Top 5 Design Flaws of the C8 Corvette I’ve Discovered After 25K Miles

corvette c8

Check out this video review of the top five design flaws of the C8 Corvette by Gabe Rolf Cars on YouTube.

Recently we have been covering his transmission that needed to replaced on his Corvette C8 as well as is AC fixed.

  1. Front bumper and no mesh protecting the front radiators
  2. The wheel gap and more importantly the offset of the factory wheels
  3. When you wash the car the engine bay gets dusty and water spots because of the engine hatch openings to let heat out
  4. Inside of the transmission gets dirty because of the new DCT design and transmission filters needing to be changed often as well as not adding the 2 quarts of transmission fluid
  5. He doesn’t like how tall the center console is

As he mentions there are a lot of aftermarket C8 Corvette parts or items you can use to fix these issues other than the transmission and the console.

You can use beadmaker to coat the engine bay after every way to eliminate water spots or it getting so dirty. Also, you can buy aftermarket mesh grill inserts for the front bumper area to protect the radiators although GM doesn’t recommend it.

Lately C8 Corvette owners have also been adding two quarts of transmission fluid as well as changing the transmission filters more often to eliminate any future transmission problems. His C8 Corvette had over 20,000 miles before it had transmission issues.

The wheel gap and stock oem wheel problem can be fixed with aftermarket wheels with the right offset or adding spacers like the ones Paragon Performance uses if you wanted to keep the stock C8 Corvette wheels.

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