How to Ceramic Coat Your C8 Corvette (VIDEO)

ceramic coating c8 corvette

In this video by Brink of Speed on YouTube he shares a step by step process of adding a ceramic coating or ceramic coat to your C8 Corvette.

They mostly use all of Chemical Guys products including Carbon Force ceramic coating. They share all of the products, tools, and the step by step guide on how to make your C8 Corvette look extremely clean and protected from dust, dirt, and water spots.

They use a 2022 Hypersonic Gray C8 Corvette to apply the ceramic coating and show this process.

To ceramic coat a C8 Corvette professionally is anywhere from $1-2k but it does save you time and the cost of buying the products. They take about 3-4 hours to apply a ceramic coat on the C8 Corvette in this video. And the chemical guys package for what you need is usually in the $150 to $200 range and the ceramic kit is about $140 for 2-3 C8 Corvettes. If you didn’t own anything you would have to spend about $350 plus your time to get this done.

Step by Step Process for Applying Ceramic Coating to Car

  1. Wash your car and get it cleaned as best as possible.
  2. Then clay bar the car and use a detail spray or waterless wash
  3. Use a LED light to see any imperfections
  4. Use a wipeout or waterless spray again
  5. C4 clear cut polish on the buffer from Chemical guys and their pad conditioner and keep the buffer on the lowest setting
  6. Panel at a time and keep careful with the edges so you don’t burn any paint
  7. Then switch to the Chemical guys P4 and take the same steps with buffing the car on a low speed.
  8. Final step after two coats of paint correction go back and forth 3 times with the ceramic coating application on the applicator or bar they provide.
  9. Take a clean cloth and wipe it off after a few minutes

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