Will GM Replace My C8 Corvette Transmission?

c8 corvette transmission

Recently Brink of Speed on YouTube has been having C8 Corvette transmission issues with his Captain America wrapped C8.

This isn’t the first time a YouTuber has documented a C8 Corvette transmission problem we actually have seen four other YouTubers with C8 Corvette Transmission problems as well. Rear Wheel Drive, Dad Bod SZN 610, Gabe Rolf Cars, and JakesVette on YouTube have all documented C8 Corvette Transmission issues and problems that we have posted on C8 Corvette Blog. Most were fixed with a new transmission from Tremec and Chevrolet under warranty and just a couple had the TCM reset that helped fix it.

At first Brink of Speed takes his C8 Corvette to Classic Chevrolet in Texas and they changed the transmission valve body and they did a reset and relearn on the transmission TCM and it still didn’t work. His dual clutch wasn’t applying shifts correctly.

He mentions GM is allowing techs to go into the transmissions and see if any of the internal parts can be replaced before giving C8 Corvette owners a brand new Tremec Dual Clutch transmission. So they still might not replace it until they let the mechanics and Chevy technicians check a few more things including the dual clutch itself on the Corvette C8.

Ladies and gentlemen, today I take you along with me to see if my C8 will need a new transmission or not. The mechanic that worked on my car has some news for me.

TR-9090 DCT Tremec 8 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission for the C8 Corvette

Here is more information from Tremec about the DCT Transmission they built for General Motors and Chevrolet for the New C8 Corvette.

Designed as the sole transmission for the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Featuring dual clutches that engage and release in perfect computer-controlled synchronization, the TR-9080 DCT can transition from gear to gear in less than 100 milliseconds without interrupting torque, allowing for comfortable and efficient touring and no-compromise performance shifts.

Designed for the new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, the 8-speed dual clutch transmission provides extreme performance with either a fixed-bias mechanical limited slip differential (mLSD) or an electro-hydraulically controlled limited slip differential (eLSD) with active selection of the locking ratio.

Paddle shifters allow enthusiast’s to choose the preferred gear. The performance shift algorithms are so driver-focused they can sense when you’re doing spirited driving and will hold lower gears longer for more throttle response.

TREMEC’s latest advancements in wet clutch technology offers active thermal management, robust TREMEC-proprietary friction plates, and versatility in a wide range of engine applications.

A Shift of a Different Kind

The DCT is controlled with a high-performance, 32-bit transmission control unit. All systems – including hardware to control systems and software – were internally developed for maximum performance without compromise.

The new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray engine has a torque curve optimized to take advantage of the bespoke DCT’s power transfer. The wide ratio transmission provides a low 1st gear ratio for exciting launch acceleration, and a tall 8th gear creates a quiet and comfortable highway cruising experience.

Ratio steps 2-7 are perfectly matched to make use of the engine’s strong and broad torque curve for optimal performance on or off the track.

Features at a Glance:

  • Continuous torque over a wide ratio range allowing high performance driving and efficient highway driving
  • Over-torque shifting with torque boost for performance launch
  • Offered with mechanical or electronic limited slip differentials
  • Integrated mechatronics
  • Highly efficient concentric wet dual-clutch
  • TREMEC proprietary paper-based friction materials for control and thermal capacity
  • Optimized oil management system for extreme performance in racetrack gravitational force (g-force) conditions
  • ISO 26262 and ASIL-D safety standards compliant
  • Fast and accurate low-leak solenoids
  • Responsive and durable electro-hydraulic actuation system
  • Sophisticated transmission control unit and control software

Learn more about the TREMEC TR-9080 DCT by clicking the links below:

Here’s an update to Brink of Speed’s C8 Corvette Transmission Problem

GM wanted Classic Chevrolet to check the ECM and update it and to learn the shift timing and did a global reset to let the modules go to sleep.

So far this has fixed the C8 Corvette transmission for Brink of Speed’s car. Also, as an added bonus his local Chevy dealer Classic Chevrolet was able to get the higher ups at Chevrolet to add a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty extension on to his C8 Corvette as well. So at this time he will not be getting a new C8 Corvette transmission since they were able to to fix it. If anything changes we will update this post for you so bookmark our site for further information.

2 thoughts on “Will GM Replace My C8 Corvette Transmission?”

  1. My Idle Creep became disengaged took it to the dealer they showed the TCM was bad, after driving 2023 70th anniversary 800 miles, the Dealer ordered a new DCT transmission. I talked to GM about it. They are going to reimburse me my first Monthly Payment, they gave me the Red Calibers we want in the beginning they also gave us $750.00 dollars in Chevrolet Store Credit. Plus, they are giving me back the Black Z51 Calibers so i can sell them on E-Bay.

  2. If you buy a used C8 Corvette, get the Vin number and call your local Chevrolet dealer. Make sure the previous owner changed the filter at 7500 miles. There is no way you can tell when you buy the car if you don’t contact your local Chevy dealer and ask them. If a problem develops and the previous owner didn’t change the transmission filter you’re on your own! Could cost as much is $20,000 plus.

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