How to Find Your Ciocca Corvette Reservation Number?

ciocca corvette

If you haven’t received a reservation # for the Ciocca Corvette Z06 List if you provided them the initial $2,000 deposit to get on the list on November 2nd, this might help you.

So “Records Rebuilds” on YouTube who also made a deposit to be on the Ciocca Corvete Z06 list was able to get his reservation # by emailing them an “info packet” so they can line up the wire, email, bank account info and so on.

With receiving so many wire transfers and so many people trying to order from different bank accounts that don’t match up with their name, email, license, etc. it has taken them some time to sort through the deposits which makes total sense.

There were over 2000 deposits based on the reservation #’s we have seen people posting on the Corvette Forums, C8 Corvette Z06 Facebook groups and YouTube comments.

We updated our initial post about the Ciocca Corvette C8 Z06 list here and you can watch the video as well to learn more.

Per the video, instructions have been updated to the following:
Ok guys, big change. Ciocca got a hold of me and they do not want the information coming to one person’s email account. Its helpful to them in sorting everyone, but they want it to come to the appropriate email address:
Please make the subject “info packet” The first step toward an allocation for the C8 Z06 is complete thanks to Ciocca Corvette! This video reveals my number and might help you find yours.
Ciocca Corvette in Atlantic City
Formerly, Kerbeck Chevrolet the number one Corvette selling dealership in the United States, Ciocca Corvette started the C8 Z06 list process on Nov, 2nd 2021 once the Z06 C8 Corvette was announced.
They allowed people to come in person and wait in line and allowed wire transfers at noon their time to be sent with a $2,000 deposit to secure a spot on the list.
Since then they have stopped taking orders and are contacting people with their reservation numbers and requesting an additional $3,000 to weed out flippers and resellers and people putting their name on multiple Chevy Dealer lists in hopes to be one of the first to get the C8 Z06.
Lastly, when you place your order you will need to provide 10% of the MSRP of the C8 Corvette Z06 you spec at that time and your order will be final with no refunds of deposits.

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