How to Fix C8 Corvette Squeaky or Squealing Brakes (VIDEO)

In this video from Rick Corvette Conti with Coughlin Chevrolet of Pataskala discusses how to fix squeaky or squealing C8 Corvette brakes with his service corvette technician Chuck Metts.

Chuck mentions Chevrolet wants them to put a copper grease on the brake pads to stop them from chattering in the calipers. It’s Permatex Copper anti seize lubricant and to put a thick layer on the brake pads.

Another option is upgrading your brakes to Girodisc brake rotors and Carbotech Brake pads as we did after ordering the parts from Paragon Performance. We have a Z51 3LT C8 Corvette the J55 brakes are bigger so you have to take the brake calipers off.

There is a bulletin with Chevrolet not a recall that they will fix this issue as long as the C8 Corvette is still under warranty.

What is the BEST C8 Corvette Air Filter?

Most auto manufacturers recommend changing air filers at about 15,000 miles. With the C8 Corvette there will be a service light that says “Change Air Filter at Next Oil Change Service”.

The C8 Corvette also provides a percentage of what is left on the factory air filter. However, if you want to purchase an aftermarket air filter to increase the life of your air filter and not have to change it as often there are many C8 Corvette air filter options from AFE and Attack Blue.

Our choice would be the Attack Blue air filter since we used it on our C8 Corvette and has slightly better Horsepower and Torque gains then the others. It also is Dry and Washable with just soap and water so you can reuse it as well.

In this video from Paragon Performance they test 3 aftermarket air filters and they were all pretty much the same 6+ HP gain with Attack Blue edging the other two out slight in the HP/Torque numbers.

C8 Corvette Air Filter Shootout! aFe Dry vs aFe 5R vs Attack Blue! | Paragon Performance

Per Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Air Filter Dyno Testing

C8 Corvette drop in air filter showdown! aFe Power Dry VS. aFe Power 5R VS. Attack Blue! Who do you think will win?! We tested all the drop in options for the stock airbox on a bone stock C8 Corvette. Tested on our DynoJet Dynamoter in our enclosed dyno cell.

If you do end up purchasing an aftermarket air filter from Paragon Performance let them know “” sent you.

How to Install a C8 Corvette Air Filter?

Need help installing a Corvette C8 Air filter yourself? Check out our how to change the air filter in a C8 Corvette post here.

How to Add Two More Quarts of DCT (Transmission) Fluid on the C8 Corvette

Check out this video from WRPDrive on YouTube where he adds 2 more quarts of DCT fluid to his C8 Corvette with the 13 degree method jacking the car up.

It does look higher than the 13 degrees (1 and half feet) and they had to jack it up pretty high so the transmission fluid wouldn’t leak. This is suppose to help reduce C8 Corvette transmission issues and for track use.

C8 Corvette gets 2 Liters of DCT fluid added through the side filler plug

This is the easier way of adding the 2 liters of DCT fluid. The side filler plug is easier accessed rather than taking out the airbox to access the top plug. Be careful not to drop the 17mm aluminum plug in the skid plating, it will be hard to find.

How to Change the DCT Filter on a C8 Corvette

Check out this step by step video on how to change out the transmission filter on the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) on the C8 Corvette.

Paragon Performance created this awesome video which not only shows you the process of changing your C8 Corvette DCT filter but the tools you need and how to do it.

Per their DCT Filter Change video

GM recommends changing your contaminated DCT Filter on your C8 Corvette at only 7500 miles!

Don’t skip out on the maintenance to risk damage to your transmission. Paragon Performance walks you through the entire process, step by step!

Replace at the following mileages: 7,500 mi 22,500 mi 45,00 mi 67,500 mi 90,000 mi 112,500 mi 135,00 mi

Also, visit Paragon Performance and tell them sent you for the transmission fluid, filter, or any C8 Corvette aftermarket parts you need!

How Do You Get in C8 Corvette When You Have a Dead Battery?

Check out this video from Rick Corvette Conti which shows you how to get into your C8 Corvette if your battery is dead.

First, you need to tap on the side button on your key to get to your emergency key. Then under the side rear quarter section of the door vent.

Then you can turn the key to the right to access the car and access a manual frunk release where the battery is. Then behind the brake pedal there is a loop you will notice and you need to pull that twice to gain access to the frunk and battery area.

Corvette C8 Vehicle Access with Dead Battery

Luke Pressel, Corvette Service Specialist at Criswell Automotive, demonstrates the process of gaining entry into a locked C8 when it has a dead battery and the door will not unlock without power. Use the manual key to access and unlock the vehicle. Remember to keep your trickle charger connected this winter.

How To Open C8 Glove Box If It’s Not Working!

Check out this video by Great White North Corvette as he shows two different ways to open your C8 Corvette glove box if it stops working all of a sudden as it did for him a few times.

This can especially be helpful if your pulled over and the glove box stops opening all of sudden. You won’t have time or the tools for the first option but the second option of banging on it a bit while you push the button could work.

Want Apple Car Play in your 2020 C8 Corvette?

Check out this video by Brink of Speed on YouTube where he shows you how you can turn your 2020 C8 Corvette into a 2021 or 2022 with Apple Car Play.

The device is called CarlinKit and can be found on Amazon. It will turn your 2020 C8 Corvette into a wireless Apple Car Playing machine.

Check out these videos on How to Add Apple Car Play to your 2020 C8 Corvette

My 2020 C8 Corvette Has WIRELESS Apple CarPlay!

The one feature that was added to the 2021 Corvettes that I really wished the 2020s had, is wireless Apple CarPlay.

How to Change the Front & Rear Brakes on the C8 Corvette (VIDEO)

Check out this step by step video on how to change your brakes, (front and rear brake pads) on the C8 Corvette.

Per AB’s Garage video description of the C8 Brake Pad Change

In this video we do a front brake pad change on a 2020 C8 Corvette with the Z51 performance package. The new mid engine platform has brought the Corvette to the next level but from my experience working on this current generation, they are still relatively easy to service. That being said, hopefully you find this video still very helpful!

C8 Corvette Brake Pad Change (Front and Rear Brake Pads)

Also, here is another video by Paragon Performance where we purchased our Girodisc Rotors and Carbotech 1521 brake pads for low brake dust.

Per their C8 Brake pad change video description:

Change out your extremely high dusting brake pads on your C8 Corvette Z51 at home with only a few simple tools! We walk you through, step by step, on how to change your front brake pads. The Carbotech 1521 is a very low dusting and low noise compound that we highly recommend you change out if you like to keep your car clean and improve your braking.

How to Change your Front Brake pads on your C8 Corvette!

How to Change your Rear Brake Pads on your C8 Corvette!

KNS Brakes also created a video to show you how to change your brakes on your C8 Corvette.

2020 C8 Z51 Corvette Brake Review and Pad Install

How to Change Brake Pads on a C8 Corvette

The 2020 C8 Corvette includes a laundry list of firsts–including eBoost brakes. In this video, we provide an overview of the C8 Corvette braking system and then show you how to change the brake pads when the time comes.

It’s a little bit different than maintaining a traditional brake system, so there are certain tools you’ll need and a specific order to follow. The C8 eBoost, or brake-by-wire, system offers some distinct advantages. Specifically, the system allows you to adjust the brakes, depending on what driving mode you’re using.

Our C8 Corvette has already seen significant track and Autocross time, so we’re ready to swap in a new set of pads.

Paragon Performance WORLDS FIRST C8 Corvette Lowering Springs?!

If you are looking for more information on how to lower your C8 Corvette we have posted about that with multiple options here.

However, besides the lowering collars that are used mostly for C8 Corvette Z51 cars with the front lift or KW Suspension that came out with coil overs as well seen on Gabe Florido’s C8 Corvette, Paragon Performance just launched C8 Corvette lowering springs.

Per their video description on YouTube about these C8 Corvette lowering springs.

By starting work early on with Hyperco, we helped create the FIRST lowering spring option for the Z51 C8 Corvette Stingray! Improve performance with a 30% stiffer spring while lowering your car 0.5″ Combined with factory adjustable coilovers you’re able to lower your car 1.5″! Fits Z51 Mag Ride Cars Fits Z51 Front Lift Cars Fits Z51 Non Mag Ride Cars Fits NON Z51 cars WITH Mag Ride

If you contact them or purchase their C8 Corvette lowering springs online mention sent you

How to Operate the Corvette C8

Check out this video the Shair rental platform did on How to Operate a C8 Corvette including how to put the hard top convertible up and down on the C8 Corvette.

This is great video for people who purchase a C8 Corvette for the first time to visually learn some of the basic functions and features of the C8 Corvette.

2020 Corvette C8 POV Test Drive

Also, here is another video from 100 Rental Cars that goes over driving the new C8 Corvette.

Per their video on driving the C8 Corvette

This is rental car number 159 and today I’m driving the first ever mid-engine Corvette. This is the 2020 Chevy Corvette Stingray 3LT Z51. The Corvette C8, top trim with the $5,000 performance package. It does o to 60 in under 3 seconds and is absolutely gorgeous.