C8 Z06 Sold Out Already!

c8 z06

Check out this video from DadBodSZN610 on YouTube has he been waiting for a base model C8 Corvette since February 2020!

He now called 15 of the top Chevy dealers that have the highest Corvette sales and some of the lists had 900 people (Macmulkin Chevrolet Cadillac). He even had Chevy Dealers saying it would be a 4 year wait! Also, they admitted there will a list drop off based on financial reasons etc..

He has a point though C8 Corvettes sold for 5k, 20k, 30k, and even STILL marked up $50k as we posted about an Arizona Chevy Dealer Gateway Chevrolet known for HUGE C8 Corvette mark ups as well as one of the Top Corvette dealers in sales of Corvettes Van Chevrolet marking up C8 Corvettes $20k!

Check out his video he has many valid points including C8 Corvette prices not dropping that much even with the C8 Z06 coming out.

We have also posted a C8 Z06 pricing mark up video by Speed Phenom where every Chevy Dealer in Los Angeles had C8 Z06 lists and they were marking them too!

It’s not going to even matter about the possible new C8 z06 colors we talked about people being able to choose when most people won’t be able to get one with a lot more limited production and waiting lists of hundreds of people at each Chevy Dealer in the country.

It’s going to be very interesting to see what Chevy reveals about the C8 Z06 on October 26th including pricing, production dates, and if they are going to control the allocation flow and mark ups better vs what happened with the C8 Stingray which was effected by a UAW strike, Covid, and supply chain issues.

C8 Z06 Exotic Supercar DESTROYER!!!

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