Ciocca Dealerships Group Buys Kerbeck Chevrolet Now Ciocca Corvette

Ciocca Dealerships Group - Ciocca Corvette Atlantic City

We first heard about Ciocca Dealerships Group buying Kerbeck Chevrolet on Matthew Beaver’s Instagram story over the weekend.  Matt Beaver works for a competitor Chevrolet dealer in the area Whitmoyer Chevrolet.

This is big news because Kerbeck Chevrolet has been the number one selling corvette dealer in the United States based in Atlantic City, NJ.

Ciocca Corvette of Atlantic City

The new store will be called Ciocca Corvette of Atlantic City so it looks like they still have a Corvette Sales focus why would they not.

Not sure how this effects any C8 Corvette lists last time we tried to get on their C8 Corvette Z06 list they didn’t even have one or wouldn’t take our name down but 4 other stores have, two of which took a deposit.

YouTuber HorsePower Obsessed Talks About Kerbeck Chevrolet being sold in this video

Also, here are some more sources for information about Kerbeck Chevrolet selling their dealership to Ciocca Dealerships Group and turning it into Ciocca Corvette.


Kerbeck Corvette Sold To Ciocca Dealerships Group

Ciocca Dealerships Group –  Ciocca Corvette

Welcome to Ciocca Dealerships, where we proudly serve the Souderton, West Chester, Harrisburg, Williamsport, State College and Princeton and Flemington, NJ, areas with a wide selection of new Audi, Buick, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Subaru, and Volkswagen vehicles and quality pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs. Visit any of our dealerships for the best in sales and service. We welcome the opportunity to serve you, and our goal is to put you behind the wheel of the new or used vehicle that is right for you while providing only the best customer service.

Ciocca Dealerships

Update: now redirects to the new Ciocca Corvette of Atlantic City website –


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