Attack Blue Air Filter for C8 Corvette Gains 12 HP! (VIDEO)

Attack Blue Air Filter C8 Corvette

Check out this video from Horsepower Obsessed showing the difference in horsepower gained from the Attack Blue Air Filter upgrade on the C8 Corvette. This Attack Blue Air Filet was designed and created by TKO performance that has a history of creating this high performance long lasting air filters even for the C7 Corvettes.

Per the Dyno it gained 12 Horsepower on top of being made in the USA and not having to pay a little less from a Chevy Dealership to use a paper crappy air filter.

Some other mods like Sport Cats or Headers which are in 1000s maybe increased horsepower by 20+ horsepower on the C8 Corvette.

So in this case the Attack Blue Air Filters for the C8 Corvette are definitely worth adding to any C8 Corvette and its easy to install yourself.

It’s a no brainer to get one of these Nanofiber Performance Attack Blue Air Filters.

More YouTube videos below on how to install the Attack Blue Air Filter.

Attack Blue Air Filter Upgrade for Corvette C8 Dyno (PROVING Horsepower gains!!)

C8 Corvette Attack Blue Air Filter Install

Here’s a video from YouTube Channel WRP Drive where he installs his Attack Blue Air Filter in his C8 Corvette Convertible.

TKO  Attack Blue Air Filter Horse Power and Install

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