YouTuber’s C8 Corvette Has a Blown Transmission

Check out these videos of Gabe Rolf Cars on YouTube where he was having transmission issues with his C8 Corvette.

This is the second time we have seen a C8 Corvette have a bad or blown transmission. The first time was from a C8 Corvette owner that just got his car and barely had 100 miles on it and it wouldn’t shift.

This C8 Corvette has over 22,000 miles on it already and now has a blown transmission and a transmission with an electrical issue since it works once he resets the ECU.

The only other major issue was when we shared a story on another YouTuber that blew his C8 Corvette engine and GM replaced it in about 3 weeks.

All that being said the C8 Corvette dual clutch transmission is amazing and the shifts are like butter and switch so easily and quickly. With the dual clutch transmission the next gear is cued up so when you shift it already has that next gear ready to go.

Here are the videos of the C8 Corvette with Transmission Problems

Chevy is hiding major issues with my C8 Corvette? Pt. 3

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