Late Model Racecraft Titanium C8 Corvette Exhaust (VIDEO)

Check out this video of Late Model Racecraft’s titanium C8 Corvette cat back exhaust.

They first dyno the C8 Convertible and get a baseline of about 426 horsepower before they add American Racing headers and a titanium cat back exhaust.

American Racing headers have been proven to improve horsepower vs. just the sound compared to other C8 Corvette headers on the market.

Should I SELL My C8 Corvette For the New Z06?

There have been more and more sightings of the next-generation high-performance C8 Corvettes (Z06 & ZR1)!

It looks like the Z06 might just be around the corner. With that news, we get into why now might be the time to make bold moves.

Learn in this video if Speed Phenom is going to sell is C8 Corvette Z51 Stingray to purchase the C8 Corvette Z06

Also, if you are a current C8 Corvette Stingray owner whether you have the Z51 package or not are you going to sell your C8 Corvette to make room for a C8 Corvette Z06?

It is for sale and tell Speed Phenom sent you if you watched this video and learned it here first!

Rob Ferretti Finally Broke his C8 Corvette Rental (VIDEO)

In this video we learn Mr. Spaghetti Rob Ferretti finally had his C8 Corvette Rental break after one year and 19,000 miles of ownership which isn’t too bad.

Rob Ferretti shares a P0700 Chevy Corvette Transmission code (Transmission Control System Malfunction) along with high pressure and low pressure Transmission fluid check engine light codes (P0869, P0868).

Which funny enough or not funny at all we recently posted an article about another YouTuber having transmission problems with the C8 Corvette just over 20,000 miles too.

He thought maybe its a minor issue because it was a low and high pressure check engine lights at the same time. Also, Mr. Rob Ferretti (SuperSpeeders Rob on YouTube) has had issues with his local Chevrolet dealership already where they don’t provide great customer service.

The dealer had to update the solenoid pins so nothing major. All good for Rob Ferretti and his C8 Corvette Rental!

TikTok Influencer Jay Capone Torch Red C8 Corvette with Rohana Wheels

Recently a follower on Instagram sent us a picture of Jay Capone’s Torch Red C8 Corvette with Rose Gold Rohana Wheels in the DMs.

Once we checked out his page we noticed his really nice modded C8 Corvette pictures, videos, and Tik Tok vids and it made it really easy to repost on our C8SEO instagram page for our C8CorvetteBlog.

Check out his TikTok @ Jayy_Capone to see more of his Torch Red C8 Corvette sitting nicely on some Rose Gold Rohanna Wheels.

Or his Instagram @jayy_capone below as well as a cinematic video before he did all his aftermarket mods so far. As you can tell he is a visual artist and makes a lot of his C8 Corvette pictures and videos stand out.

Jay Capone’s 2020 C8 CORVETTE | 4K


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Cboys TV Buys a New C8 Corvette

Cboys TV a YouTuber with over one million subscriptions out of all the cars he can purchase buys a C8 Corvette.

Per Ben’s video on CBoys TV:

In todays video, Ben receives shipment on his new C8 Corvette. We do some C8 corvette testing and are all amazed at how fast and nice this car is! Ken races it in his new Tesla and it was extremely close! Ben messes with a few corvette owners in his new fit and Micah installs a new wrap on the Giveaway quad!


2022 C8 Corvette News from Rick Corvette Conti

Check out this post by Rick Corvette Conti about the latest C8 Corvette News for 2021 and 2022 C8 Corvette builds, production and allocation.

He mentions that we are at least a year away before a consumer can walk into a Chevrolet car dealer and and purchase a C8 Corvette off the lot.

Rick Corvette Conti also interviews a person that bought Tadge Juechter C8 Corvette that was at an event in California and he was driving that Rick shared in a video.

Rick also said you can order the black trident spoke wheels that are an upgrade from the factory.

We have shared Rick Corvette Conti C8 Corvette news and videos before where he actually made one of the C8 Corvette issues video private after publishing it publicly and will keep the post updated with anymore recent C8 Corvette News from Rick Corvette Conti that he gets from General Motors.

Recently Rick Corvette Conti also responded to some critics on the C8 Corvette Forums too.


YouTuber’s C8 Corvette Has a Blown Transmission

Check out these videos of Gabe Rolf Cars on YouTube where he was having transmission issues with his C8 Corvette.

This is the second time we have seen a C8 Corvette have a bad or blown transmission. The first time was from a C8 Corvette owner that just got his car and barely had 100 miles on it and it wouldn’t shift.

This C8 Corvette has over 22,000 miles on it already and now has a blown transmission and a transmission with an electrical issue since it works once he resets the ECU.

The only other major issue was when we shared a story on another YouTuber that blew his C8 Corvette engine and GM replaced it in about 3 weeks.

All that being said the C8 Corvette dual clutch transmission is amazing and the shifts are like butter and switch so easily and quickly. With the dual clutch transmission the next gear is cued up so when you shift it already has that next gear ready to go.

Here are the videos of the C8 Corvette with Transmission Problems

Chevy is hiding major issues with my C8 Corvette? Pt. 3