How to Add Two More Quarts of DCT (Transmission) Fluid on the C8 Corvette

c8 corvette transmission fluid

Check out this video from WRPDrive on YouTube where he adds 2 more quarts of DCT fluid to his C8 Corvette with the 13 degree method jacking the car up.

It does look higher than the 13 degrees (1 and half feet) and they had to jack it up pretty high so the transmission fluid wouldn’t leak. This is suppose to help reduce C8 Corvette transmission issues and for track use.

C8 Corvette gets 2 Liters of DCT fluid added through the side filler plug

This is the easier way of adding the 2 liters of DCT fluid. The side filler plug is easier accessed rather than taking out the airbox to access the top plug. Be careful not to drop the 17mm aluminum plug in the skid plating, it will be hard to find.

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