CORVETTE C8 Tron Inspired Vinyl Wrap for Sabrina Leamon and TJ Hunt!

sabrina leamon tj hunt c8 corvette

In this video by Premium Auto Styling in Riverside, CA they show how they did the Inozetek Metallic Midnight Green Wrap for Sabrina Leamon the girlfriend of TJ Hunt.

We have covered TJ Hunt’s C8 Corvette widebody on our site several times you can see here and here and it completed here. However, it was Sabrina’s turn to build her C8 Corvette that she purchased from West Coast Exotics also in California where they are from and live.

Sabrina wanted to surprise TJ Hunt and he was scared that she would pick a color combo or wrap color that will make her Corvette C8 end up on a page like @Worst.Spec on Instagram

She already did a Magnaflow exhaust for the C8 Corvette that we covered as well and she said the aftermarket C8 Corvette wheels are next.

What do you think of this Inozetek Metallic Midnight Green wrap with the black reflective “Tron” like pinstripes? OR Do you like the Inozetek Metallic Racing Green better with none of the “Tron” reflective striping?

C8 Daily Gets StreetHunter Carbon Fiber Duckbill + Rear Diffuser!

Amazing Story About Sabrina Leamon May God Keep Blessing her, TJ Hunt and her family.

Sabrina Leamon | C8 Corvette

The third episode of StreetHunter Designs short film series featuring Sabrina Leamon and her StreetHunter Designs C8 Corvette. Learn the story about Sabrinas battle with brain cancer, her early life, and the progression of her first C8 Corvette build.

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