This Is The Fastest C8 Corvette In The World! (For Now)

Check out this video from Complete Street Performance in Pennsylvania running two of their Twin Turbo C8s at Cecil County Dragway.

They ran a 10.7 second quarter mile trapping 133mph. They did notice some clutch trans slips as they added boost.

Per Complete Street Performance YouTube Video

If you guys have been following, you know we needed some redemption with the twin turbo C8 Corvette. And today we have it claiming the fastest spot! Without the use of launch mode, we were able to secure the spot of highest mile per hour in the 1/4 mile. She went over 133 mph, which beats the previous known record by 3 miles per hour!

C8 Corvette runs 10.82@125.95 All Motor with a Few Mods!!!!!

Snowblindvette made 2 passes to become the first c8 to run 10.8 naturally aspirated. Mods; drag pack, AR Headers, ported tb/im/slight port work on the heads. Tuning is currently unavailable for this car and their was no weight reduction. Thru the factory cats and NPP exhaust.

C8 Corvette Runs 10.49@130.89 (FASTEST C8 ON THE PLANET CURRENTLY)

Check out Cicio Performance C8 Corvette they built to bring to the track and run the quarter mile.

The very first pass turned out to be the best air laying down a 10.49@130.98 making it the FASTEST C8 on the planet right now (April 2020)!

They can’t wait to keep learning and pushing the limits of the incredible C8 Corvette Mid Engine platform and they are the creators of the first front end lowering kit for C8 Corvettes that have the front lift.

Cicio Performance Stock C8 Dyno

Cicio Performance C8 Corvette Lowering Kit

Driveshaft Shop C8 Corvette Rear Axle Upgrade