How to Drag Race a C8 Corvette

Check out this great video by East Coast Supercharging on YouTube where they show how to do a burnout in the burnout box and drag race a C8 Corvette.

Per their video:

Take a ride with Alex at Atco Dragway in his 2020 C8 as he explains how to do a burn out and how to launch the car.

This was recorded at out last track rental in Atco NJ. Stay tuned for a highlight video from that day!

East Coast Supercharging

562 Route 539

Cream Ridge New Jersey 08514


2001 C5 Z06 vs 2020 C8 Corvette

Check out this video by GT Drummer Dude on YouTube of the Omega Motorsport NoFlyZone ARIZONA Event at the Gila Bend Municipal Airport.

Per his description:
The Z06 had a passenger and the C8 did not. This was my slowest pass of the day at 136.5 mph. My fastest pass was 144.6 mph and the fastest pass of this stock C8 was 144 mph. After 2 or 3 passes I was doing 141-144 mph the rest of the day, exactly the same as this C8 was doing all day. The fastest pass of another C8 with headers and exhaust was 148 mph. I just wish the only video I got against a C8 wasn’t my slowest pass of the day by 8 whole mph… With no passenger in my later runs I would have been door to door with this guy all the way down the track. The 1/2 mile trap speeds tell the tale though- the C8 is no faster than a stock C5Z with a good driver.

C8 Corvette with Titanium Exhaust, Headers, Drag Tires vs. Tesla Model S

Check out this video by Tesla Plaid Channel on YouTube where he shows a C8 Corvette at the drag strip at Bradenton Motorsports Park  in Florida.

The C8 Corvette has a Titanium Exhaust Kooks Headers and M/T Drag Radials. The Sebring C8 Corvette owner is Kyle Chaplin or @Thats_Hellboy on Instagram.

The race is about the 3 minute mark of this video

C8 Corvette Drag Race vs Hellcat and a Tuned Toyota Supra!

Check out this video from Corvette Direct where he takes his C8 Corvette to the track to drag race two hellcats and a brand new 2020 Supra that had a tune, downpipe, and exhaust.

The C8 Corvette consistently ran low 11s and his C8 Corvette is stock other than Kooks header and Green Cats where he only gained about 5 horsepower anyway and mainly did it for the sound.