Worlds First C8 Corvette Supercharger Kit: Now Shipping from ProCharger

c8 corvette supercharger

Back in March, 2021 we wrote about the new Supercharger for the the C8 Corvette being created by ProCharger.

Today, they have officially announced its ready to ship. Here are some of the highlights of ProCharger’s Supercharger for the Corvette C8. It’s interesting to note the horsepower increase is pretty close to the new C8 Z06 670HP with the flat plane crank and actually edging it out by 5+ HP or so.

This was a year long development process and they wanted to make sure everything was tested, fitted, and the drivability is good. Also, install was a bolt on the kit so it doesn’t take away from the trunk space and matches aesthetics and looks even better with their carbon fiber accents.

ProCharger Supercharger for C8 Corvette Highlights

  • .3 reduction in 0-60 times.
  • 8 additional MPH in the 1/4 mile.
  • Reduction in lap times on road course.
  • 675+ HP on the dyno when using 93 octane.

Per ProCharger’s YouTube video:

After over a year of research, design, and rigorous testing the wait is finally over, and it’s SO worth it! ProCharger superchargers is happy to announce the world’s first supercharger system for the C8 Corvettes is NOW SHIPPING! That’s right, you can have Z06 power, without the wait!

Per ProCharger’s Website: More Info here


Yes, that’s right six hundred and seventy five HP from this LT2 package on only 6.5psi of boost and premium pump gas.  These are the perfect system for those wanting a daily driver that has to have “more power than the other guy” without complication.  Meaning, no additional fuel systems, no methanol injection, no port injection, just good old fashion boost.  Thankfully when you combine the ultra-efficient P-1X ProCharger supercharger and massive air to water intercooler system, the power gains even on just 6.5psi are phenomenal with just 93 octane pump gas.

  HO Intercooled Tuner Kit Plus (now shipping) P-1SC-1   6.5 psi   180+    1KC332-SC*

Tuner Kit PLUS: (with timing control and LT-CAN2)
* For stock cars at stock 6.5psi boost level

Kit Highlights: 

– ProCharger P-1X or P-1SC-1 head unit
– Massive Air to Water intercooler core
– CNC Billet intake manifold
– CNC Billet supercharger brackets
– Stainless steel drive system
– Bolt-on installation (no engine removal)
– Black or polished finish options
– Hand-laid carbon fiber covers optional

DRAG RACE – Procharger C8 Corvette vs Stock C8 Corvette – Paragon Performance

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