BEST Radar Detectors for the C8 Corvette (VIDEO)

c8 corvette radar detector

In this video by Nu Horizon C8 on YouTube he shows how to connect a radar detector to your rear view mirror for power so you don’t have to have a long power cord getting in the way.

In this application it allows the radar detector to be hardwired without any soldering wires and hanging cords from the radar detector.  In the video he provides a step by step tutorial on how to install the radar detector and shows how you will need this wiring harness and a screwdriver similar to this to make the install easy like he did.

Before you even get started with this you need to decide on a well trusted and tested radar detector for your Corvette C8 to help give you a fair warning of a speed trap or police using radar around you.

As for radar detectors we recommend these two as they have proven testing, have high reviews and give you the best results for picking up laser. Even if the cops are shooting from miles away they can save you money on a speeding ticket or having to get a criminal defense attorney if it’s a criminal speeding ticket.


  2. ESCORT MAX360 

Best Radar Detectors for the Corvette C8

Here you will see why the Uniden R7 and the Escort Max360 are the two best radar detectors or the Corvette C8 and any car for that matter. They have the best long range laser and Ka band warnings to prevent you from getting a speeding ticket from the police.

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