C8 Z06 MADNESS! Is it time for GM to Step in? (VIDEO)

c8 corvette z06 allocations

In this video you can hear DadBodSzn610 on YouTube give his opinion of the new C8 Z06 Corvette Sales process and allocations to Chevy Dealers.

Normally, Chevrolet Dealers get allocation based on their sales numbers and he recently put two C8 Corvette Z06 deposits down at a Chevy dealer with the highest allocations of Corvettes but was pretty far down on their list when they started emailing the reservation numbers.

He ended up being in the 1,500s on the list so he decided to take his deposit back about a month later. Also, his wife took her deposit back once they said you can only have one deposit down at MSRP per household to make it fair for the rest of the people on the list that put their deposits down.

So far the list is over 4-5k people at this one car dealer that want the C8 Corvette Z06 as fast as possible and “first”. This Chevy dealer has the best chance and getting the most C8 Corvette Z06s because they normally sell the most and have the most allocations. The dealership was recently purchased and in tradition they didn’t open the list until the car was actually unveiled, set up their rules to get on the list and started taking deposits at the day and time mentioned allowing people from all over the world to wire transfer money or if local drive to their dealer or fly in and stand in line in person.

No one knows how many C8 Corvette Z06 cars that Chevrolet can produce each year going forward especially with current supply chain issues and in the past it was only about 25%-35% or so of the base Corvette models. And the C8 Corvette Z06 might be even lower since each engine is hand built by about 13 engine builders they mentioned at the time of the reveal.

Do think he is right in the video about General Motors changing things up with Chevy Dealer allocation or even taking a “Tesla.com” model where people can buy directly from the manufacturer?

Leave your comments below we know it’s a tough subject and everyone is hyped about getting a C8 Corvette including the C8 Z06 but it’s tough for car dealers too that earned allocations by their history of past sales.

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