StreetSpeed717 is Buying Another C8 Corvette from Whitmoyer Chevy

StreetSpeed717 Mike is buying another C8 Corvette and this time he ordered a Yellow C8 Convertible. He currently has a Twin Turbo built C8 that is black and wrapped Rapid Blue.

Here is a video of StreetSpeed717 ordering the C8 Convertible with Matt Beaver at Whitmoyer Chevy. (video was removed but this was for a car giveaway)

Here is a new video below of StreetSpeed717 going over his 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 order with Matt Beaver at Whitmoyer Chevrolet. You can fast forward to about the 11 minute mark to see StreetSpeed717 at Whitmoyer Chevy.

OFFICIALLY Submitting My Order for a Rapid Blue C8 Z06!!! *How to Get an EARLY Car*

Update: The Accelerate Yellow C8 Convertible StreetSpeed717 purchased from Whitmoyer Chevy is for a giveaway.

Mike StreetSpeed717 Holt buys his most of his cars from Whitmoyer Chevy which is in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania since he lives close to Hersey.

If you are close to Mount Joy, PA and need a Chevrolet or Buick ask for Matt Beaver and tell him sent you. They are a fantastic Chevy dealership in the Mount Joy area with great reviews and always treat people right.

UPDATE: Complete Street Performance Bought a Hard Top Convertible C8 Corvette from Whitmoyer Chevy

From Complete Street Performance video description:

I bought a new Hard Top Convertible C8 Corvette Under MSRP thanks to our friends at Whitmoyer Chevrolet. Our intentions for this one are to fit our emissions compliant twin turbo kit on it as well as compare the differences between both the years, and also the coupe and convertible.

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