Making of New Corvette C8

Check out this video of the C8 Corvette being made at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant in Kentucky.

Per the DPCCars YouTube Video:

The New Corvette C8, which is manufactured in Bowling Green, Kentucky, was named one of the most American-made vehicle models by and American University Kogod School of Business. This video was filmed at Bowling Green Assembly in February 2020.


WATCH THIS BEFORE you get new wheels for the C8 Corvette! FINAL thoughts on Blaque Diamond Wheels!

Check out this video from HorsePower Obsessed on YouTube where he reviews the Blaque Diamond Wheels we talked about before when another YouTuber the Redliner added the Black Diamond Wheels to his Sebring Orange C8 Corvette.

C8 Corvette Hits Tail Of The Dragon! A little too fast….?

Check out this video by Texas Speed & Performance on YouTube.

Per their video:

Thanks for coming by! In this video we start the first ever Barrett Jackson Collector Car Road Tour! So much awesomeness, we broke it down into a two part series with this being the first! As always sit back, enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments!

TJ Hunt’s Street Hunter Designs Carbon Fiber C8 Corvette Parts!

Check out this video by TJ Hunt has as shows the first Carbon Fiber Front Splitter Lip for the C8 Corvette designed by his company Street Hunter Designs.

Street Hunter Designs is a company he built for aero kits on all types of cars including the C8 Corvette.

This is the first part that will be available for preorder soon but they plan on designing a Carbon Fiber High Wing Spoiler, Side Skirts and Wide Body Kit as well.

The C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Splitter is easy to install yourself and uses the OEM stock bolt/screw points.

Taking Delivery of my Twin Turbo C8 Corvette! + *RAW TURBO AUDIO*

Check out this VIDEO of TJ Hunt’s Twin Turbo C8 Corvette that is finally finished and getting it use to what it’s seeing with the computer then they will dyno it.

He still has to drive it a few hundred miles burn off some oil and then they will start opening it up more.

He provides a clip of the Turbo whistle sounds for now.

Behind the Scenes – Lowering the C8 Corvette with Eibach PRO-KIT

Check out this video by Eibach USA on YouTube where they demonstrate their C8 Corvette Lowering Kit and how and why they custom built it the way they did.

Per Eibach USA:

In this week’s Friday Feature, the Eibach team goes over the development process of the newest Corvette.


If you want to see more videos of C8 Corvette lowering kits or how to lower your C8 Corvette see more videos here.

C8 Corvette with Titanium Exhaust, Headers, Drag Tires vs. Tesla Model S

Check out this video by Tesla Plaid Channel on YouTube where he shows a C8 Corvette at the drag strip at Bradenton Motorsports Park  in Florida.

The C8 Corvette has a Titanium Exhaust Kooks Headers and M/T Drag Radials. The Sebring C8 Corvette owner is Kyle Chaplin or @Thats_Hellboy on Instagram.

The race is about the 3 minute mark of this video

Boosted C8 & Corvettes TAKEOVER Car Show! 1000+HP Cars

Check out this video of Boosted C8 and some other C8 Corvettes and older Corvettes on SubZero Vlogs YouTube channel.

Boosted C8 and Corvettes bring their C8 Corvettes to a car show. So many corvettes and Chevy cars here. What corvette is your favorite?

C8 E-Ray Corvette, No C8 Grand Sport?

Check out this video by Liberty Drives on YouTube as he covers the new C8 Corvette E-Ray or the C8 E Ray which is rumored to be an electric C8 Corvette vs. the C8 Grand Sport.

Per Liberty  Drives:

We all knew sooner or later Chevrolet would make a hybrid C8 Corvette for their E-Ray name. Now there are spy shots and videos out of the test mule for the car and info on when we can expect trims like the E-Ray and Zora. Let me know what you think of the E-Ray replacing the Grand Sport down in the comments. I was a fan of the Grand Sports but I think this makes sense for the lineup.


Is The New Corvette Worth Over $100,000??? (VIDEO REVIEW)

Check out this Video Review of the 2020 C8 Corvette Z51 to see how it’s worth over $100,000.

This video review of the Corvette C8 Z51 Package was done by Ben Hardy on YouTube.

He reviews a C8 Corvette given to him by Larry Miller Chevrolet in Murray, Utah.

If you want to see more C8 Corvette Reviews check out more here.