Here’s What CARMAX Offered for my 25,000 Mile C8 Corvette

Check out this video from Speed Phenom where he takes is track driven 25,000 mile 2LT C8 Corvette to Carmax and see what he is offered.

It’s actually pretty insane after being low balled by come Chevy Dealers in the 60-70k range because of the high mileage. Does Carmax go even lower?

He has a 2022 C8R Edition C8 Corvette coming and already had a 600LT Mclaren as well so its time for him to sell his C8 Corvette he received at the Corvette Museum and drove across the country to California.

We actually posted a Carmax C8 Corvette offer back in October 2020 so you can see the difference almost a year later the two offers. The other one was a 1LT C8 Corvette.

C8 Corvette Carmax

Carmax VS Honda Dealership Offer on my 2020 C8 Corvette

First Look at Corvettes of Carlisle & 2022 C8 Corvette C8R Edition

Check out this video from HorsePower Obsessed on YouTube has he shows what Corvettes of Carlisle looks like setting up the day before it starts on Thursday for the weekend.

2022 C8 Corvette C8.R edition FIRST LOOK, 3 new COLORS and MORE at Corvettes at Carlisle 2021!

C8 Corvette Callaway Launch Edition Debuting at Corvettes of Carlisle

In these video from HorsePower Obsessed and Brink of Speed they are covering the new C8 Corvette Callaway edition debuting at Corvettes of Carlisle.

They haven’t mentioned any power increase but time will tell when they show it off at Corvettes of Carlisle. The only information provided so far is they are using new aero, a center exit exhaust, and of course it comes with or maintains the factory warranty.

The big difference is the aero kit and their big wing to get you into the Big Wang Gang! There is a chance they have access to unlock the Chevy C8 Corvette ECU but not sure on that since C8 Corvette has over the air updates now that can knock that out real quick.

We agree with HorsePower Obsessed it’s probably a little too late unless someone is a hardcore Callaway enthusiast since the C8 Z06 is coming out with multiple variants soon.

Also, there’re already many engine mods you can do to your C8 Corvette (Fabspeed, Kooks, Soul Performance, American Racing Headers, Throttle body, Ported Manifold) as well as aftermarket wheel mods like Vossen Wheels, BC Forged Wheels,  and Carbon Fiber kits, ect..) like Racing Sport Concepts.

They better come with a pretty big engine upgrade which the C8 Corvette seems to be limited at that 600-650HP mark before the current Tremac Dual Clutch Transmission starts slipping. Hopefully they will have an axel upgrade too since they are known to break.

Standard on the Callaway C8 Corvette

  • Callaway Forged C8 Wheels
  • Double D Exhaust System
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
  • Callaway Interior package (door sills, alcantara, billet pedal set ect,,)
  • Callaway Ported Intake Manifold (should increase horsepower)
  • Callaway exterior badging

Callaway C8 Corvette Launch Edition to be Revealed At Carlisle

2022 Callaway C8 Corvette WALK-AROUND! (Corvettes at Carlisle)

Callaway C8 Corvette FIRST LOOK at Corvettes at Carlisle 2021. NEW details revealed!

The Stradman Reveals his Widebody C8 Corvette he is Building for SEMA

Check out this video from James “The Stradman” on YouTube who is on his 2nd C8 Corvette. The first one he sold for $30k profit thinking prices would come down but they never have.

However, he found another C8 Corvette that he is adding the Pandem Rocket Bunny C8 Corvette kit.

Here is a video of him revealing it before adding wheels and painting the kit fully rapid blue to match.

Revealing my Widebody C8 Corvette!!

Another C8 Corvette Breaks an Axle at the Drag Strip

In the latest video from Horsepower Obsessed he breaks an Axle drag racing his C8 Corvette.

His first run against a 2006 Z06 that ran a 11.3 was one of his best yet a 11.5 in the quarter mile but when he tried to line up again he broke an Axle which the C8 Corvettes are known to do especially with drag racing.

He knew right away it was an Axel “because they are weak” and the car was fine otherwise and still driving.

I BROKE my C8 Corvette! THIS part is VERY weak from factory.


Back when they first came out and someone added NOS they broke the Axel on the C8 Corvette as well as you can see in the video below.

Also, we have heard from a Chevy Dealer that there has been a lot of the axels blow out especially at the boot vs the actual shaft breaking.

Worlds First Broken C8 Corvette!

The best thing you can do if you are going to drag race your C8 Corvette or run a ton of launch control launches over time is to upgrade the C8 Corvette Axels. There is an aftermarket Axel many C8 Corvette owners have used from Cicio Performance to Emelia Hartford and they used Driveshaft Shop 1400HP Axles.

GM sells the part for $250 vs. upgraded axels run over $1000.

Driveshaft Shop C8 Corvette Rear Axle Upgrade!!

RESULT of my BROKEN C8 Corvette. My experience with GM’s warranty repair.

StreetHunter C8 Corvette is Done! (TJ Hunt Widebody C8 Corvette Kit)

Check out this video from SOS Customz as they reveal the first ever production StreetHunter C8 designed by the team of TJ Hunt.

We have been following the TJ Hunt Street Hunter C8 Corvette Wide Body Kit since the beginning as you can see here and here.

They have been working finishing this C8 Corvette wide body kit since December 2020. If you go to their “C8 Corvette” collection the only thing available is the front splitter as of this post.

Next they mention they are going to add an airbag suspension to be able to raise and lower this wide body C8 Corvette. TJ Hunt said as soon as it lowered and bagged and they take photos they will be selling it first come first serve and only had about 5 kits available.

He said he is going to get is C8 Corvette from Late Model Racecraft hopefully some time next week. He is building a 1,500 HP C8 Corvette to beat Emelia Hartford’s record.

(*We will update this post as we get more details.)

FORZA HORIZON C8 Corvette Wide Body StreetHunter IN REAL LIFE!!

LGND Supply CO Giving Away a Murdered Out C8 Corvette

Check out these videos from LGND Supply Co and their overview of their Murdered out all gloss black C8 Corvette they are giving away in the next 8 days.

Along with the C8 Corvette giveaway they are giving away a customized 2021 High Country Chevy Duramax Truck and $40k in Cash.



This Murdered Out C8 Corvette has the following

  • Fabspeed Exhaust
  • Girodisc Brakes
  • Vossen Wheels
  • Racing Sport Concepts Duck Tail Spoiler
  • Everything was painted or wrapped gloss black from the metallic grey
  • Blacked out taillights
  • Atomic 6 Carbon Side Skirts and Front Splitter
  • Blacked out headlights and removed the orange turn signal
  • Limo tint on the doors and 35% windshield tint

C8 Corvette Vs McLaren VIDEO Review! (0-60, Launch Control)

Check out this video review and comparison from Speed Phenom on YouTube where he compares his two personal cars a 600LT McLaren vs. the C8 Corvette.

He tests the C8 Corvette vs the McLaren 0-60 and launch control in each car. The are rated at about 0 to 60 in the 2.8 and 2.9 range and they are both on 305 20s on the rear tires.

Check out the results of the C8 Corvette vs McLaren in his video below.

My C8 is Back 2.5 Months and $26,500 later…

Check out this video from Gabe Rolf Cars and his update on his new transmission, AC repair, and cats. It cost over $26,000 to fix the AC compressor, transmission, and cats. It cost him only $16.00 since everything was under warranty of course.

If you want to see his other videos where his C8 Corvette Transmission went out and he needed a new one check out the videos here.

If you want to see more of his C8 Corvette videos you are going to be disappointed he’s now going to sell his C8 Corvette while the market is hot and after experiencing these issues.

Found out What Happened to this C8 Corvette Transmission