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If you want to be a sponsor of our blog and learn more about our $100 per month Text link ad option or FEATURED partner option fill out the form below and we will get back to you.

Text Link Ad Partner

Our minimum “Text link ad” sponsorship which is a link to your website on the right sidebar of our blog which is on every page is $100.00 per month. Sign up below with the PayPal link.

Featured Partners

If you want to become a FEATURED partner where we link to you in blog posts which helps you with SEO of your website, Post you on the @AutomotiveSEO instagram etc… that starts at $1000.00 per month.

Also, we will not be accepting every sponsor and reserve the right to not accept your text link ad or Featured sponsorship if we think its not a good fit for our site or we think you won’t get value out of our sponsorship options. We want this blog to be quality C8 focused content with C8 focused sponsors. We will not post other car makes / models on the blog or Instagram page unless there is some tie to the C8 Corvette.

SEO Option Add on:

We will help you with Automotive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website via posts, off page SEO link building, on page SEO insights as well as the value of being an allowed sponsors on our site with a Featured Banner, Links, and Social Media promotion on our Twitter and Instagram pages. (This is another $1000.00 per month minimum sponsorship currently and this pricing will only go up in the future unless locked in now)

Annual Pricing Adjustments

The pricing will change once per year based on traffic and we will remember our early sponsors when the site and blog about C8’s were newer and give those sponsors first opt out opportunities each annual renewal of their sponsorship.

Some C8CorvetteBlog sponsorships we are open to and suggest:

  • YouTubers (get the benefit of us linking to your YouTube Channel videos, embedding videos (helps YouTube SEO), your social media profiles and highlighting C8 content videos on our blog
  • Top Chevy Corvette Car Dealers (get the benefit of C8 sales, C8 parts and accessories, other used corvette inventory sales)
  • C8 aftermarket parts companies (Sell more exhausts, headers, cats, wheels, car wraps for the C8 Corvette)
  • C8 Corvette Performance Shops that are going to specialize in tuning and making these cars go faster and help people get their bolt on mods installed.
  • Other C8 related companies, websites, or blogs that want more SEO, Traffic, Leads and Sales
  • Other Automotive related companies

Fill out the form below and we will contact you to lock in sponsorship for the year.

Our goal with the sponsorship is to give you a lot more value then the current year sponsorship investment with the most targeted C8 only content.

There is over 100,000 searches per month on Google (and growing) for “c8 corvette” related searches and we will and are already ranking for a lot of those keywords, so as you can see the value is and will be there for a long time.  For example, search “Streetspeed717” that is a well know Corvette YouTuber that had one of the first Twin Turbo C8s and you will see our site first page for many keywords related to his YouTube name which is searched over 5,000 times a month on Google.

Jump on board now, pay a lower sponsorship rate, get locked in at lower rates, and we will give our sponsors first right of refusal for their annual sponsorship.

Currently we have a Monthly Text Link Ad Sponsorship that is $100.00 per month that you can sign up for right away below, and we will link to your website in the side bar of the blog. Once you sign up with the PayPal links below be sure to use the form to send us your website url and anchor text for the link in the side bar to use.