StreetHunter C8 Corvette is Done! (TJ Hunt Widebody C8 Corvette Kit)

streethunter c8 corvette

Check out this video from SOS Customz as they reveal the first ever production StreetHunter C8 designed by the team of TJ Hunt.

We have been following the TJ Hunt Street Hunter C8 Corvette Wide Body Kit since the beginning as you can see here and here.

They have been working finishing this C8 Corvette wide body kit since December 2020. If you go to their “C8 Corvette” collection the only thing available is the front splitter as of this post.

Next they mention they are going to add an airbag suspension to be able to raise and lower this wide body C8 Corvette. TJ Hunt said as soon as it lowered and bagged and they take photos they will be selling it first come first serve and only had about 5 kits available.

He said he is going to get is C8 Corvette from Late Model Racecraft hopefully some time next week. He is building a 1,500 HP C8 Corvette to beat Emelia Hartford’s record.

(*We will update this post as we get more details.)

FORZA HORIZON C8 Corvette Wide Body StreetHunter IN REAL LIFE!!

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