How to Lower the C8 Corvette (Front Lift Too) [VIDEOS]

how to lower c8 corvette

Here are some really good step by step videos on how to lower the C8 Corvette whether you have the front lift system, Z51 Stingray, Z06, Zr1, or the Zora C8.

Speed Society Uses Cicio Performance Lowering Kit for the C8 Corvette to lower the car especially the C8s with the Front Lift system.

Cicio Performance also has a video of their White C8 with the Red Wheels below so you can see how low the C8 Corvette goes and how nice the stance looks with their lowering kit for the C8.

Check out this step by step video on how to lower your C8 Corvette as well as other lowering videos to make sure it’s done right.

C8 Corvette Lowering Kit with Front Lift!

How to Get Your 2020 C8 Corvette lowered

Lowering a 2020 C8 the easy way and WIDE wheels!

Updated, September 2020

Here is another video that shows how to lower the C8 Corvette with Front Lift with the Cicio Performance Lowering Kit.

2020 C8 Corvette Lowered Review

Another C8 Corvette Lowering Kit for Front Lift!

Behind the Scenes – Lowering the C8 Corvette with Eibach PRO-KIT

C8 Corvette Lowering Collar Install

We install lowering collars for the 2020 C8 Corvette. This car is equipped with the front lift system which means it does not have adjustable coil overs in the front.

In place of a traditional coilover is a small airbag system that rides on a collar. By replacing this collar with an aftermarket collar we are able to lower the car around 3/4″ in the front. The rear you can match with the OEM coilovers. If your C8 is not equipped with the front lift system you can simply lowering all 4 corners with the coilovers. Here is more information on how to lower C8 Corvette too.

2022 How to Lower C8 Corvette Video with Paragon Performance Lowering Springs on a Liberty Walk Wide Body Kit

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