Learn the difference between the 2023 and 2024 C8 Corvette Z06

The C8 Corvette Z06 is highly anticipated, attracting sports car fans worldwide. It combines stunning design with thrilling speed. Many are curious about how the 2023 and 2024 models differ. So, let’s see what sets these two versions of the Corvette Z06 apart.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 2023 and 2024 C8 Corvette Z06 models offer distinctive enhancements and upgrades.
  • These differences encompass performance, design, technology, safety, practicality, and pricing.
  • Understanding the variations between the two models will assist potential buyers in making an informed decision.
  • The C8 Corvette Z06 continues to uphold the legacy of American muscle and engineering excellence.
  • Both the 2023 and 2024 models provide an exhilarating driving experience, embodying the spirit of the Corvette brand.

Introductory Overview of the C8 Corvette Z06 Evolution

The C8 Corvette Z06 continues the story of the legendary Corvette Z06. It brings powerful performance and the readiness for the racing track. This car is a true symbol of American muscle and top-class engineering. Moving to a mid-engine layout in the C8 generation was a big step for Corvette. It aimed to improve performance and handling further. The Z06 adds on to this progress, enhancing both design and engineering.

The Corvette Z06 has evolved through several generations since 1963. With each generation, it built upon its legacy, aiming for top performance and the latest technology. Now, the C8 Corvette Z06 is the masterpiece of this progress. It offers unmatched excitement and a whole new level of driving experience.

Exterior and Interior Design Enhancements

The 2023 and 2024 C8 Corvette Z06 models have new looks inside and out. They make the cars look better and improve how they feel when driving. With different colors, new styles, and options to make the inside your own, the Z06 stands out.

New Color Schemes and Aesthetic Features

The C8 Corvette Z06 comes in many different colors now. You can pick from bright and fun shades to more elegant ones. This means your car can show off your style. These cool colors let you make your Z06 truly yours.

The Z06 models have more than just new colors. They also look better for going fast. Changes to the body, aerodynamics, and special details make them stand out. These updates not only look good but also help the cars perform better.

Adding special Z06 badges, unique grilles, and carbon fiber details makes these cars even more impressive. They catch people’s eyes right away.

Interior Upgrades and Customization Options

The inside of the 2023 and 2024 C8 Corvette Z06 cars is all about luxury and tech. They use fine materials like leather and carbon fiber. This makes the inside feel really nice.

If you like to drive fast, you’ll love the seats in the Z06. They’re not just comfy but also keep you in place. The design inside is focused on making driving as fun as possible.

These cars also have the latest tech. There is a screen that you can change and lots of ways to connect your phone. This means you can use all your favorite apps and music while driving.

You can also make your Z06 car just how you like it. You get to pick from many different interior styles. You can even add your personal touch with special stitching and badges. This makes your Z06 unique to you.

C8 Corvette Z06: Performance Enhancements and Spec Upgrades

The C8 Corvette Z06 stands out with its high performance. For 2023 and 2024, it has been made even better. Many upgrades in both power and design make these models shine.

The new engine is a highlight. It’s stronger and more refined. This means more power, better speed, and faster starts. You will really feel the difference driving the Corvette Z06.

Aerodynamics are also improved. The design helps air flow better and cuts down drag. This leads to better stability and speed. Plus, it looks even more awesome.

The Corvette Z06’s suspension has seen upgrades, too. Better handling and control is the result. Now, it’s easier to drive fast and feel secure.

Brakes are not forgotten. They now offer more stopping power. Drivers can push the car harder, knowing it can stop safely when needed.

All these changes make driving the C8 Corvette Z06 an intense experience. With every upgrade, Chevrolet is doubling down on performance. The 2023 and 2024 models are true proof of this effort.

Infotainment Advances: Navigating the New Systems

The 2023 and 2024 C8 Corvette Z06 models have top-notch infotainment systems. These systems boost performance and style, making driving more fun. They bring new features and a smooth, user-friendly flow for those who love Corvettes.

Transition from GM to Google Infotainment

The C8 Corvette Z06 models made a big change from GM to Google. This means better and easier connections, more smart voice tech, and simple use of favorite apps. Google’s system offers a cool, easy-to-use design. It’s perfect for finding great entertainment and useful info while driving.

Navigation and User Experience Improvements

Their navigation systems are much better too. They have fresh maps and real-time traffic updates. Now, driving is smoother because you can avoid jams and find the fastest way to go. The menus have also been upgraded. They’re clear, making it easy to set up everything just how you like it.

To illustrate these advances, take a closer look at the following image:

Redefining Safety: New Driver Assist Technology

Chevrolet places top importance on safety, especially with the C8 Corvette Z06 models. These cars have the latest driver assist technologies. They aim to make the road safer for everyone. These high-tech features add a layer of protection for drivers.

The C8 Corvette Z06 brings several driver assist technologies. These include:

  • Forward Collision Warning: This system spots possible front-end crashes. It then tells the driver to act to avoid an accident.
  • Lane Departure Warning: It checks if the car moves from its lane without a signal. If it does, it tells the driver.
  • Blind Spot Monitoring: Radar sensors alert the driver if cars are in their blind spots. So, it’s safer to change lanes.
  • Automatic Emergency Braking: There’s tech that can stop the car if it sees a coming crash. It helps avoid or lessen impacts.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: This system keeps a safe distance from the car in front. It does this by changing speeds automatically. This makes driving more relaxed and controlled.

The C8 Corvette Z06 makes sure drivers feel safe and secure. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the city or on the open road. These features boost confidence and provide more protection.

Practical Enhancements: From Soft-Close Trunk to Fuel Efficiency

The 2023 and 2024 C8 Corvette Z06 models got more than just a tech and performance boost. They added features that make driving better. These include a soft-close front trunk and better gas mileage. These features make owning a Corvette Z06 easier and more budget-friendly.

The 2024’s Soft-Close Front Trunk Mechanism

In 2024, the C8 Corvette Z06 got the soft-close front trunk. It lets you shut the trunk with a light push. You don’t need to slam it to make sure it’s closed. Whether you’re putting away groceries or packing for a trip, this feature is really convenient. It’s a great addition to the Corvette Z06.

Fuel Consumption and Efficiency Across Models

Chevrolet knows how important fuel efficiency is. They’ve worked hard to make the Corvette Z06 use less gas. Even though the exact numbers might differ between the 2023 and 2024, both are top performers when it comes to saving fuel. Smart design and better aerodynamics help the Z06 use less gas while giving a fun ride.

Exact fuel efficiency figures aren’t ready yet. But, Chevrolet always aims to make each new Corvette more fuel-efficient. With a focus on going green, the 2023 and 2024 C8 Corvette Z06s should be better on gas than others in their class.

Summary Table: C8 Corvette Z06 Practical Enhancements and Fuel Efficiency

Model Practical Enhancements Fuel Efficiency (MPG)
2023 C8 Corvette Z06 No soft-close trunk mechanism TBD
2024 C8 Corvette Z06 Soft-close front trunk mechanism TBD

New C8 Corvette Z06: Pricing Changes and GM Rewards Update

Looking to buy the new Corvette Z06? Keep in mind that prices and GM Rewards may change. The 2024 model could cost more with extra features. So, think about how these changes could affect your purchase.

The GM Rewards program is also getting updates for the Z06. This scheme gives special perks to buyers, making the Z06 ownership better. It’s good to know about these changes to get more value.

Understanding the 2024 updates is key. Check how the new features impact the price. This helps in seeing if it’s good value for your money.

It’s crucial to know about the GM Rewards changes too. You might get special deals or points for buying. Staying up to date gives you more benefits.

So, when buying a new Corvette Z06, look at how prices and GM Rewards change. Knowing these details helps you make a smart choice. It ensures you get the best from your purchase.


The 2023 and 2024 C8 Corvette Z06 models have seen lots of improvements. They are now better at giving thrilling drives. Their enhanced performance, designs, and tech features make them stand out.

Both the 2023 and 2024 models keep the Corvette’s strong legacy alive. They show off American muscle and top-notch engineering. These cars have more power and better air flow. This means they can do more than ever before.

Buying a new Corvette Z06 is like owning a part of car history. These cars are the result of many years of hard work and a drive for better performance. With their amazing looks, high-tech features, and great performance, they are a dream for anyone who loves sports cars. So, get ready to enjoy the Corvette’s power and go for an amazing drive.

Step by Step Guide to Lowering the C8 Corvette Z06

If you own a C8 Corvette Z06 and are looking to improve its look, stance, performance and handling, lowering your C8 Z06 may be the answer. Lowering your car can help reduce body roll, improve grip and traction, and enhance its overall appearance. In this section, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to lower your C8 Corvette Z06, including the various options available, the necessary tools, and the steps involved in the process.

Lowering the C8 Corvette Z06 can seem like an intimidating task, but with the right guidance and tools, it can be done in a few hours. We will walk you through the process, starting with the basic knowledge you need to know before you begin. From there, we will cover the different lowering options available for your C8 Z06, including lowering springs and adjustable suspension systems. We will also explain the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

lowering the c8 corvette z06

Lowering the C8 Corvette Z06

Lowering your Corvette Z06 can have a significant impact on its overall performance and handling. While some may view lowering as merely an aesthetic modification, it can actually enhance your driving experience and improve your vehicle’s performance.

One of the primary benefits of lowering your C8 Z06 is the improved handling. Lowering your vehicle’s center of gravity can provide better stability and cornering capabilities, allowing you to take corners with greater ease and precision. Additionally, lowering your Z06 can reduce body roll, resulting in a more stable and controlled ride.

Lowering can also provide better traction, especially in high-performance driving situations. By reducing the distance between your tires and the road, you can improve your vehicle’s grip and traction, allowing you to accelerate and brake more efficiently. This can be particularly useful for track days or autocross competitions.

It’s important to note that lowering your C8 Z06 requires modifying its suspension system. This can involve replacing suspension components and adjusting the ride height. It’s crucial to ensure that these modifications are done properly to avoid any negative impact on your vehicle’s handling and performance.

Overall, lowering your Corvette Z06 can be a worthwhile modification, providing improved handling and traction while enhancing the look of your vehicle. It’s essential to choose the right lowering options and ensure that the modifications are done correctly for optimal performance and safety.

Lowering Options for the C8 Corvette Z06

To lower your C8 Corvette Z06, you have several options available, each with its own pros and cons. In this section, we will explore the different lowering options and help you choose the one that best fits your needs.

Lowering Springs

Lowering springs are a popular choice for lowering the C8 Corvette Z06. They are relatively easy to install and offer a significant drop in ride height. Lowering springs also provide improved handling and a more aggressive stance. However, they can cause a harsher ride quality and may require other suspension modifications to prevent rubbing or bottoming out.

Paragon Performance is coming out with lowering springs shortly via Hyperco as they did with the base C8 Corvette Stingray.

Pros Cons
Lower ride height May cause rubbing or bottoming out
Improved handling Harsh ride quality
More aggressive stance May require other suspension modifications


Coilovers provide the most adjustability of any lowering option. They allow you to adjust ride height, damping, and rebound, making them an excellent choice for track use. However, they are more expensive than lowering springs and may require professional installation. The C8 Z06 has stock coliovers that can be adjusted with spanner wrenches also on Paragon Performance’s website

Pros Cons
Most adjustability Expensive
Excellent for track use May require professional installation

Adjustable Suspension Systems

Adjustable suspension systems are a combination of coil overs and lowering springs. They allow you to adjust your ride height without sacrificing adjustability options. They also offer excellent handling and ride quality. However, they are the most expensive option and may require professional installation.

Pros Cons
Adjustable ride height and damping Most expensive option
Excellent handling and ride quality May require professional installation

When choosing the right lowering option for your C8 Corvette Z06, consider your budget, driving style, and preferences. It’s important to research and consult with a professional before making any modifications to your vehicle’s suspension.

How to Lower the C8 Corvette Z06

Lowering the C8 Corvette Z06 can significantly improve its appearance and performance, but the process can be intimidating if you’re not familiar with the necessary steps. In this section, we will guide you through the process of lowering your C8 Corvette Z06, from selecting the appropriate lowering kit to installing the new suspension components.

Here’s a few videos that show you the step by step process on how to lower your C8 Corvette Z06

 Lowering Springs for the C8 Corvette Z06

Lowering springs are a popular choice for lowering a C8 Corvette Z06. They are designed to replace the factory springs and provide a lower ride height, improved handling, and a sportier look. When selecting lowering springs, it is important to choose a kit that is compatible with your C8 Corvette Z06 model and year.

The installation process for lowering springs involves removing the wheels, disconnecting the strut and sway bar, compressing the spring, and removing the old factory spring. The new lowering spring should then be installed, and the process should be repeated for the other three corners of the car. Once all four springs have been replaced, the wheels can be reinstalled, and the car should be realigned to ensure proper suspension geometry.

Upgrade with Coilovers or Other Suspension Components

If you’re looking for more adjustability and customization options, coilovers or other suspension components may be a better choice. Coilovers offer the ability to adjust ride height and stiffness, which can be beneficial for track use or performance driving. Other suspension components, such as adjustable control arms or sway bars, can also improve handling and performance.

The installation process for coilovers or other suspension components can be more involved than lowering springs and may require additional tools and equipment. It is recommended to seek professional installation if you’re not experienced with these types of modifications.

Additional Handling Upgrades and Performance Enhancements

Lowering your C8 Corvette Z06 can also be an excellent opportunity to make other handling and performance upgrades. Upgrading your tires, brake pads, or other components can help to maximize the benefits of a lower ride height, improving both handling and acceleration.

It is important to note that when lowering your C8 Corvette Z06, you may also need to adjust the camber and alignment to avoid uneven tire wear and maintain optimal handling characteristics.

By following these steps, you can successfully lower your C8 Corvette Z06 and improve its appearance and performance.

Maintaining Your Lowered C8 Corvette Z06

Lowering your C8 Corvette Z06 can improve its performance and add to its overall visual appeal. However, it’s important to keep in mind that making this modification may impact maintenance requirements, particularly when it comes to ground clearance. Here are some tips to help you maintain your lowered C8 Z06 and keep it performing optimally:

Regular Alignment Checks

Lowering the C8 Corvette Z06 can cause a change in your vehicle’s suspension geometry, which can result in uneven tire wear and poor handling. To avoid these issues, it’s important to have your alignment checked regularly by a qualified technician. This will help to ensure that your vehicle’s suspension is properly adjusted and that your tires wear evenly.

Watch Out for Speed Bumps and Potholes

Lowering the C8 Corvette Z06 will inevitably reduce the ground clearance of your vehicle, making it more susceptible to damage from speed bumps and potholes. To avoid causing any damage to your vehicle’s suspension or undercarriage, it’s important to exercise caution when driving over uneven terrain or obstacles. If possible, try to avoid driving over speed bumps and potholes altogether.

Regular Maintenance

Lowering your C8 Corvette Z06 shouldn’t impact your vehicle’s regular maintenance requirements. As with any car, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. This includes regular oil changes, brake checks, and fluid top-ups. Regular maintenance will help to ensure that your vehicle remains in good condition and that it continues to perform optimally.

Upgrade Your Shocks and Struts

Lowering your C8 Corvette Z06 can cause your ride to become stiffer and less comfortable. To counteract this, consider upgrading your shocks and struts. These components are responsible for absorbing bumps and providing a smooth ride, so upgrading them can help to improve your vehicle’s handling and ride quality.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your lowered C8 Corvette Z06 remains in good condition and continues to perform at its best. With the right care and maintenance, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy all the benefits of a lowered Corvette without sacrificing performance or reliability.


1. Will lowering my C8 Corvette Z06 affect ride quality?

Lowering the C8 Corvette Z06 can result in a stiffer ride and potentially more road noise. However, this can be mitigated by choosing the right lowering option for your needs and ensuring that all components are properly installed and aligned.

2. Is it safe to lower my C8 Corvette Z06?

Lowering the C8 Corvette Z06 can affect its overall handling and stability, especially at high speeds. It is important to choose a reputable and experienced installer and to properly maintain your vehicle after lowering to ensure safe operation.

3. Will lowering my C8 Corvette Z06 void my warranty?

Lowering your vehicle may affect its warranty, depending on the specific modifications made and how they were installed. It is important to check with your dealership or manufacturer before making any modifications to your vehicle.

4. Can I lower my C8 Corvette Z06 myself?

While it is possible to install lowering components yourself, it is recommended that you seek the help of a professional installer to ensure proper installation and alignment.

5. How often should I have my alignment checked after lowering my C8 Corvette Z06?

It is recommended to have your alignment checked after any modifications to your suspension, including lowering. It is also important to have your alignment checked regularly, as driving on uneven roads and other factors can cause misalignment over time.

6. Will lowering my C8 Corvette Z06 affect its ground clearance?

Lowering the C8 Corvette Z06 will result in a lower ground clearance, which may make it more difficult to drive over speed bumps and other obstacles. It is important to consider the potential impact on ground clearance before lowering your vehicle.

C8 Corvette Z06 Carbon Fiber: Great Aftermarket Options

C8 Corvette Z06 Carbon Fiber

The C8 Corvette Z06 is a has been one of the highly anticipated sports car in 2023 and 204, known for its impressive performance and striking design. One of the standout features of this model is the incorporation of carbon fiber components, which not only enhance its aesthetics but also provide numerous performance benefits. Carbon fiber is renowned for its strength and lightweight properties, making it an ideal choice for high-performance vehicles like the Corvette Z06.

The use of carbon fiber in the C8 Corvette Z06 extends beyond mere body panels as it includes various key components such as lightweight wheels. These wheels are not only visually appealing but also contribute to the vehicle’s overall performance by reducing unsprung weight and enhancing handling capabilities. With a focus on performance and style, the C8 Corvette Z06 offers various trim and customization options for its carbon fiber components, allowing drivers to tailor the vehicle to their preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Carbon fiber components in the C8 Corvette Z06 improve aesthetic appeal and performance
  • Lightweight carbon fiber wheels enhance handling and reduce unsprung weight
  • Various trim and customization options are available for carbon fiber components

c8 z06 carbon fiber and eray carbon fiber

Carbon Fiber Design

Aerodynamics and Cooling of the C8 Z06

The C8 Corvette Z06 features a refined carbon fiber design, which not only enhances the car’s appearance but also improves its aerodynamics and cooling. Anderson Composites, a renowned carbon fiber manufacturer, has developed a striking wide-track body kit that seamlessly integrates with the Corvette Stingray’s original design. Made from a combination of vacuum-infused and dry carbon fiber, this body kit increases the C8 Corvette’s overall width compared to the standard version, thereby improving its aerodynamic performance.

The body kit’s sleek design provides better airflow around the car. Cooling vents, strategically placed in various parts of the car, control the temperature of the engine and brakes. The carbon fiber material guarantees durability and weight reduction, crucial factors for the high-performance Corvette.

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Hood and Front Splitter Carbon Fiber for C8 Z06

One of the notable carbon fiber design elements is the hood of the C8 Corvette Z06. This hood features a glossy, carbon fiber finish that adds a touch of elegance and aggression to the car’s overall appearance. The precise engineering of the hood ensures proper cooling for the powerful engine beneath.

Additionally, the Corvette Z06 boasts a stylish carbon fiber front splitter, which improves the car’s stability at high speeds. This functional component, finished in premium carbon fiber, enhances the downforce and redirects airflow to optimize performance.

Incorporating these carbon fiber design elements not only elevates the C8 Corvette Stingray’s visual appeal but also contributes to its impressive aerodynamic capabilities and cooling efficiency. The combination of functionality and style makes the C8 Corvette Z06 a true automotive marvel.

Performance Attributes

Engine Specifications of the C8 Z06

The 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 is powered by a high-revving V8 engine with a flat-plane crankshaft. This configuration is known for its unique exhaust sound and is typically used in high-performance sports cars. The engine produces impressive power output and contributes to the Z06’s exceptional performance capabilities.

The C8 Z06’s engine is an evolution of the robust powertrains found in the Corvette Stingray, with advanced technologies and systems that contribute to its unique characteristics. As a result, the 2023 Corvette Z06 showcases a brilliant balance between raw power and refined handling, making it a perfect fit for both track and road use.

C8 Corvette Z06 Z07 Performance Package

For drivers seeking even more performance, the 2023 Corvette Z06 offers the optional Z07 package. This comprehensive package includes various upgrades that enhance the Z06’s already impressive track capabilities. Among these upgrades are better suspension components, more aggressive aerodynamics, and improved cooling systems.

One of the highlights of the Z07 package is the use of lightweight carbon fiber wheels. These carbon fiber wheels are produced by Carbon Revolution and weigh 41 pounds less than the standard Z06 wheelset. This reduction in unsprung weight contributes to better handling and more efficient performance, making the Corvette C8 Z06 equipped with the Z07 package a formidable contender on the track.

In conclusion, the 2023 C8 Corvette Z06’s performance attributes showcase a combination of advanced engineering, powerful engine specifications, and an optional Z07 package with numerous upgrades for those seeking peak performance. With these features, the Corvette Z06 is poised to continue its legacy as a top-tier sports car in both performance and design.

Trim and Options of the C8 Z06

The 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 offers a range of trims and options to cater to performance enthusiasts. It brings the Corvette Stingray to new heights with its enhanced features. The Interior Trim options, exterior colors, and other additions make it stand apart from the standard Stingray.

One of the standout features of the 2023 Corvette Z06 is its Level 2 Carbon Fiber Interior Trim. Available for the 3LZ trim package, this luxurious option adds carbon fiber accents to the center console and door panels, extending to the dashboard as well. The carbon-fiber steering wheel and paddle shifters come standard on the Z06, giving it a performance-oriented feel inside.

Apart from carbon fiber, the Z06 offers an array of colors and finishes for the interior. There are eight different interior color options, including black, gray, two-tone blue, and tan. The base 1LZ trim includes features such as a removable roof panel, 10-speaker premium audio, color head-up display, eight-way GT1 power seats, and more.

On the outside, the C8 Corvette Z06 showcases a distinctive design with its exclusive wheel options. The carbon fiber wheels, for example, have an innovative five-spoke pattern and “ski jump” design, making them both lightweight and strong.

The 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 delivers a range of trim and option choices for buyers looking to elevate their Corvette Stingray experience. With its combination of carbon fiber interior elements, customizable interior colors, and performance-oriented features, there is something for everyone who desires a unique and powerful driving experience.

Carbon Fiber Components for C8 Z06

Carbon Revolution Wheels

C8 Corvette Z06 owners now have the option of equipping their vehicles with Carbon Revolution Wheels, which provide a performance advantage due to their lightweight nature. These wheels, which are produced by Carbon Revolution, weigh 41 pounds less than the standard Z06 wheelset, improving overall vehicle performance.

Quality and Material Choices

When it comes to carbon fiber parts for the C8 Corvette Z06, quality and material choices play an essential role in the final product. Companies like Feral Industries and Sigala Designs offer a range of carbon fiber components, including front spoilers, rear wings, and side skirts. Additionally, some manufacturers offer a full carbon fiber exterior kit for a complete transformation.

You can also get C8 Corvette Z06 Carbon Fiber parts on Amazon

Aside from carbon fiber, other materials such as fiberglass can be found in aftermarket components for C8 Z06 models. However, carbon fiber is preferred due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and visual appeal.

Glossy finishes are commonly used on carbon fiber parts, providing an attractive look that complements the performance-oriented nature of the C8 Corvette Z06. Cooling is another essential aspect, as carbon fiber components often have integrated cooling solutions to help manage heat generated during high-performance driving.

Some popular carbon fiber accessories for the C8 Z06 include:

  • Carbon fiber canards
  • Anderson Composites carbon fiber parts
  • Carbon fiber side door garnishes

By choosing high-quality materials and designs, C8 Corvette Z06 owners can customize their vehicles with carbon fiber components that not only improve performance but also enhance the overall aesthetics of the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the weight differences between standard and carbon fiber wheels for the C8 Z06?

There is a significant weight difference between standard aluminum wheels and carbon fiber wheels on the C8 Z06. Carbon fiber wheels are lighter, which can lead to better performance and handling. Exact weight differences have not been officially released, but carbon fiber wheels are generally around 40-50% lighter than their aluminum counterparts.

Which carbon fiber parts are available for the C8 Corvette?

For the 2023 Corvette C8 Z06, various carbon fiber parts are available as upgrades. These parts may include body panels, spoilers, splitters, and side skirts. Carbon fiber components not only enhance the aesthetics of the vehicle but also contribute to weight reduction and improved performance.

What is the price range for carbon fiber wheels on the Corvette Z06?

The price range for carbon fiber wheels on the Corvette Z06 varies depending on the manufacturer and design. It is important to note that carbon fiber wheels come as an optional upgrade on the 2023 Z06 and are not included in the base pricing. Buyers should expect to pay a premium for these lightweight, high-performance wheels.

Does the 2023 Corvette Z06 feature additional carbon fiber components?

The 2023 Corvette Z06 does indeed feature additional carbon fiber components, such as the carbon fiber wheels, which are an optional upgrade. The use of carbon fiber in various parts of the vehicle contributes to weight reduction and improved performance, making the Z06 a true track-focused machine.

Which accessories are specifically designed for the C8 Z06?

There are numerous accessories specifically designed for the C8 Z06, including custom floor mats, car covers, and license plate frames. Carbon fiber accessories, such as the aforementioned wheels and body components, can enhance the vehicle’s appearance and performance. Since the Eray and the C8 Z06 share the same wide body design the C8 Corvette Z06 carbon fiber options will fit on the Eray.

How does the carbon fiber package on the C7 Z06 compare to the C8 Z06?

While both the C7 and C8 Z06 models offer carbon fiber packages, the C8 Z06 takes it a step further with the availability of carbon fiber wheels and a greater emphasis on lightweight performance-enhancing components. The C8 Z06 also benefits from advances in carbon fiber technology, resulting in more refined and efficient designs.

E5 Wheels: Ultimate Upgrade For Your C8 Corvette

Why You Should Consider E5 Wheels?

As car enthusiasts, we understand the thrill of owning a Mid Engine C8 Corvette. The sleek design, impressive performance, and rich heritage of the brand contribute to the iconic status of this American sports car. The C8 Corvette, being the latest edition in the lineup, has certainly upped the ante.

But to truly unlock the potential of your C8 Corvette, you need to pay attention to a key component: the wheels. With E5 Wheels, you can enhance both the aesthetic appeal and the performance of your beloved sports car. The best part is the value! E5 Wheels offer some of the best pricing for what you get with your aftermarket C8 Corvette wheels.

c8 z06 aftermarket wheels

Discover the E5 Wheels Collection

E5 Wheels is your one-stop solution for a comprehensive range of Corvette wheels. This trusted online platform and wheel brand offers a variety of wheel designs to suit every Corvette owner’s unique taste and needs. Whether you’re looking for something sporty and sleek or classy and luxurious, they have an option for you. Their curated selection ensures that you will find the perfect wheel design to compliment your E5 Corvette. Check out some of their C8 Corvette Wheels here. 

c8 corvette wheels

Uncompromised Quality Wheels

When investing in upgrades for your car, it is critical to prioritize quality. Thankfully, E5 Wheels  does not compromise on this aspect. All E5 wheels available on their site are manufactured with precision, using high-quality materials. Each wheel undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance, safety, and durability.

Superior Performance

E5 wheels are not just about good looks. They are designed to deliver improved performance as well. The wheel designs offered are carefully crafted to provide superior handling and control, especially when navigating high-speed corners. With the right set of E5 wheels, you can truly experience the thrill of driving your sports car to its maximum potential. Check out their gallery of wheels to get an idea of which ones you should choose for your C6, C7, or C8.

Personalize Your Corvette

Your Corvette is a reflection of your personality. So why not customize it to make it truly yours? With the wide range of E5 wheels available, personalizing your Corvette has never been easier. Choose from a variety of designs, sizes, and finishes to find the perfect match for your unique style. You can use their visualizer tool to see what their wheels can look like on your Corvette.

Easy Shopping Experience

Shopping on E5 Wheels  is an effortless process. The website is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to navigate through different wheel designs easily. Clear product descriptions and high-quality images give you a clear idea of what you’re purchasing.

Excellent Customer Support

The team behind E5 Wheels  believes in providing top-notch customer service. From helping you choose the right set of wheels for your Corvette to addressing your queries post-purchase, their customer support is there to assist you every step of the way.

A Worthy Investment

Wheels are not just another accessory for your car. They are an investment that enhances the look and performance of your vehicle. Whether you’re a seasoned Corvette owner or a new enthusiast, these wheels will undoubtedly add a new dimension to your driving experience. Most of the time when reselling your Corvette you will get more for it when you have better looking high performing aftermarket wheels.

e5 corvette wheels

Upgrade your C8 Corvette wheels today

Your Corvette deserves the best. And when it comes to upgrading its wheels, there’s no better choice than E5 wheels. Offering unmatched quality, superior performance, and a wide range of designs, E5 Wheels provides you with the ultimate platform to find the perfect set of wheels for your Corvette. So why wait? Elevate your driving experience

About E5 Wheels, locally based in the USA

How to Find 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Inventory? (Free Tool)

If you are still searching for a C8 Z06 almost a year since they started allocation in August of 2022 here’s a way to get yours. Or if you want to track your C8 Z06 in transit that was built this can help you too. Are goal of this is to give you some more ideas on how to find 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 inventory before the 2024 model year Corvette Z06 starts production in the fall.

Keep in mind you still might be paying a mark up, actually most likely it will be marked up if it’s available and wasn’t sold yet to someone at MSRP at a top dealer list like Ciocca Corvette or MacMulkin.  If you were one of the lucky ones on an MSRP list you can track your C8 Z06 build with this tool and see when it’s in transit to your Chevrolet dealer.

2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Inventory

C8 Corvette Z06 Near You, C8 Z06 locator Tool

With this 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Inventory locator you can see builds of C8 Z06s headed to Chevrolet stores near you. Click here to see C8 Z06 near you and enter your zip code.

As an example when we wrote this article there were 314 C8 Corvette Z06s headed to or at Chevrolet Dealers within 200 miles of our zip code. If they are still on the lot or in the showroom floor they are usually marked up anywhere from $25-100k plus over MSRP.

That is the reason they are still there and aren’t sold yet. We know many dealers in the Arizona area marking up C8 Z06s at 100k or more.

However, one strategy is to use this tool and list and call the dealers to see what their mark up is for the C8 Z06s sitting on their showroom floor and / or in transit. Some of the C8 Z06s you will find on the locator list in transit aren’t sold and are “stock” orders for the Chevy dealer.

You can start the negotiation process and see each spec on this tool. The lowest we have seen a mark up on a stock order or on a C8 Z06 a customer backed out of is $25k.

Leave a comment if you use this tool and share what the mark ups they are telling you on the Corvette Z06 they have on this list.

Ways to find an Available 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 without this tool

Here are some ways to find 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 inventory:

  • Use a vehicle search website. There are a number of websites that allow you to search for new and used cars. These websites often have a filter option that allows you to search for specific models, years, and trim levels. For example, you can use CarGurus or CarMax to search for 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 inventory.
  • Contact local dealerships. Another way to find 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 inventory is to contact local dealerships. Many dealerships have websites that list their inventory of new and used cars. You can also call dealerships directly to inquire about their inventory of 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06s.
  • Use social media. Social media can be a great way to find 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 inventory. Many dealerships have social media pages where they post information about their inventory. You can also use social media to connect with other Corvette enthusiasts who may be selling their cars. Check out the C8 Corvette Forums.
  • Attend a car show. Car shows are a great place to see a variety of cars, including the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. You can also talk to owners of 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06s and get their feedback on the car.
  • Join a Corvette club. Corvette clubs are a great way to connect with other Corvette enthusiasts. You can ask members of the club for advice on buying a 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and find out about upcoming events where you can see the car in person.
  • Check out Facebook Groups. C8 Z06 Facebook Groups or forums are a great way to find used 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06s. You can also find private sellers who may be willing to negotiate on the price.

When buying a 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, it is important to do your research and compare prices. You should also consider the car’s features, warranty, and performance. If you are looking for a high-performance sports car with a powerful engine and a sleek design, the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is a great option.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06:


  • Powerful engine
  • Sleek design
  • Advanced technology
  • Wide range of options
  • Long warranty


  • Expensive (with mark up)
  • Not as practical as some other sports cars under 100k
  • Difficult to find

Overall, the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is a great option for those looking for a high-performance sports car with a powerful engine and a sleek design. However, it is important to note that the Z06 is also very expensive.

Once you have found a 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 that you are interested in, be sure to do your research. Read reviews, compare prices, and make sure that the car is right for you.

Here are some of the things to consider when buying a 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06:

  • Price: The starting MSRP for the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is $106,695. However, the price can go up significantly if you choose to add options.
  • Performance: The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is powered by a 670-horsepower V8 engine. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds and has a top speed of 205 mph.
  • Features: The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 comes standard with a number of features, including a Bose sound system, a leather-wrapped interior, and a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system. You can also add options, such as a carbon fiber exterior, a performance exhaust system, and a Z07 performance package.
  • Warranty: The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 comes with a 3-year/36,000-mile basic warranty and a 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty.

If you are looking for a high-performance sports car with a powerful engine and a sleek design, the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is a great option. However, it is important to note that the Z06 is also very expensive.

How to Change the Oil on a C8 Corvette Z06?

If you have the new Chevrolet C8 Corvette Z06 with the hand built flat plane crank engine and want to change the oil yourself vs taking it to a Chevy Dealer this video from Paragon Performance is for you.

If it’s that time for your first oil change and you’re thinking “How to change the oil on a C8 Corvette Z06” this should help as it comes from the experts at Paragon Performance. And they have years of experience working on the C8 Corvette platform since it came out in 2020.

C8 Corvette Z06 Oil Change

Learn step by step what you need to do when changing the oil on the C8 Z06 from where to get the oil, type of oil, tools, and process.

Step by step walkthrough on how to change your oil on your brand new 2023 + Chevrolet C8 Corvette Z06! A straight to the point “How to” video. Drain your oil, replace your oil filter and fill with 7.5 Quarts of 5W-50 Dexos approved oil. Make sure to check while your engine is running! Do it yourself and save yourself the trip to the dealership. Looking to purchase our products? Click Here! C8 Corvette Z06 Oil Change Kit – Includes 8Qt 5w50 Mobil 1 & AcDelco Oil Filter!

Tell Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Blog sent you when placing your order for C8 Z06 oil in the purchase notes. At the time of this post its currently on sale for $172.77

YouTube Transcript:

hey guys Alex here with Paragon
performance today we’re going to be
showing you how to change the oil in
your Z06 if you haven’t picked up the
stuff to change the oil in it yet
check out paragonperf.com and get your
oil change kit today let’s get to it

first thing we’re going to want to do
here is open the engine compartment if
you have an HTC you will need to put the
top here in service mode
as best practice it’s always good to do
an oil change on a warm engine just keep
in mind that the oil can be very hot
depending on how warm that engine is so
use your best judgment for that
we’re going to start here by locating
where the oil fill cap and dipstick are
they’re located here in the front
passenger side of the engine bay on
these htcs you will have a rubber flap
here on this top panel to access that
the coop is in the same location all
right so once you’ve located those we
need to get the vehicle raised and
supported here so we can access the
underside so we can drain the oil out of

all right so we’re going to start here
by draining the oil out of the engine
itself first this is a 15 millimeter
drain plug next we’ll move over to the
drain plug for the oil reservoir this
will be a 3 8 Drive Extension you will
have to push up and turn a quarter turn
to remove the drain plug
and then last
we will remove the filter from the
housing this takes a 32 millimeter

thank you

all right so supplied with your oil
change kit from us here at Paragon we
include a new plastic plug for the oil
reservoir it’s not necessary to replace
it however they are plastic at some
point they will break or fail and if you
notice I did kind of have to pry it out
because they get stuck in there so we do
provide a new one just for safety’s sake
we’re going to install that and that
will you will install it push up and it
will turn a quarter turn but it does
have a stop and it will just stop in
just like that clean our oil off of here
some use of some brake clean works
really well for this as well and we’re
going to take our threaded
drain plug for the oil pan
reinstall that always inspect the seal
to make sure there’s no tears in it
then we’re going to torque this down to
18 foot pounds

all right so we’re going to grab the oil
filter provided
there is a new o-ring provided as well
for the cap
and then of course your oil filter

you can do this two ways you can install
this first and then put the cap on
secondly or this will actually snap into
the top of the cap if you want to do it
that way

then take a little bit of this excess
oil and just kind of wet the new o-ring
put my filter into the housing
and we’re going to just screw that back
into place
and the filter is torqued to 18
foot-pounds as well
clean up any excess oil
and we’re ready to fill it with oil all
right so we’re going to start here get
some oil put in it find you a suitable
funnel that you can set into
here makes it easy to pour the quartz of
oil into
it does take eight quarts of oil I like
to put about seven and a half quarts in
it to start and we’ll go through the
startup procedure in that process and
get the oil up to temperature and then
we’ll check it
it’s better safe to be a little low than
over so
it started about seven and a half quarts
and top it off from there


car here

and then you’re going to want to cycle
through until you can see this oil
temperature reading
and then we need to wait for that to be
about 175 degrees and then we can check
the oil
make sure you check for leaks

all right so we’re up to Temp now we’re
going to get the dipstick here pulled
and check the oil level

pull it out wipe it off
and put it back in
add that last half a quart of oil that
we had and we’re good to go

all right so we’ve got our low Mark and
our full Mark obviously the target’s to
be in between them but closer to the Top
If neat if we can be
this one’s good to go
there you have it Gia made it pretty
simple to change the oil in these cars a
little Tech tip remember when checking
the oil in the car does need to be at
operating temperature and while the
engine is running as always like
subscribe and comment we’ll see you guys
next time


C8 Corvette Z06 Specs: The Ultimate Track-Ready Supercar

C8 Corvette Z06 Specs

The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is a high-performance sports car that boasts a mid-engine layout, a naturally aspirated V-8 engine, and a suite of advanced technologies. With 670 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque, the Z06 is set to take on some of the world’s most exotic supercars, including the Ferrari 458 and the Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

One of the most notable features and specs of the Z06 is its flat-plane crankshaft, which provides a unique exhaust note and allows for higher revs and better throttle response. The car also features carbon fiber wheels, carbon-ceramic brakes, and a high-performance suspension system that delivers exceptional handling and braking performance. Additionally, the Z06 comes with a range of driver assistance features, including a head-up display, a performance data recorder, and the myChevrolet mobile app.

Overall, the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is a true supercar that offers a perfect balance of power, technology, and style. Whether you’re looking for a high-performance coupe or a convertible, the Z06 is sure to impress with its impressive specs, aerodynamic design, and advanced features. With an MSRP of $106,395, the Z06 is an affordable option for those who want to experience the thrill of driving a true supercar.

Performance of the C8 Corvette Z06 Specs

The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is a performance vehicle designed to dominate the track. It boasts a powerful naturally aspirated V8 engine, carbon fiber wheels, and carbon ceramic brakes. The Z06 is a supercar that can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 200 mph.

Z06 Engine Specs

The Z06 is powered by a 5.5-liter V-8 LT6 engine that produces 670 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired with an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission that delivers lightning-fast shifts. The engine is purpose-built to dominate the track, and it has been tested and refined in the C8.R race car.

C8 Z06 Horsepower and Torque Specs

The Z06 boasts the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 in production, pumping out even more horsepower than the race car. The engine produces 670 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque, allowing the Z06 to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds.

Brake Specs on the Corvette Z06

The Z06 features carbon-ceramic brakes that provide excellent stopping power and fade resistance. The brakes are supplied by Brembo and feature six-piston calipers in the front and four-piston calipers in the rear.

Tires and Wheels for the C8 Z06 Specs

The Z06 comes standard with Michelin Pilot Cup 2R ZP tires, which provide excellent grip and handling. The tires are mounted on carbon-fiber wheels that reduce unsprung weight and improve handling. The Z06 also offers Michelin Pilot Sport 4S ZP and Pilot Sport Cup 2 R ZP tires as options.


The Z06 features a range of aerodynamic upgrades that provide increased downforce and improve handling. The car features a front splitter, side skirts, and a rear spoiler that work together to create a balanced and stable platform at high speeds.


The Z06 is designed to handle like a true supercar. The car features a range of performance upgrades that improve handling, including a performance suspension, magnetic ride control, and an electronic limited-slip differential. The Z06 also features a range of driving modes that allow drivers to customize the car’s handling characteristics to their liking.


The Z06 is a true performance machine, capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds. The car’s powerful V8 engine and lightning-fast transmission provide instant acceleration, making the Z06 a thrill to drive.

Design of the C8 Corvette Z06 Specs

The 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 is a stunning car that is designed to turn heads. It is a mid-engine supercar that is built for speed and performance. The design of the car is both aggressive and aerodynamic, with a sleek and modern look that is sure to impress.

c8 corvette z06 specs

Exterior Design

The exterior design of the 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 is both beautiful and functional. The car features a number of design elements that are specifically designed to improve its aerodynamics and performance. These include:

  • Carbon fiber wheels that are both lightweight and strong, reducing unsprung weight and improving handling
  • Ground effects that improve downforce and reduce drag
  • A front lift system that raises the front of the car to clear obstacles and improve aerodynamics
  • A sleek and aerodynamic body that reduces wind resistance and improves performance

The car is available in a number of different colors, including Torch Red, Rapid Blue, and Sebring Orange. One of the most popular options is the red interior, which adds a bold and sporty look to the car.

Interior Design

The interior of the 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 is just as impressive as the exterior. The car features a digital instrument display that provides the driver with all the information they need, including speed, RPMs, and more. The seats are heated and ventilated, providing comfort in all weather conditions. The car also features a number of other interior design elements, including:

  • A sporty steering wheel with paddle shifters for a more engaging driving experience
  • Carbon fiber accents that add a high-tech and modern look to the interior
  • A premium sound system that provides excellent audio quality

Overall, the interior of the car is both comfortable and functional, with a focus on providing the driver with all the information they need to drive the car at its full potential.

Z06 Z07 Package

The Z06 Package is an optional performance package available for the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette. It includes a range of upgrades that enhance the car’s power, handling, and aerodynamics. The package is designed for drivers who want a high-performance sports car that can handle the track as well as the street.

Z07 Performance Package

For even more performance, the Z07 Performance Package is available as an add-on to the Z06 Package. This package includes a range of additional upgrades, including carbon ceramic brakes, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, and a more aggressive aerodynamics package. These upgrades help improve the car’s track performance and make it even more capable on the road.

The Z06 Package and the Z07 Performance Package are designed for drivers who want a high-performance sports car that can handle the track as well as the street. With a range of upgrades that enhance the car’s power, handling, and aerodynamics, these packages are a great choice for anyone looking for a high-performance Corvette.


The C8 Corvette Z06 is not only a high-performance sports car, but it also comes packed with advanced technology features that enhance the driving experience. Here are some of the key technology features that the C8 Corvette Z06 offers:

Performance Data Recorder

The Performance Data Recorder (PDR) is an advanced system that allows drivers to record and analyze their driving data. It uses a high-definition camera mounted on the windshield, a GPS receiver, and a data recorder to capture and store data such as speed, lap times, and G-forces. The PDR can also record audio and video, allowing drivers to capture their driving experience and share it with others.

MyChevrolet Mobile App

The MyChevrolet mobile app is a useful tool for C8 Corvette Z06 owners. It allows them to remotely start their car, lock and unlock the doors, and locate their car using GPS. The app also provides real-time vehicle information, such as fuel level and tire pressure, and allows owners to schedule service appointments and view their service history.

Head-Up Display

The Head-Up Display (HUD) is a feature that projects important information, such as speed and navigation directions, onto the windshield in front of the driver. This allows the driver to keep their eyes on the road while still being able to see important information.

Corvette Configurator

The Corvette Configurator is an online tool that allows potential buyers to customize their C8 Corvette Z06. It allows them to choose from a variety of options, such as color, wheels, and interior trim, and see how those options will look on their car.

Corvette Concierge

The Corvette Concierge is a personalized service that provides C8 Corvette Z06 owners with a dedicated point of contact at Chevrolet. The concierge can assist with everything from scheduling service appointments to answering questions about the car.

In conclusion, the C8 Corvette Z06 offers a wide range of advanced technology features that enhance the driving experience. From the Performance Data Recorder to the Corvette Concierge, these features make the car more convenient, safer, and more fun to drive.

Pricing and Availability

The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is was one of the most highly anticipated sports cars of the year. The vehicle was released in the fall of 2022 and are available in both coupe and convertible body styles. The starting price for the 1LZ coupe is $106,395, while the 1LZ convertible starts at $113,895. These prices do not include the $1,395 destination fee. As of this post and article C8 Corvette Z06 are well north of $40,000 over MSRP and have been selling for $75-100k over MSRP at car auctions like Barrett Jackson.

C8 Corvette Z06 Specs (1LZ, 2LZ, 3LZ)

The 2023 Corvette Z06 is expected to come in three different trim levels: 1LZ, 2LZ, and 3LZ. The higher the trim level, the more features and options are included. The 3LZ is the top-of-the-line trim level and is expected to have a starting price of around $130,000.

Chevrolet has not yet released a full list of standard features and options for the 2023 Corvette Z06. However, it is expected to come with a wide range of performance-focused features, including a 5.5-liter V8 engine that produces over 600 horsepower, a track-tuned suspension, and larger brakes. The Z07 Performance Package is also expected to be available, which adds even more performance features such as carbon-ceramic brakes and a more aggressive aerodynamics package.

The 2023 Corvette Z06 is expected to be a limited production vehicle, and demand is likely to be high. As a result, it may be difficult to find one at a dealership near you. However, Chevrolet is expected to offer a build-to-order program that allows customers to customize their Corvette Z06 to their exact specifications. This program may require a longer wait time for delivery, but it ensures that customers get the exact vehicle they want.

In conclusion, the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 highly sought after sports car that was released in the fall of 2022 and still almost impossible order from a Chevy dealer at MSRP unless you bee on lists for years.. The vehicle is expected to come in three different trim levels and offer a wide range of performance-focused features. The starting price for the 1LZ coupe is $106,395, while the 1LZ convertible starts at $113,895. The Z07 Performance Package is also expected to be available, which adds even more performance features. Chevrolet is expected to offer a build-to-order program that allows customers to customize their Corvette Z06 to their exact specifications.

Leave a comment with you favorite C8 Corvette Z06 specs and share your experience with owning a C8 Z06 or C8 Stingray below. Please share this on social media if you found it helpful as well as the C8 Corvette Facebook groups.

Chevy Denies $5,000 Z06 Chevy Rewards (SHOCKING)

In this video by Austin on the Speed Phenom YouTube channel discusses is frustration with GM and Chevrolet with his Carbon Fiber Wheels and $5,000 Z06 Chevy Rewards he thought he was getting for not flipping the car in the first six months.

c8 z06 pricing

Z06 Carbon Fiber Wheel Issues

Not only did Chevy give Austin a new set of Carbon Fiber Wheels since the Chevy dealers were ruining them every time he changed tires from tracking the C8 Z06, once he received new ones for free the Chevy Dealer wouldn’t attempt to put them on.

He is currently trying to have an exotic car dealer help him get tires on the C8 Z06 Carbon Fiber Wheels made by Carbon Revolution.

As you will see in the video Austin from Speed Phenom on YouTube is not happy. First with the Carbon Fiber Wheels debacle and now with being denied the $5,000 in Z06 Chevy Rewards he was expecting to put towards brakes.

Z06 Chevy Rewards DENIED!

What do you think? Do you think his connection that got him the Z06 first, free carbon fiber wheels knows this is happening? Or the Chevy Rewards team isn’t aware he’s a YouTube influencer they gave special treatment for the exposure on his channel and showing the C8 Z06 tracked?

Austin seems like he’s going to sell the C8 Corvette Z06 after spending over $400,000 on Corvettes and go back to Ford and McLaren.

Will GM or Chevrolet make this right for C8 Corvette Z06 owners and Austin Everett, Speed Phenom?


Chevy RESPONDS! Will I Be Getting My $5,000 Reward?

In this video update from the My Chevy Rewards $5,000 debacle sounds like Speed Phenom’s YouTube videos strike again and he will be getting the $5,000 as well as more information from Chevrolet soon on helping other C8 Z06 owners get their Z06 Chevy Rewards they thought they were getting for holding the car for six months without flipping it.

Since we own a C8 Corvette Z06 we called into My Chevy Rewards and they said our C8 Z06 is attached to our account as we asked the Chevy Dealer to do and there is nothing else needed. She did read a specific document they have about the Z06 saying after 6 months you get 500,000 points or $5,000 but there wasn’t any specific thing you had to do other than have it attached to rewards as we did when we bought the car.

For reference she put in the notes we called in and provided a case number in case we don’t get the rewards we can use that as a reference point since we just bought it a few weeks ago. We will keep you update on any other Z06 Chevy rewards findings.

Bookmark this page for more updates and share it with your friends on social media and all the C8 Facebook groups.

C8 Corvette Z06 vs Ferrari 812: C8 Z06 Ferrari Killer?

Check out this video by Drag Times on YouTube where Brooks races Matt Hurley’s C8 Corvette Z06 vs a Ferrari 812 in Florida.

They race the C8 Z06 three times in a quarter mile drag race and the C8 Z06 with Fabspeed exhaust and sport cats beats the Ferrari 812 that has 789 horsepower.

C8 Z06 vs Ferrari 812 Quarter Mile Drag Race

The C8 Corvette Z06 has 670 horsepower and they are about the same weight at 3,600 pounds. You can see the C8 Corvette Z06 launches a lot better in each drag race and the Ferrari 812 starts to pull on it towards the top end and at the end of the quarter mile race.

It would be interesting to see a C8 Corvette Z06 vs a Ferrari 812 in a half mile race as well to see if that gives the Ferrari 812 enough room to catch it.

Is a Z06 faster than a Ferrari?

Yes, time and time again the C8 Corvette Z06 is faster than a Ferrari. It has beat a Ferrari 812 and a Ferrari 458 in multiple quarter mile drag races.

C8 Corvette Z06 vs. E-Ray: Why the Z06 Outshines the Eray

The C8 Corvette, E-Ray, and C8 Corvette Z06. All three models are part of the eighth-generation (C8) Chevrolet Corvette lineup, which marks a significant shift in the Corvette’s design with its move to a mid-engine layout. The C8 Corvette, E-Ray, and Z06 each cater to different segments of the sports car market, offering a range of performance capabilities and features.

C8 Corvette

The C8 Corvette, also known as the Corvette Stingray, was introduced in 2020 as the base model for the eighth-generation Corvette lineup. With its mid-engine layout, the C8 Corvette boasts improved weight distribution and handling compared to its predecessors. It features a 6.2-liter V8 engine, known as the LT2, which produces up to 495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque when equipped with the optional performance exhaust. The C8 Corvette is equipped with an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, allowing for quick and seamless gear shifts.


The E-Ray is an upcoming variant of the C8 Corvette that is expected to feature a hybrid powertrain. While official details have not been released, it is speculated that the E-Ray will combine the LT2 V8 engine with an electric motor, providing additional power and improved fuel efficiency. The E-Ray is anticipated to fill the gap between the base Stingray and the higher-performance Z06 model, offering a blend of performance and eco-friendly technology.

C8 Corvette Z06

The C8 Corvette Z06 is a high-performance variant of the C8 Corvette, designed for enthusiasts seeking even greater track capabilities. The Z06 is powered by a naturally aspirated 5.5-liter flat-plane crank V8 engine, dubbed the LT6, which generates 670 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. Paired with an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, the Z06 offers exceptional acceleration and handling. Additionally, the Z06 features enhanced aerodynamics, suspension, and braking systems to deliver a superior track-focused driving experience.

Each of these C8 Corvette models showcases the evolution of the iconic Chevrolet sports car, providing enthusiasts with a diverse range of performance options and features to suit their preferences.

C8 Corvette Z06 vs. E-Ray: Why the Z06 Outshines Its Hybrid Counterpart

Introduction: A Tale of Two Corvettes

As Chevrolet continues to expand its eighth-generation (C8) Corvette lineup, two models have garnered significant attention from sports car enthusiasts: the C8 Corvette Z06 and the upcoming E-Ray. While both vehicles offer impressive performance and unique features, the Z06 boasts several advantages that set it apart from its hybrid counterpart. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why the C8 Corvette Z06 outshines the E-Ray, backed by detailed information and statistics.

1. Raw Performance: The Naturally Aspirated LT6 Engine

The C8 Corvette Z06 is powered by a 5.5-liter flat-plane crank V8 engine, dubbed the LT6, generating 670 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. This naturally aspirated powerhouse provides exceptional acceleration and throttle response, allowing the Z06 to hit 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds. Although the E-Ray’s hybrid powertrain is expected to deliver impressive performance and efficiency, it is unlikely to match the sheer exhilaration provided by the Z06’s LT6 engine.

2. Track-Focused Handling and Aerodynamics

The Z06 is designed with track enthusiasts in mind, featuring advanced aerodynamics, suspension, and braking systems that enable superior handling and downforce at high speeds. Its aggressive bodywork, including a large rear wing, front splitter, and side skirts, not only adds to the car’s striking appearance but also contributes to its exceptional stability and cornering capabilities. While the E-Ray is anticipated to offer a sporty driving experience, its primary focus on blending performance with eco-friendly technology means that it will likely lack the Z06’s razor-sharp handling and track-focused prowess.

Corvette Z06
Source: Chevrolet.com

3. The Thrill of a Pure Sports Car Experience

For many sports car enthusiasts, the appeal of the C8 Corvette Z06 lies in its ability to deliver a pure, unadulterated driving experience. The Z06’s high-revving, naturally aspirated V8 engine and rear-wheel-drive layout provide a visceral connection to the road that is difficult to replicate in hybrid or electric vehicles. While the E-Ray’s hybrid powertrain offers its own unique driving dynamics, it may not satisfy the cravings of those who seek the raw, mechanical character of a traditional sports car.

4. The Legacy of the Z06 Nameplate

The Corvette Z06 has a storied history, dating back to the C2 generation in the 1960s. Over the years, the Z06 nameplate has become synonymous with high-performance Corvettes that push the boundaries of what the iconic American sports car can achieve. By choosing a C8 Corvette Z06, owners become part of this rich legacy, which holds a special allure for many Corvette aficionados. While the E-Ray is set to make its own mark on the Corvette lineup, it lacks the historical significance and prestige associated with the Z06 name.

Corvette E-Ray
Source: Chevrolet.com

Conclusion: The C8 Corvette Z06 – A True Driver’s Car

While the upcoming E-Ray is undoubtedly an exciting addition to the Corvette family, offering a blend of performance and eco-friendly technology, it is the C8 Corvette Z06 that truly shines as the quintessential driver’s car. With its formidable LT6 engine, track-focused handling, pure sports car character, and prestigious lineage, the Z06 sets itself apart as the ultimate choice for enthusiasts who demand the very best in performance and driving excitement.

The question remains will the Twin Turbo C8 Corvette ZR1 or All Wheel Drive Corvette 1,000 Horsepower Zora take the crown over the naturally aspirated C8 Corvette 670HP flat plane crank Z06?