OH NO! My C8 Corvette gets a CHECK ENGINE LIGHT with only 8k Miles!

Check out this Video from Brink of Speed when he gets his first Check Engine Light with his new C8 Corvette that only has 8,000 miles on it.

Here is what he has to say:

Today, my C8 gets its first check engine light, and it only has 8,000 miles on it. Obviously, this is never something that anyone wants to see in any car, but especially not in a $76,000 dollar low mileage C8 Corvette. I think you all will learn something from this video and enjoy the process I went through to get this issue figured out and taken care of.

Network vehicle communication codes went off and OnStar didn’t have any solution so Brink of Speed took it to Classic Chevrolet in Texas.

The software and ECM had to be recalibrated and updated.

Samcrac Shows Multiple C8 Corvette Salvaged Cars Already!

Check out this YouTube video by Samcrac where he shows multiple salvaged C8 Corvettes that have already been in wrecks.

He makes great points with fixing these salvaged C8 Corvettes you have to consider a few things at the current time of this post (Sept 2020)

  • C8 Corvettes are already limited due to covid, UAW strike, recalls ect..
  • Can you get the parts for the C8 Corvette need to restore these
  • At a starting price of 60k is it worth it buying one at salvage

Per Samcrac:

In my latest visit to the local salvage auction I ran into 2 C8 Corvettes. This is the first time seeing a wrecked salvage C8 Corvette in person; and it turned out to be owned by Rapper Rod Wave.

GM Stops Sale of the C8 Corvette Because Brake Recall Issues

GM has another recall since the over the air front trunk, frunk update. Due to contamination on the brakes the sensor isn’t working properly and they don’t have enough parts yet to fix the recall. And since it’s an electronic part set up on the brakes it can take longer to fix.

This will be a recall that needs to be resolved at the dealer like the bolt recall that extended out and could scrape against the driver or passenger doors.

Learn more about the C8 Corvette Brake Recall from this video from HorsePower Obsessed on YouTube.

One of the commenters mentioned this was an issue on his 2020 Trailblazer as well.

Guys – I have this SAME IDENTICAL ISSUE with my 2020 TrailBlazer. It appeared shortly after purchase, 1 – 3 weeks. There is such a shortage on the part that my car has been at the dealer for almost 4 weeks…. And this is a B-A-D issue … our experience is the car would fail to stop or the brakes were barely working. I am in line for a 2021 C8 … Double whammy!

Ferrari 458 Owner Says C8 Corvette has the Same Performance

In this Video you will see a Ferrari 458 owner try very hard to downplay the C8 Corvette. His only reasoning for spending double on a car 10 years old with the “Ferrari” brand is because its not mass produced.

You can tell he has a Ferrari bias so much it’s so hard for him to just admit spending the 75k more for a Ferrari ($RACE, Ferrari’s average profit per car is about $80k) doesn’t make any sense.

Wait until he sees the C8 Z06 and the C8 ZR1 and C8 Zora in the coming years. Even this base Z51 C8 Corvette Stingray has the same performance has his 458 Ferrari.

Per Brink of Speed YouTube:

I May have CONVERTED this FERRARI 458 Owner to a CHEVY C8 Corvette! Welcome back to Brink of Speed! Today I again want to thank Dan with @Normal Guy Supercar for inviting me down to Austin so we could review each other’s cars. If you haven’t checked his channel out yet, make sure and go give him a subscribe! I’m about to show you how Dan, being a Ferrari Supercar owner, reacted to my 2020 C8 Corvette, but this time while driving the C8. It was his first time driving a C8 Corvette and he wasn’t disappointed.

Ferrari 458 Italia REVIEW from a C8 Corvette Owner! How it compares to a C8

Gabe Design C8 Corvette vs. DragTimes Ferrari F8

If you been watching the C8 Corvette market like we have from the beginning you know one of the top automotive influencers Gabe Design on Instagram that built the Car Lifestyle page sold his Camaro and built a new C8.

Here is a video of Gabe Design’s C8 Corvette vs. a Ferrari F8 that another automotive influencer on Youtube Dragtimes brought out to run it.

Also, since our last post about Gabe Design C8 he added RSC Tuning Carbon Fiber Wing Spoiler to his C8 Corvette. Do you like that Carbon Fiber wing better or the high wing spoiler seen here on a Satin Matte Black Wrapped C8 Corvette we built? (Leave a comment)

Youtubers Selling Their C8s for 20k-30k Profits! (Should You?)

If you watch automotive YouTube you might of noticed a trend that Chevy Dude noticed as well below in this video. He discusses how StreetSpeed717, Stradman, Cleetus and other YouTubers are selling their C8s for a nice 20-30k profit in most cases and how they are selling the C8s since its a business and hard to generate content when everyone is doing the same thing and the ECU isn’t unlocked.

For example, StreetSpeed717 rushed to get it Twin Turbo-ed, wrapped, rims, exhaust and then was offered $120k for his C8 3LT that he paid about 90k for. Also, he has another C8 on the way, the convertible C8 from Whitmoyer Chevy so he can use that profit towards his next one while waiting the next 3 to 4 months to get it.

Also, we covered the Stradman selling his Purple wrapped C8 funny enough to another YouTuber Chandler David Smith that does Financial and Real Estate focused YouTube content.

As a C8 owner as well hence the C8 Corvette Blog we built we have also thought about selling but there really is no alternative to this car and we are going to wait for the C8 Z06 instead in the 2022 model and end of 2021 year.

From the video:

All the famous YouTubers who bought C8’s are selling or have already sold their Corvettes. We know Cleetus stated he sold his for the freedom factory improvements. But is this the real reason? We discuss that and more in this video. Including if I a following the trend of listing mine for sale.

MASSIVE C8 Corvette MARK-UPS and Resale Values… How Long Will This Last?

Check out this video from Cars, Costs, and Technology as he discusses the recent C8 Corvette mark ups that have ranged from $5,000 to $35,000 on top of MSRP and why he thinks people are still paying them.

As we talked about before about C8 Corvette mark up and pricing its all supply and demand and some people in the market for a McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini are now looking at C8 Corvettes even with mark ups as a better value then these 150K+ cars go for.

C8 Corvette Ownership 4k Miles Later

Check out this video from YouTuber Brink of Speed explain how his first 4,000 miles in the new Mid Engine C8 Corvette has went from driving like a grandpa to doing many launch control launches and getting a 2.6 Zero to 60 time!

He explains overall his experience has been great and even the minor issues like door noise at higher highway speed was fixed pretty easily by his local Chevy Dealership.

Also if you like this video we have covered another YouTuber talk about his experience driving the C8 Corvette over 8,000 miles and the common myths or misconceptions about the C8 Corvette.