TJ Hunt’s Widebody C8 Corvette Complete! [FIRST DRIVE]

TJ Hunt

One of TJ Hunt’s most famous cars is his Widebody C8 Corvette he built with his StreetHunter Designed Widebody kit, HRE wheels, and Twin Turbos by Late Model Racecraft.

We have been covering TJ Hunt’s Car Build of the C8 Corvette for the last year and a half. Including when he picked up his C8 Corvette from Matt Beaver at Whitmoyer Chevrolet thanks to his buddy Mike StreetSpeed717 having that local Chevy dealer connection via YouTube and Car Giveaways with Inshane Designs.

TJ Hunt C8 Corvette

First Drive in the TJ Hunt Widebody C8 Corvette!

TJ Hunt’s World Famous TWIN TURBO Corvette C8 Just Got Faster!

In this latest video Late Model Racecraft has TJ Hunt’s Widebody C8 Corvette back in Texas and still trying to refine the top mounted Twin Turbo kit so it won’t spin as much and the transmission won’t slip.

It seems like those are the biggest issues with Twin Turbo C8 Corvettes the ECU is locked so they have to use piggy back systems like MoTeC or FuelTech and the dual clutch transmission can’t handle the increased horsepower so Dodson clutches has to keep building stronger clutches to test to get it just right.

Late Model Racecraft doesn’t share any times or horsepower numbers in this video but they have mentioned it was over 900HP previously. They mention a 1.9 60 foot with the tires spinning and in future videos they might take this to the track for a quarter mile time and possible some roll racing.

We finally got to test out TJ Hunt’s C8 on a track on the TX2K22 stage

In this video Late Model Racecraft had TJ Hunt’s C8 Corvette run a 9.3 and 9.7 in the quarter mile with the C8 Corvette Twin Turbo kit they been working on.

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