Bagged C8 Corvette on AccuAir Suspension (VIDEO)

bagged c8 corvette

In this video from AccuAir Suspension on YouTube you will see Gabe Florido’s Xpel Stealth C8 Corvette with Vossen Wheels and Racing Sport Concepts Carbon Fiber Kit for the C8 Corvette.

Gabe has many versions of his C8 Corvette on his Instagram @GabeFlorido and @CarLifestyle a car Instagram page he has built over the years. This version of his car includes AccuAir Suspension for that air bagged look.

He also has Racing Sport Concepts Carbon Fiber diffuser,  C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Side Skirts, C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber spoiler “duck tail”, C8 Corvette carbon fiber front splitter, and intake vents.

This version was built for the SEMA Show 2021 in Las Vegas, NV and highlighted at the AccuAir Suspension Booth.

Bagged C8 Corvette on e-Level+ | CarLifestyle (4K)

Per the video description:

You’ve likely heard of the platform Car Lifestyle, now meet the owner behind it. Gabe is always pushing out clean, sleek builds, and his latest, this C8 Corvette, is no different. Check out Gabe on IG: Thanks to our partners at @VossenWheels for the exhaust audio! Tech Questions? → Sales Questions? → Looking for a dealer? → Our eLevel+ kits and more are now shipping worldwide. →

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