after the C8 corvette unveil on July, 18, 2019.

As a C8 preorder customer crossing our fingers the strike will end soon but we will keep you posted with updates on this blog.

Recent News about the UAW GM Strike that affects the C8 Corvette Production

Could 2020 C8 Corvette Production Be Delayed By The UAW Strike?

More  Updates on the UAW and GM Strike

UAW are close to ending the strike with GM, more here

Also, Chevy Dude a Corvette/Chevy salesman in Kentucky made a video about how he doesn’t think the strike will affect the C8 production roll out or delay in the preorders.

Updated, October 7th 2019

The longer the strike goes now in its 4th week as of October 7th 2019 the worse it’s going to be for the new C8 production to roll out.

More info on this here from Motor1

a Source says per Jalopnik

That’s where the trouble lies, as reported by The Detroit Free Press:

A spokesman for GM said, “As we’ve previously stated, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray production begins in late 2019 and convertible production follows in late first-quarter 2020. It’s too early to speculate on production timing impacts on any of our vehicles due to the UAW work stoppage.”

But a person familiar with operations at Bowling Green Assembly said, “I know for a fact that this strike is directly going to affect the start of regular production for the midengine Corvette.”

That’s because the plant still must fulfill orders for the current model Corvette, dubbed the C7.

Then, the factory must undergo a tooling change to build the midengine car. GM had planned to idle the plant this week and next to retool it.

“That can’t happen because the plant hasn’t finished production of the current generation Corvette,” the person said.

UAW GM Strike Could Last 60 Weeks Based on UAW Fund!