GM Engineers Presentation & Take Questions About the C8 Z06 (VIDEO)

c8 corvette z06

Check out this video by “Mtam77” where he records the General Motors Corvette Engineers provide more insight about how they built the C8 Z06.

This was at the 2021 Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta where they had a C8 Z06 display which recently people have noticed a posted 10.6 1/4 Mile time as well.

The presenters are Josh Holder the Chief Engineer, Ed Moss the Engineering Group Manager and Mike that worked on the interior design.

They cover the following about the C8 Z06

  • Cutaway Chassis
  • Horsepower & Engine
  • Thermals Body & Transmission
  • Brakes
  • Driving Experience
  • Sound & Exhaust
  • Manual Transmission Availability
    • (it will never come in stick or manual the DCT transmission is better)
  • Carbon Fiber Wheels
  • Interior Design/MY23 Updates
  • Configurator
  • Nurburgring Lap Time
  • Carbon Fiber Exterior Wishbone
  • Interior Space
  • Engineers
  • Oiling System/True Dry Sump
  • Frame Changes
  • 5W-50 Dexos R Oil
  • Mechanical Feelers / Lash Compensation
  • Engine Reliability
  • Product Input
  • Start up and Rev
  • Audience Q & A

If you want to learn more about the Corvette Z06 check out our post where we have compiled all of the best YouTube videos, stats, specs, and posts about the C8 Z06 all in one place.

2023 C8 Z06 at Road Atlanta // EXCLUSIVE Q and A with Z06 engineers!

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