C8 Corvette Exhaust AFM Valves Causing Check Engine Light?

If you tried changing out your C8 Corvette Exhaust for an aftermarket exhaust from AWE, Soul Performance, Late Model Racecraft, Armytrix, Corsa, or Fabspeed to name the least you might have triggered a check engine light.

If that’s the case and you are getting error P12f0 code most likely when the cat back exhaust was installed the two AFM valves which are part number # 84896567 were not installed properly on the brackets or the performance shop and Chevy dealer pushed the valves all the way open and it got stuck.

Luckily thanks to an Emelia Hartford video where she has been twin turboing her C8 Corvette she mentioned Cicio Performance created a C8 Corvette Exhaust module that the AFM valve actuator wires can be plugged into to trick the system.


Per Cicio Performance in regards to their AFM valve simulator module:

After installing several aftermarket exhaust systems on various C8’s, we quickly discovered that even though a lot of the systems on the market have the valve actuator brackets for the main valves when the car goes from 4cyl to 8cyl operation, that there is still a check engine light that appears.

We realized that this eye sore would not be preferable to 99% of the owners out there so we set out to figure out a solution for this.

Our exhaust module is a direct plug in item with very simple installation and will eliminate any check engine lights caused by the valve system on the factory exhaust!

**For 2020 Model year only**

The AFM or Active Fuel Management system on the new C8 Corvette is a great feature for all of us that love causing down the road getting good fuel milage on our 500hp car. However for those of us who want the addition of some extra music coming out of the tail pipes we may face a problem with the AFM valve systems in association with aftermarket exhaust systems. While some exhaust systems come with metal simulators they not only can be somewhat difficult to install but we have also found some of them don’t even remove the check engine light on all cars.

The electronic system on the new C8 as many of you I’m sure can imagine is extremely advanced and looks for things that some of the older models don’t, but we set out testing to find a solution for a direct plug and play, no questions asked solution to make your C8 happy even when installing aftermarket exhausts and or even turbo systems!

With our PNP Active Fuel Management Valve Simulator you can 100% remove your factory valves and simply plug our all in one simulator to remove any possibility of a check engine light or control fault whatsoever. There is no software needed, you do not need to plug anything into your ODBII port nor do you need to bolt your actuators to something to trick them!!! Just plug in our Cicio Performance AFM Simulator and away you go!

These little magic boxes are in stock ready t0 ship!!!

Price: $99.95

Christina Khalil Corvette C8 gets INSANE FabSpeed Exhaust

Check out this video by YouTuber Christina Khalil where she has a brand new Fabspeed Valvetronic Cat Back Exhaust for her C8 Corvette installed in Santa Barbara at Bunnin Chevrolet by their master tech Luis.

Christina Khalil C8 Corvette

This Fabspeed C8 Corvette exhaust saves 20lbs and adds 15 more horsepower and is as sexy as Christina Khalil.

This set up doesn’t have Fabspeed Sport Cats or any headers but definitely makes a difference compared to the stock exhaust.

Also, if you want to see more C8 Corvette Exhaust set ups check out our list of different C8 Corvette Exhausts here.

If you are searching as many people are (over 26k) people a month on Google for Christina Khalil Nude, Reddit, Patreon, Naked, Nudes, toplesss ect… you can check out her onlyfans.

How To Change Air Filter on a C8 Corvette

Learn step by step how to change the air filter on a mid engine C8 Corvette where you have to take out the trunk to get to it.

In this video by Rear Wheel Drive on YouTube he shows you how to access the air filter box on a C8 Corvette and how to change out the air filter.

He decided to go with an aftermarket Attack Blue Air Filter by TKO Performance just like Horsepower Obsessed did and we did with our satin matte black C8 Corvette.

10,000 Mile C8 Corvette Review: Pros, Cons, and More! (VIDEO)

Check out this 10,000 Mile Review by Brink of Speed of the first year pros, cons, and alarming of his C8 Corvette.

Also, he shares some mods he has done and more aftermarket C8 Corvette mods he plans on adding like a front splitter, C8 corvette exhaust, wheels, and an engine cover.

Per Brink of Speed’s Captain America C8 Corvette Video:

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m excited to do this 10,000-mile review for you and show you all the pros, cons, and alarming things I’ve experienced over this past year of driving my C8 Corvette. Hope this helps you understand what you can expect from your C8 after 10,000 miles.

Twin Turbo C8 Corvette Breaks Horsepower World Record

If you have been following our C8 Corvette Blog you know we have covered TJ Hunt’s C8 Corvette build, StreetSpeed717’s Twin Turbo C8 Corvette by Late Model Racecraft, FuelTech’s Twin Turbo C8 Corvette, Extreme Turbo Systems 1021 HP C8 Corvette at 20PSI and now finally Emelia Hartford’s Twin Turbo C8 Corvette which beat Extreme Turbo System’s Twin Turbo C8 by 1 horsepower! LOL

If you check out this thread of Emelia Hartford’s C8 Corvette you can see the progression of her C8 Corvette from stock, to Twin Turbo, to blown engine all the way to Peitz Performance, Sheepey Race, and Whistln Diesel meeting up and her C8 Corvette hitting over 1000HP

C8 Corvette Was Flipped in Less than 24 hours! (John Megel Chevrolet)

Check out this video by YouTuber WFO Steve where he shows how he flips a 2021 C8 Corvette he ordered in November from John Megel Chevrolet in Dawsonville, Georgia.

Per WFO Steve:

I ordered this 2021 C8 Corvette in November and she showed up in Jan. I built this the way i wanted with the 2LT package and the Z51 Package. The colors is Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic witch looks really awesome to me.

I also did the black and Adrenaline Red. The new interior in these C8 corvette is so awesome I believe this is the best car Chevrolet has ever produced. 6.2L V8 DI engine 490 hp @ 6450 rpm 465 lb-ft @ 5150 rpm 495 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque with the available Performance exhaust or Z51 Performance Package 0-601 mph in under 3 seconds with the available Z51 Performance Package

ACS Composite Wickers for the C8 Corvette Z51 Spoiler

Check out this video by ACS Composite where they install Wickers to C8 Corvette Z51 Performance Spoiler.

This is to give you a more aggressive look similar to the C7 Corvette Stage 2 system where they extend a wicker bill panel on the ends of the spoiler.

Per ACS Composite’s Wicker Spoiler Add On Video:

WHERE TO BUY https://acscomposite.com/products/c8-…

Upgrade the rear end of your mid-engine Corvette Stingray with the Corvette C8 Z51 Spoiler Wicker Conversion System. Improve the rear-end aerodynamics while adding a distinctive look to the Z51 rear spoiler. The wickers do not impede your rear view vision.

Chevrolet noted that the Z51 Spoiler and C8 High Wing carry the same downforce properties, but by adding the ACS C8 Z51 Wickers you will unlock additional downforce greater than those cars equipped with the High Wing! The ACS C8 Z51 Wickers come pre-painted in the Carbon Flash Black finish.

Carbon Flash Black is the black metallic paint you see on your accent / trim pieces such as the diffuser, door feature, grill and more.


00:35 Intro

01:45 Installation

02:00  Masking

2:40 Pre-fit

3:35 Drill pilot holes

4:40 Drill completely

5:20 Insert rivets to hold wicker in place

5:40 Peel tape and apply pressure to wicker

7:00  Rivet

8:10 Outro

Complete Street Performance Twin Turbo C8 Running a 10.4 Quarter Mile

Check out this video by YouTuber Drag Racing and Car Stuff as he shows Andrew’s C8 Corvette running a 10.4 Quarter Mile with factory cats, no tune, and their prototype Twin Turbo and drag tires.

We posted a Complete Street Performance video when they were one of the first C8 Corvettes to run high 10s, now they are getting low 10s with this base model C8 Corvette Stingray Z51. Can you imagine what it will run once the ECU is unlocked or when the C8 Corvette Z06 comes out and is over 650 HP stock!

CSP C8 Corvette W/ Twin Turbo Prototype Kit vs CTS-Vs and Camaro at Cadillac Attack

Per his video:
Saw this C8 Corvette make a mid 10 second pass and went over to ask about it, and Andrew of Complete Street Performance took some time to tell me about the kit, and also about the AC Powered Intercooler, called an Interchiller, which is super cool, literally!

Also, here is Complete Street Performance YouTube Video from the Cadillac Attack 2021 event as well.

My C8 Corvette Damage At Cadillac Attack

Red Mist C8 Corvette Hard Top Convertible

I know this video clip is only 6 seconds but its the best color combo we have seen so far with the new Red Mist Color on the C8 Corvette Convertible with the Black tap and black wheels.

If there are any other Red Mist YouTube videos we find that display the Red Mist Color on the C8 Corvette as well as this does we will add it to this post.

What you do you think? Leave a comment below.

How to Install Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Exhaust and Sport Cats

If you are thinking about a high quality lightweight cat back exhaust and sport cats for your C8 Corvette you have to check out Paragon Performance.

They are emerging as the leader in C8 Corvette aftermarket parts and custom built their own high quality sport cats and C8 Corvette cat back exhaust that gains 14 more horsepower and reduces about 45 pounds from the OEM exhaust.

Here are How to Install C8 Corvette Exhaust and Sport Cats videos if you decide to purchase their systems.

We will have a promo code shortly so bookmark and check out our blog often.

Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Exhaust Install!

Learn how to Install your brand new Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Exhaust!

Step by step instructions walk you through on how to install our exhaust system.

 Increase Peak WHP by 14HP Increase Peak WTQ by 16TQ Weighs in at 32 lbs vs the OEM of 77 lbs. 45lbs savings!

V-Band fitment for easy install AFM Valve bypass included – NO CEL Direct bolt on Made in the USA Lifetime Warranty*

0:21 Tools Needed

0:30 How to remove your C8 Corvette Bumper

2:25 How to take apart your C8 Corvette Trunk

3:15 How to remove your C8 Corvette Exhaust

4:55 How to remove your AFM & NPP Valves

5:17 Installing your AFM Delete Plates

9:04 Install your new Paragon C8 Corvette Exhaust

11:53 Assemble your trunk

12:22 Installing your C8 Corvette Bumper

13:52 Installing your Exhaust Tips

Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Sport Cats Install!

Learn how to Install your brand new Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Sport Cats!

Step by step instructions walk you through on how to install our Catalytic Convertors.

Don’t forget to Subscribe and hit that bell icon to be notified for future videos!

Increase Peak WHP 6 Increase Peak WTQ 6 Decrease Weight by 12 lbs

Fits stock or aftermarket headers and exhausts 304 Stainless Steel Includes all new gaskets Includes all new hardware 100% Guaranteed N

o Check Engine Light No tune required Made in the USA Lifetime Warranty

0:20 Tools Needed

0:46 Remove your brace mounts

1:40 Remove your heat shields on your headers

2:14 Removing your C8 Corvette Air Box

4:38 C8 Corvette DCT Fluid Fill

4:44 How to Remove your C8 Corvette Cats ( Catalytic Convertor)

5:55 Installing your Paragon Sport Cats Hardware

6:38 Installing your Paragon Sport Cats

9:25 Installing your heat shields on headers

10:07 Installing your brace mounts

11:02 Sound Clips