Top 5 Features of the C8 Corvette

corvette c8

Recently YouTuber GabeRolfCars on YouTube highlighted the the top five design flaws he has noticed since having his C8 Corvette for over 25,000 miles.

Here are the Top 5 Features and things he does like about the Corvette C8

  1. The video rear view camera
  2. The video cameras for backing up and pulling forward and not curbing your front splitter
  3. The marketplace to order food or pay for gas
  4. You can turn off all interior lighting with the dimmer switch
  5. The Bose sound system

One thing he mentions is this video is probably more about convincing you to purchase  2LT or 3LT since a lot of the things he loves about the C8 Corvette are not available for a 1LT Corvette.

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