Vossen Wheels Owner Spotlight of Gabe Florido Car Lifestyle Creator

c8 corvette vossen wheels gabe florido

In the past we have covered Vossen Wheels for the C8 Corvette and adding them as an aftermarket wheel which became a very popular choice once Gabe Florido from Car Lifestyle added them to his C8 Corvette.

Now they just released a video spotlight of Gabe Florido’s C8 Corvette as well as why he chose a C8 Corvette over an Audi or a Porshe, what he has done to his C8 Corvette including the Racing Sport Concepts Diffuser and Duckbill Spoiler.

He is also on his 2nd set of Vossen Wheels and is about to change them again for the Sema Show in Las Vegas in November 2021.

Vossen Wheels Owner Spotlight | Car Lifestyle, Gabe Florido | Corvette C8

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