C8 Corvette – I lowered it and now Corvette engineers will hate me!!!

Check out this video by YouTuber DeeperImage Automotive (AtlC8Corvette on Instagram) and how he lowers his C8 Corvette with a front lift with collars from Paragon Performance

Per his video on lowering the C8 Corvette

In today’s episode I lower my 2020 C8 Corvette using the Paragon Front Lift Lowering collars. It was not the hardest job but it was very time consuming and it took me nearly 6 hours in-between two days.

The hardest part was removing the nut on top of the shock as it had rusted out. I even broke the little magride connecting pins which I was able to solder back on. I would highly recommend some PB Blaster first a day before you do the work.

Also, you will need to bleed the front lift suspension or you will get errors. Overall I am very pleased with the final look once the springs settled back after driving. Looks and handles perfect! Let me know what you guys think down below and thank you for watching. Please consider subscribing if you haven’t. Thanks again!


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How to Wash a C8 Corvette, Top Tips for a Corvette C8 Hand Wash

Check out how to wash a Corvette C8 and what not to do. First off always hand wash your C8 Corvette and don’t be like this guy and take your C8 Corvette through an automatic Car Wash.

Some tips on washing your C8 Corvette with a hand wash vs. Automatic Car Wash.

  1. Wash from top down after you get it wet and pre rinsed
  2. Use two car wash buckets with two different microfiber cloth towels
    1. one for the top of the car and paint
    2. one for the lower part of the car, wheels, and tire (Don’t cross contaminate the buckets or microfiber cloths)
  3. Keep Rinsing off the soap
  4. Soak the rims and use a different bucket and microfiber towel
  5. Get soap all over the wheels/rims and inner wheels/spoked
  6. Try not to get the tire while you are doing the wheels or calipers
  7. Do the Tires last after you cleaned all the rims and wheels
  8. Rinse off the tires and rims
  9. Rinse entire car one more time
  10. Then dry the car with separate microfiber towels just for drying
  11. Squeeze the excess water out of the microfiber towel when driving

If you want more videos and ways to wash and detail your C8 Corvette check out this post that show many different ways and techniques of washing and detailing a Corvette C8.

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How to Install a C8 Corvette Cat Back Exhaust

Check out this STEP by STEP Installation Video on How to Install a C8 Corvette Cat Back Exhaust like Fabspeed, Corsa, AWE, or Soul Performance

Per Fabspeed’s How to Install a C8 Corvette Cat Back Exhaust Video

HEAR THIS EXHAUST: https://youtu.be/wzT2PuFZreQ

Buy here: https://www.fabspeed.com/chevrolet-co…

Shop all Fabspeed C8 products here: https://www.fabspeed.com/c8-corvette/

In this video, we show you how to install a cat-back exhaust into your Chevrolet C8 Corvette. This is the most detailed DIY video you will find.

We installed our Fabspeed Valvetronic Maxflo Exhaust System which keeps the factory NPP exhaust valve functionality for the ability to switch between loud and quiet modes.

0:00 Rear Bumper Removal

4:32 Trunk Liner Removal

5:27 Stock Cat-Back Removal

7:45 Valve Simulator Installation

9:34 X-Pipe Section Installation

12:51 Valve Body Installation

14:06 Rear Cat Back Section Installation

15:51 Rear Bumper Installation

21:41 Trunk Liner Installation

How To Install a C8 Corvette Catback Exhaust & High Wing Spoiler

00:00 – Intro 01:14

Prep: Disconnect the Battery 01:40

Part 1: Remove the Rear Bumper Cover 02:59

Part 2: Remove the Engine Bay Access Panel & Disconnect the OEM Catback 03:45

Part 3: Remove the OEM” Suitcase” Muffer 04:39

Part 4: Prep Your C8 Corvette Catback for Install 05:18

Part 5: Install Your C8 Corvette Catback 06:16

Part 6: C8 Corvette High-Wing Spoiler Install 07:41

Part 7: Reinstall Your Rear Bumper Cover & Connect Battery 08:53

Part 8: Fabspeed Catback Cold Start & Revs 10:27

Bonus: Owner Interview – Why He Chose Fabspeed

C8 Corvette EASY Tail Light Modification

Check out this video by HorsePower Obsessed where he shows you how to install RPI Designs Tailight Modification to black out your taillights and make the car look a lot better.

Here is another tail light modification to smoke the taillights on the C8 Corvette.

C8 Corvette smoke tail light modification. Got parts from RPI Designs

Behind the Scenes – Lowering the C8 Corvette with Eibach PRO-KIT

Check out this video by Eibach USA on YouTube where they demonstrate their C8 Corvette Lowering Kit and how and why they custom built it the way they did.

Per Eibach USA:

In this week’s Friday Feature, the Eibach team goes over the development process of the newest Corvette.


If you want to see more videos of C8 Corvette lowering kits or how to lower your C8 Corvette see more videos here.

C8 Corvette Lowered on KW Coilover Springs (VIDEO)

Check out this video from PL Luxury Reviews on YouTube where he installs KW Coilover Springs on his 1Lt non Z51 Corvette C8.

Per his video:

We installed KW Coilover springs today on the C8 corvette. The corvette is really starting to look more and more exotic. PL Luxury Reviews


Also, if you want to learn How to Install KW Coilover Springs on your C8 Corvette

And lastly, Check out Gabe Florido’s C8 Corvette on Instagram @GabeDesign

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Am I low enough? 😅

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How to Install C8 Corvette High Wing Spoiler

Check out this STEP by STEP Video on How to Install the C8 Corvette High Wing Spoiler if you want to do it yourself, or are a performance shop.

Per RearWheelDrive on YouTube:

Here’s another video from HorsePower Obsessed as he shows how he removes his Z51 spoiler and installs a High Wing Spoiler that he regrets not getting in the first place.

C8 Corvette High Wing Spoiler Install

Lastly, here is another video on How to Install a C8 High Wing Spoiler to give you a third perspective and approach from another YouTube channel Next-Gen Speed.

Installing My NEW Corvette C8 Carbon Fiber High Wing Spoiler

How to Use Launch Control in the C8 Corvette

Check out this YouTube video on how to use and activate Launch Control in the C8 Corvette.

There are many launch control modes from Sport to Track and in Track launch control modes there are Wet, Dry, Sport 1, Sport 2, and Race modes as well.

You have to put your foot to floor hard on the brake and the gas pedal and wait for it to hit 3,500 RPMs.

If you don’t get to 3,500 RPMs then you aren’t holding the brake down hard enough.

C8 Corvette Launch Control Videos

In this video above, he talks about how to enter the service mode, SD card size, and Launch Control (tips, what modes Launch Control is available in) and try my first 0-60 runs and an attempted peel out.

Note: For each run, he made sure there were no other vehicles around him. When on the two lane roads there were no other vehicles visible in front or behind me at all. With flat roads, I had great visibility. In addition, speed limits on the roads I used were 70, 65, and 55. I know none of this is visible to those watching, but I made sure I wasn’t putting anyone else at risk in my 0-60 runs. Now, for the 1/4 mile runs, I definitely want to demonstrate those, but plan to do so on a track.

FIRST Launch Control In My 2020 C8!!!