Racing Sport Concepts Carbon Fiber + Vossen Wheels = Winning Combo for C8 Corvette

In this video by Vossen Wheels you can see how good their New HF-7 aftermarket C8 Corvette wheels and Racing Sport Concepts two different style carbon fiber aero body kits look.

In our opinion.. (BIASED yes since we have the same combo with Vossen Wheels (HF47s) on our Chalk Grey C8 Corvette) this looks “lit” or “fire” or what the kids are now saying “Gas” with the Gas emoji lol ⛽

Also, check out this video below as well from Motorsports LA with a torch Red C8 Corvette and the New HF7 Vossen Wheels they have stock on their website you can order here or give them a call.

Lastly, you can see all of the different carbon fiber parts that Racing Sport Concepts makes that are extremely high quality and built for performance as well and select which C8 Corvette Body Aero Kit you like from them here.

Both vehicles are showcased here with our #Vossen HF-7’s in available standard finishes. Complimenting the Elkhart Blue C8 is RSC’s GT kit from top to bottom, along with the more aggressive track-inspired ST kit on the @Inozetek British Green Metallic Corvette– both kits are available in the link below. HF-7 Silver Polished | Gloss Black 20×9/21×12 255/30/20 | 325/25/21 Interested in the HF-7? +1(305)463-7778 Racing Sport Concepts:… Film: @kmartin729 Edit: @dela_vossen Want Vossen Shirts or Merchandise? Visit

Check our our newest project! 1st Torch Red #CorvetteC8 with #Vossen Hybrid Forged HF-7 in a staggered 20/21″ in Silver Polished Finish. Contact our team to get your next set. Worldwide service! Specs: Design: Vossen Hybrid Forged HF-7 Size: 20×9 front 21×12 rear Finish: Silver Polished… Worldwide Service For all inquires, please contact us. +1(818)821-1112

Corvette C8 from SEMA 2021 Rips Up Desert in Vossen Forged LC2-C1

Check out this video from Vossen Wheels where they highlight their Vossen Forged LC2-C1 Wheels on Gabe Florido’s Accuair Bagged C8 Corvette.

Gabe’s C8 Corvette is fitted with pretty much every carbon fiber part you can get from Racing Sport Concepts for the C8 Corvette. Also, it was recently bagged on Accuair suspension air bags at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Some of the other goodies on this C8 Corvette include;

Ferrada Wheels for the C8 Corvette (VIDEO & Photos)

Check out this video produced by Ferrada Wheels where they use airbag suspension and their Ferrada Concave Madness CM2 Wheels on a Corvette C8.

Per their video description of the Ferrada Wheels for the C8 Corvette

Does it get any better than having the new C8 on bags, but fitted with the perfect set of aggressive, concave CM2’s. This combination will continue to break necks. #ferradawheels #c8corvette

Ferrada Concave Madness CM2 Machine Black / Chrome Lip Size : 20×9 & 20×11 2021 Chevy Corvette C8 WWW.FERRADAWHEELS.COM | IG: Ferrada Wheels CM2 are available in the following finishes -Brushed Cobre / Polished Bronze Lip -Matte Graphite / Chrome Lip -Matte Black / Gloss Black Lip -Machine Silver / Chrome Lip -Machine Black / Chrome Lip Sizes : 19×8.5 | 19×9.5 | 19×10.5 20×8.5 | 20×9 | 20×10 | 20×10.5 | 20×11.5 | 20×12 22×9 | 22×9.5 | 22×10.5 | 22×11 PCD : 5X108 | 5X112 | 5X114.3 | 5X115 | 5X120 | 5×127 | 5×130

Vossen Wheels Owner Spotlight of Gabe Florido Car Lifestyle Creator

In the past we have covered Vossen Forged Wheels and Vossen Wheels for the C8 Corvette and adding them as an aftermarket wheel which became a very popular choice once Gabe Florido from Car Lifestyle added them to his C8 Corvette.

They are one of the highest quality wheels along with brands like (HRE Wheels, BC Forged, Rohana Wheels, Ferrada Wheels, AG Wheels, Lite Speed Wheels a 2021 SEMA Winner) and provide hybrid forged design cues on some of their wheels in the less than $1k-2k a wheel range. Their engineering team and exclusive community have a strong passion for the highest standard Vossen Wheel and Vossen Rim. The Vossen Wheels go through quality control before being shipped out to some of their wheel dealers.

Vossen Wheels Miami

They released a video spotlight of Gabe Florido’s C8 Corvette as well as why he chose a C8 Corvette over an Audi or a Porsche, what he has done to his C8 Corvette including the Racing Sport Concepts Diffuser and Duckbill Spoiler.

He is also on his 2nd set of Vossen Wheels and is about to change them again for the SEMA Show in Las Vegas in November 2021.

Vossen Wheels Owner Spotlight | Car Lifestyle, Gabe Florido | Corvette C8

In 2022, they recently released a new set of Hybrid Forged wheels called the Hf7 Vossen Wheels as seen in the video below.

Bagged C8 Corvette on Velgen Forged SL-Series Wheels

Now this is the definition of “drop it like it’s hot”. Check out this video by Velgen Wheels who makes custom Forged C8 Corvette wheels and this an example of a set they just put on a customer’s bagged C8 Corvette.

This is set of C8 Corvette wheels by Velgen Wheels that are the SL-7 Forged Series. This air bagged suspension C8 Corvette in Sebring Orange really looks amazing with the polished lip Velgen Wheels.

The SL Series are Fully forged and manufactured from 6061-T6 Forged Aluminum.  The Velgen Forged SL Series are tested to the following standards: SAE, JWL and VIA. The SL Series can be manufactured for any application from 19″ to 22″.

If you want to learn about these Velgen Wheels for your C8 Corvette or any other C8 Corvette wheels they have available you can reach them here and mention sent you.

Everything You Need to Know About Upgrading C8 Corvette to Vossen Wheels

Check out this videos from Cars and Crosbie a Chevy Dealer in Canada and Vossen Wheels on YouTube about upgrading your C8 Corvette wheels to aftermarket bigger 21 inch Vossen Wheels. And a staggered 20/21 popular C8 Corvette aftermarket wheels set up. 

Also, here are some great videos highlighting some C8 Corvettes with Vossen Wheels including a C8 Corvette Wheel Shop in Los Angeles Motorsports LA with the New Vossen Hybrid Forged HF-7 wheels they did for a customer of theirs. They were one of the first wheels shops to get the HF-7 and usually have them in stock.

Vossen Wheels Owner Spotlight of Gabe Florido Car Lifestyle Creator with is Bagged C8 Corvette

Corvette C8 from SEMA 2021 Rips Up Desert in Vossen Forged LC2-C1

In the Corvette community, no one has pushed their #CorvetteC8 to its maximum potential quite like @Gabeflorido. Single-handedly setting the trend for Corvette owners, it’s V3 debut at #SEMA2021 showcased @AccuAir Suspension and the latest carbon additions from @RacingSportConcepts. Gabe’s C8 has been wrapped in @XPEL Stealth, slammed, modified and is currently sitting on our Vossen Forged LC2-C1 wheels, finished in Marbled Gloss Clear. Wheel Specs: 20×9.5 / 21×12.5 Tire Specs: 255/30/20 | 325/25/21

@partyross’ Rapid Blue #CorvetteC8 lowered on our #Vossen HF-7 Wheels in Silver Polished by @miami_autosport HF-7 – Silver Polished 20×9 / 21×12

Avery Carmine Red Corvette C8 Lowered on AG Luxury AGL53 Forged Wheels

Check out this video by Vibe Motorsports in California showing off an Avery Carmine Red Wrapped Corvette C8 with AG Luxury Bronze Forged Wheels.

Per their video:

We had the pleasure to work with one of the hottest looking Corvette C8’s which was custom wrapped in Avery Carmine Red.

Combining this unique red with Antique Bronze wheels truly separated this C8 from the crowd.

Full Specs below:

Wheel Brand: Avant Garde Luxury

Wheel Model: AGL53

Wheel Construction: Monoblock Forged

Wheel Size: 20×9 front & 21×12 rear

Wheel Finish: Brushed Gloss Antique Bronze face and Polished Pockets and Lip

Like the setup? Contact us – We Ship Worldwide. Phone: 800.814.VIBE (8423) Email: for inquiries. Follow us on:… Facebook: Twitter – Website:

769HP C8 Corvette w/Nitrous | Battle Ready | Ferrada Wheels CM2

Check out this video from Ferrada Wheels on YouTube where they show off their new CM2 Ferrada Wheels for the Corvette C8.

Per Ferrada Wheels:

The C8 Corvette is definitely Battle Ready, from the Massive shots of Nitrous to the Ferrada CM2’s to match with the Wild Wrap. This Car is one for the books and with a titanium exhaust it has all it needs to destroy anything on the road.

Special Thanks to San Jacinto Battleship Texas State


Ferrada Concave Madness CM2 Matte Graphite / Chrome Lip. Size: 20×8.5 & 20×10 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 WWW.FERRADAWHEELS.COM |

IG: Ferrada Wheels

Blog Post:

Get your Ferrada Merch & Join #TeamFerrada

CM2 are available in the following finishes -Brushed Cobre / Polished Bronze Lip -Matte Graphite / Chrome Lip -Matte Black / Gloss Black Lip -Machine Silver / Chrome Lip Sizes : 20×8.5 | 20×9 | 20×10 | 20×10.5 | 20×11.5 22×9 | 22×9.5 | 22×10.5 | 22×11 PCD : 5X108 | 5X112 | 5X114.3 | 5X115 | 5X120 | 5×127 | 5×130 

Bagged Corvette C8 with Rohana Wheels RFG13 Unibloc

Check out this Bagged C8 Corvette owned by Alex Lawn Toxic Garages on Instagram with new Rohana Wheels.

This video is very well done and these new wheels and lowering the C8 Corvette is must!

If you lower your C8 Corvette and add some aftermarket wheels like these Rohana Wheels or other aftermarket wheels we have talked about it will make your C8 Corvette look a lot nicer!

C8 Corvette Rolling On 20″ Front & 21″ Rear Vossen Forged HF-4T wheels

Check out this video by American Wheel & Tire installing new Vossen Wheels on this C8 Corvette

Per their video:

Your Houston area super center for your car, truck or Jeep needs. Wheels, tires, wraps, leather, chrome deletes, bumpers, steps, grilles, Kevlar® coating, spray-on bed liners and much more!

C8 Corvette – Front: 20×9 Vossen Forged HF-4T wheels in satin black on 265/30R20 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S – Rear: 21×11 Vossen Forged HF-4T wheels in satin black on 305/25R21 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

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