725+ HP Tuned ProCharger C8 Corvette (Faster Than C8 Z06)

procharger supercharger c8 corvete

ProCharger Superchargers has just launched a new fully tuned factory stage II procharger for the Corvette C8. They are now the first company in the world that offers a way to boost the power of your C8 Corvette more than a C8 Corvette Z06.

They have a new fully calibrated Powertrain Control Module for supercharged C8 Corvette owners worried about their DCT or Dual Clutch Transmissions slipping as they are known to do in the over 650HP range.

Their new supercharger bolt on kit now provides 725 plus horsepower with an intercooled system for the Corvette C8. In the video below you will see they clocked in at 668HP to the wheel and then 652HP on the 2nd pull when it was running hotter. These were done on the Dyno Jet vs their Mustang dyno. They notice about a 10-12% drivetrain loss to crank.

They have been working on a refined super charger for the C8 Corvette since November, 2020 as we wrote about in these two articles below.

That’s right the Corvette C8 ProCharger Systems can now be ordered with fully tuned factory PCMs. Thanks to having full control over thousands and thousands of parameters, these systems can now offer customers up to 725+ horsepower even on the factory fuel system and pump gas. Plus the driveability is like none other, with the shift and clutch controls also being dialed in for the massive increase in HP.

ProCharger Superchargers Pricing

C8 Corvette ProCharger BUILD & PRICE

HO System starting at $17,498.
HO Tuner Kit Plus starting at $14,998.

Stage II System starting at $18,498
Stage II Tuner Kit starting at $14,498.

Pricing on these units vary by configuration.

PLEASE NOTE: Pricing on this website reflects the June 30, 2022 Application Price Guide.

They also have very thorough information on their website you can find here and if you decide to get one mention C8CorvetteBlog.com sent you.

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