Paragon Performance Launch New C8 Corvette Products

Paragon Performance is an aftermarket site for all things C8 Corvette. Each month they have been putting out new C8 Corvette product updates and here is there September C8 Corvette product update list.

  • Paragon C8 Corvette License Plate Vinyl Overlay
  • Paragon C8 Corvette Fire Extinguisher Mount
  • Paragon Titanium Exhaust for the C8 Corvette
  • Paragon C8 Corvette Stainless Steel Exhaust
  • Volk Racing Rays TE37 Wheels
  • Corsa C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Intake
  • Corsa C8 Corvette 1-7/8″ Headers
  • Corsa C8 Corvette High Flow Cats
  • JLT C8 Corvette Catch Cans – Choose Finish (Black or Raw)
  • Powerlabs C8 Corvette Engine Bay LED Control Kit
  • Attack Blue Filters
  • Raceseng C7 Corvette Tow Hooks (Red,Gray or Black)

Check out the video to learn more about new and upcoming C8 Corvette aftermarket mods and be sure to tell them sent you!

Protective Film Solutions Project C8 Corvette Stage One Begins

Protective Film Solutions in Orange County California just purchased a C8 Corvette from Whitmoyer Chevrolet for their latest shop project build.

Here is an introduction video on why they chose the C8 Corvette

And Stage One of the C8 Corvette Build at Protective Film Solutions

They start off with a full paint correction and clay bar and then add a clear PPF (paint protection film) to their C8 Corvette. Then they added an Xpel XR Plus tint to the driver and passenger windows as well as the front windshield and STEK windshield rock protection film.

Lastly, they added Glanz ceramic coating to the interior, wheels, and exterior of the C8 Corvette. Stay tuned for more videos we will keeping this post updated as they build the C8 Corvette.

Chevrolet Just Revealed the 2023 C8 Corvette Before the REVEAL???

Chevrolet just revealed the 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 BASE model on Twitter and Instagram and we are seeing mixed messages from potential customers and Corvette fans online.

Most C8 Corvette owners like it but aren’t “wowed” especially the C8 Corvette owners that already have heavily modified their current C8 Corvettes with wheels, exhausts, lowering springs ect…

Also, Chevrolet is really teasing the new C8 Z06 since we all know from the Nurburgring videos of the C8 Z06 that there are going to be variants and a track focused C8 Z06 with a bird like wing with a Z07 package.

It will be interesting to see what happens on October 26th when we get to see every C8 Z06 variant and option including the details of the flat plane crank engine, C8 Z06 convertible, performance numbers, C8 Z06 colors, and possible weight reduction with a magnesium DCT.

2023 C8 Z06 photo released by team Corvette ahead of schedule!


Rick Corvette Conti says he has seen the C8 Z06 flat plane crank engine (hints at Twin or Dual Intake Manifolds) , interior, and tachometer of the new C8 Corvettes from being part of the spy photographer crew.

Did We Just Set a New C8 Corvette WORLD RECORD by Accident??

Check out this video by JotechOne  on YouTube (Jotech Motorsports) and Seth running a 9.88 on a stock block and stock transmission with Extreme Turbo Systems Twin Turbo kit set up for the C8 Corvette.

Per their Twin Turbo C8 Corvette Stock Block C8 Corvette Record

On day 3 of Rocky Mountain Race Week Trevor takes first place with just one run in his GTR and our very own Seth sets a new record in our Twin Turbo C8 Corvette. Jotech Motorsports in Garland Texas (972) 494-2100 We specialize in making fast cars faster. To name a few that we specialize in Nissan GTR, McLaren, Lamborghini, Porsche, 370z and more.

C8 Corvette Stingray Prices FINALLY Coming Back Down?

Check out this video from Cars, Costs and Technology on his take on C8 Corvette Pricing. Do you think he is right and the pricing will come down?

He does say its going to hold it’s value and thinks it will stay above what you paid for it but thinks the 25-30k mark ups are going to go away. Funny enough we posted about the C8 Z06 is going to be marked up as researched from us personally and by one of Speed Phenom’s videos. And most dealers have lists of over 1000 people wanted a C8 Z06 and again is going to be hard to get and marked up.

Even in the last month or so in 2021 there are still dealers marking up the C8 Corvette at 50k as shown here too. And recently a 25,000 mile C8 Corvette that was tracked hard sold for $85k at Carmax which is still insane especially with that high of miles in such a short period of time of less than 2 years.

So not really sure how much the C8 Corvette pricing will come down if at all in the next year since its going to be hard to get a C8 Z06 and the production levels of the C8 Corvette is still a lot lower than the C7 Corvettes. And C7 Corvettes are still selling for high prices with the used car market, inflation, strike, plant closures, and chip shortages. There really hasn’t been any sign from Chevy or General Motors they are going to double production. And the C8 Z06 is just going to create even more buzz for the brand and people wanting to get a C8 Corvette even if they can’t get the C8 Z06.

What do you think will happen to the C8 Corvette Pricing? Leave a comment


Ferrada Wheels for the C8 Corvette (VIDEO & Photos)

Check out this video produced by Ferrada Wheels where they use airbag suspension and their Ferrada Concave Madness CM2 Wheels on a Corvette C8.

Per their video description of the Ferrada Wheels for the C8 Corvette

Does it get any better than having the new C8 on bags, but fitted with the perfect set of aggressive, concave CM2’s. This combination will continue to break necks. #ferradawheels #c8corvette

Ferrada Concave Madness CM2 Machine Black / Chrome Lip Size : 20×9 & 20×11 2021 Chevy Corvette C8 WWW.FERRADAWHEELS.COM | IG: Ferrada Wheels CM2 are available in the following finishes -Brushed Cobre / Polished Bronze Lip -Matte Graphite / Chrome Lip -Matte Black / Gloss Black Lip -Machine Silver / Chrome Lip -Machine Black / Chrome Lip Sizes : 19×8.5 | 19×9.5 | 19×10.5 20×8.5 | 20×9 | 20×10 | 20×10.5 | 20×11.5 | 20×12 22×9 | 22×9.5 | 22×10.5 | 22×11 PCD : 5X108 | 5X112 | 5X114.3 | 5X115 | 5X120 | 5×127 | 5×130

Highest Horse Power (1350HP) and Quickest C8 Corvette 9.01 at 154mph!

Check out this video of the highest horsepower and now World’s Fastest C8 Corvette running 9.01 second quarter mile at 154MPH with 1350 Wheel Horse Power.

1350WHP C8 Corvette | NEW HP WORLD RECORD for C8 Corvette!

Anderson Dick and the team at FuelTechUSA should be proud. We have been covering their FuelTech USA Twin Turbo C8 Corvette from the beginning and it hasn’t been easy as many of these Twin Turbo C8 Corvettes have issues with the clutches, axels, and piggy backing on the ECU since its encrypted.

World’s quickest C8 Corvette! 2 World Records in a week: 1350whp and 9.01 @ 154mph

FuelTech C8 Corvette Goes 9.01 in the Quarter Mile at 153 mph | New World Record

Gabe Florido Corvette C8 Gets Serviced at Royalty Exotics

Check out this video from Royalty Exotics and Royalty Rebuilds as they change the oil on Gabe Florido’s C8 Corvette.

Gabe’s C8 Corvette is one of the most popular C8 Corvette builds on Instagram and he runs one of the biggest car pages Car Lifestyle on Instagram.

His C8 Corvette is modded with Vossen Wheels, KW Suspension, Fabspeed Motorsport Cat back and cats with Kooks Headers. He has it wrapped in Xpel Stealth and the full carbon fiber aero kit for the C8 Corvette by Racing Sport Concepts.

We have many other videos and on how to change your oil on a C8 Corvette as well the process you will see in this video.

2023 C8 Corvette Z06 Hardtop Convertible CONFIRMED!

Breaking News from HorsePower Obsessed on YouTube from Vette Titans and Brandon Byer’s Facebook page.

Brandon from Vette Titans spotted the C8 Z06 in the hard top convertible just like Chevy offers in the base C8 Corvette Stingray model. Brandon caught the C8 Z06 out testing in the streets and one of them putting the top down and follows them for a good 6 minutes or so.

The current C8 Corvette convertibles are an extra $7,500 for that option with the C8 Z06 pricing isn’t confirmed yet and there are no details until October 26th 2021 reveal date.


Also in this video you will see Rick Corvette Conti on a hunt for the C8 Z06 Corvette future versions in camo with Brandon. They have a video where Brandon went under the camo covered C8 Z06 to see possibly a magnesium DCT coming to the C8 Z06!

C8 Corvette Z06 Testing in Columbus, Ohio

It looks like their will be 3 variants of the C8 Z06 in 2023, a base model C8 Z06, a C8 Z06 with the Z07 track package, and a C8 Z06 convertible.  Although this one seems real quiet in the video like the new C8 Corvette E Ray will be.

This video below is from Mid Engine Corvette Forum (see description below video)

A good friend of mine, Roger, made my day this morning.

Roger checked into the hotel outside Columbus, Ohio Tuesday night and noticed a C8 parked out back. Upon further investigation, lo and behold four Z06 test mules were staying in the hotel. Roger is on the list to buy a C8 Z06 so is very aware of this car.

Next morning Roger was able to listen to them as they left the hotel parking lot and accelerate onto the freeway. The exhaust sound of four of the Z06’s was exceptional! The last one drove by leaving the parking lot in silent mode, no exhaust sound, even getting up on the freeway. Apparently moving under all electric power. Assuming the E Ray.

Here are some photos and video Roger was able to take. Security was very tight.

Hope you enjoy them as much as Roger and I have.

Thanks Roger!

C8 Corvette FULL Fabspeed Motorsport Exhaust, Headers, and Sport Cats

As we covered many times before since Fabspeed Motorsport was one of the first companies to develop and launch a cat back exhaust for the C8 Corvette as well as sport cats they have now launched a full system including Headers.

That’s right you can order a full Fabspeed C8 Corvette Exhaust from the headers back.

Here is a video they just launched that shows the sound difference although video really hard to capture the true sound of the Fabspeed Headers, Sport Cats, and cat back exhaust for the Corvette C8.