What is the BEST C8 Corvette Air Filter?

c8 corvette air filter

Most auto manufacturers recommend changing air filers at about 15,000 miles. With the C8 Corvette there will be a service light that says “Change Air Filter at Next Oil Change Service”.

The C8 Corvette also provides a percentage of what is left on the factory air filter. However, if you want to purchase an aftermarket air filter to increase the life of your air filter and not have to change it as often there are many C8 Corvette air filter options from AFE and Attack Blue.

Our choice would be the Attack Blue air filter since we used it on our C8 Corvette and has slightly better Horsepower and Torque gains then the others. It also is Dry and Washable with just soap and water so you can reuse it as well.

In this video from Paragon Performance they test 3 aftermarket air filters and they were all pretty much the same 6+ HP gain with Attack Blue edging the other two out slight in the HP/Torque numbers.

C8 Corvette Air Filter Shootout! aFe Dry vs aFe 5R vs Attack Blue! | Paragon Performance

Per Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Air Filter Dyno Testing

C8 Corvette drop in air filter showdown! aFe Power Dry VS. aFe Power 5R VS. Attack Blue! Who do you think will win?! We tested all the drop in options for the stock airbox on a bone stock C8 Corvette. Tested on our DynoJet Dynamoter in our enclosed dyno cell.

If you do end up purchasing an aftermarket air filter from Paragon Performance let them know “C8CorvetteBlog.com” sent you.

How to Install a C8 Corvette Air Filter?

Need help installing a Corvette C8 Air filter yourself? Check out our how to change the air filter in a C8 Corvette post here.

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