How to Fix Paint Chips on a Corvette C8?

corvette paint chips repair

Searching for ways to fix the paint chips especially on the front of your Corvette C8? In this video by NuHorizon C8 he provides a step by step solution.

In some cases Corvette C8 owners take the gamble and don’t add any paint protection film or PPF to their car. When this happens you can start acquiring paint chips along the way¬† especially in high frequency impact points like your front bumper or front hood and fenders.

In this video NuHorizon C8 on YouTube provides a really good detailed video on the step by step process of how to fix and repair paint chips on his Corvette C8. He tests two different products and processes and once you watch the video you will see some great results and outcome.

Regardless of the paint chip repair kit you use whether you go with AC Delco or the preferred Dr. Color Ship you will need really good micro fiber towels like the ones from Chemical guys and a BEST SELLER here on Amazon

Hello all. So its time to check out how the paint looks on the C8 Corvette after 28,000 Miles. I never installed Paint Protection Film, or PPF for short, and its time to see how many paint chips the C8 has collected and check out how effective two different paint chip repair kits can be at covering these up. Its a lot of good information and a good how a good paint chip repair kit can save your car from costly repaint work if you never installed PPF. Enjoy! TIMELINE:

0:00 Introduction 0:32 Paint Evaluation Post 28k Miles 1:39 Prepping Front Bumper Surface 2:08 AC Delco vs Dr Color Chip 2:18 AC Delco Apply How-to 3:39 Dr Colorchip Apply How-To 5:13 Best Paint Chip Repair Method to Use 5:54 Dr Color Chip Final Results 6:41 AC Delco Final Results 7:46 RESULTS SUMMARY

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