How to Fix C8 Corvette Squeaky or Squealing Brakes (VIDEO)

c8 corvette brake squeal

In this video from Rick Corvette Conti with Coughlin Chevrolet of Pataskala discusses how to fix squeaky or squealing C8 Corvette brakes with his service corvette technician Chuck Metts.

Chuck mentions Chevrolet wants them to put a copper grease on the brake pads to stop them from chattering in the calipers. It’s Permatex Copper anti seize lubricant and to put a thick layer on the brake pads.

Another option is upgrading your brakes to Girodisc brake rotors and Carbotech Brake pads as we did after ordering the parts from Paragon Performance. We have a Z51 3LT C8 Corvette the J55 brakes are bigger so you have to take the brake calipers off.

There is a bulletin with Chevrolet not a recall that they will fix this issue as long as the C8 Corvette is still under warranty.

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