Gabe Design Florido Founder of CarLifestyle C8 Corvette

gabe florido design corvette c8

One of the first people to start doing everything possible to their new C8 Corvette is Gabe Florido or “Gabe Florido” on Instagram which totally makes sense since he created CarLifestyle on IG as well which is an automotive IG page with over 4 million followers.

So far he has added these aftermarket C8 Corvette touches to his car as of this post;

  • Vossen Wheels (21×12.5 Rears, 20×9.5 Fronts)
  • Stealth Xpel Wrap
  • Fabspeed Sport Cats with their cat back exhaust
  • Kooks Headers
  • Red Engine Cover

Check out how it sounds and looks now with all of these aftermarket C8 Corvette add ons.

Vice City Vette | SchwaaFilms (4K) of Gabe Florido C8 Corvette in Miami

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