Cboys TV Buys a New C8 Corvette

Cboys TV a YouTuber with over one million subscriptions out of all the cars he can purchase buys a C8 Corvette.

Per Ben’s video on CBoys TV:

In todays video, Ben receives shipment on his new C8 Corvette. We do some C8 corvette testing and are all amazed at how fast and nice this car is! Ken races it in his new Tesla and it was extremely close! Ben messes with a few corvette owners in his new fit and Micah installs a new wrap on the Giveaway quad!


Twin Turbo C8 Corvette Driven & Explained (Cicio Performance)

Check out this video by Cicio Performance where they go into a detail and explain how they created their Twin Turbo C8 Corvette with a piggy back Motec ECU and Extreme Turbo Systems Turbo kit set up and Dodson clutches.

We recently wrote about their 900 Horsepower Cicio Performance C8 Corvette when that racing channel did a video review as well.

Per Cicio Performance YouTube description

Hey Guys! Were happy to announce that the Twin Turbo C8 package is now available from Cicio Performance!

This is one of the first purchasable twin turbo kits for the Corvette C8 that doesn’t compromise any of your OEM drivability/creature comforts.

We partnered with ETS to make this proprietary twin turbo kit the best it could possibly be. The car runs on a MoTec piggyback paired with the Dodson clutch upgrade and makes just over 850whp and 750tq.

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Link to our C8 storefront: https://cicioperformance.com/packages/c8-corvette/

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2022 C8 Corvette News from Rick Corvette Conti

Check out this post by Rick Corvette Conti about the latest C8 Corvette News for 2021 and 2022 C8 Corvette builds, production and allocation.

He mentions that we are at least a year away before a consumer can walk into a Chevrolet car dealer and and purchase a C8 Corvette off the lot.

Rick Corvette Conti also interviews a person that bought Tadge Juechter C8 Corvette that was at an event in California and he was driving that Rick shared in a video.

Rick also said you can order the black trident spoke wheels that are an upgrade from the factory.

We have shared Rick Corvette Conti C8 Corvette news and videos before where he actually made one of the C8 Corvette issues video private after publishing it publicly and will keep the post updated with anymore recent C8 Corvette News from Rick Corvette Conti that he gets from General Motors.

Recently Rick Corvette Conti also responded to some critics on the C8 Corvette Forums too.


YouTuber’s C8 Corvette Has a Blown Transmission

Check out these videos of Gabe Rolf Cars on YouTube where he was having transmission issues with his C8 Corvette.

This is the second time we have seen a C8 Corvette have a bad or blown transmission. The first time was from a C8 Corvette owner that just got his car and barely had 100 miles on it and it wouldn’t shift.

This C8 Corvette has over 22,000 miles on it already and now has a blown transmission and a transmission with an electrical issue since it works once he resets the ECU.

The only other major issue was when we shared a story on another YouTuber that blew his C8 Corvette engine and GM replaced it in about 3 weeks.

Here are the videos of the C8 Corvette with Transmission Problems

900HP STOCK ENGINE C8 Corvette on BOOST is AMAZING! (Twin Turbo V8 SCREAMS!)

Check out this video about the 900HP Cicio Performance Twin Turbo C8 Corvette.

Per The Racing Channel Video description about Cicio Performance 900 Horsepower Twin Turbo C8 Corvette

On this episode we feature Nathan Cicio’s Twin Turbo C8 Corvette! Normally when we’re hanging out with the Cicio Performance crew we’re talking incredibly fast street GTR’s making upwards of 2400WHP, this time we take an in-depth look at their new C8 shop car that’s pushing north of 900WHP on the factory engine.

They partnered with ETS to provide a bolt-on twin turbo solution for the C8 Corvette platform, the TRC team couldn’t get enough of it… the twin turbo V8 sounds and performance is intoxicating!

Gabe Florido of Car Lifestyle C8 Corvette GTA Miami Vibe by SchwaaFilms

Check out this video made of Gabe Florido’s C8 Corvette which is one of the most popular C8 Corvettes on Instagram. He is the founder of the Car Lifestyle page on Instagram and he hooked up with SchwaaFilms to have this GTA style type video made of his C8 Corvette in Miami.

Per Schwaa Films Video description of the C8 Corvette

So while down in Miami for the R2R rally. I was able to meet up with my friend Gabe who owns CarLifestyle. If you guys remember, years ago I filmed his Camaro.

I’ve been wanting to shoot his C8 for a while, and since I was down in Miami I knew this was the perfect time. Unfortunately since I had spent 4-5 days on the rally shooting non stop, I didn’t have much energy left to go all out on this video.

But best believe there is going to be a part 2, night run video! This car looks sooooo good rolling on the road. Hope you guys enjoy the Miami vibes in this one!

Car owner: @gabeflorido / @carlifestyle on Instagram

Model: @iamthaliapagan on Instagram 

C8 Corvette E-Ray Faster than C8 Corvette Z06?

MotorTrend has an article talking about the C8 Corvette E-Ray possibly being faster then the C8 Corvette Z06. However, its kind of misleading because possibly it will be faster from a launch from 0 to 60 with hybrid assist motors in the front similar to an Acura NSX.

It will most likely not be faster than a C8 Corvette Z06 overall but perhaps faster then the base C8 Corvette Stingray Z51 base model.

Source for info and picture: MotorTrend

A YouTuber that covers most of the corvette news found on Corvette Blogger or other automotive blogs like ours HorsePower Obsessed covers this story as well as the C8 Corvette wheel issue and possibly a new C8 Corvette SUV that Chevrolet and General Motors is working on.