How to Install Spacers on Stock OEM C8 Corvette Wheels

If you decided to keep your stock C8 Corvette wheels vs. getting aftermarket C8 Corvette Wheels but want to make them more flush with your car you can add spacers.

If you want to see a 20/21 C8 Corvette wheel set up you can check out this post of our C8 Corvette build we did on our black C8 Corvette 3LT Z51 which we recently changed from a Satin Matte Black 3M wrap to Inozetek Chalk Grey Wrap.

Here is a video on How to Install Spacers on your C8 Corvette Wheels


After watching part two of this video you might reconsider adding wheel spacers. These wheel spacers have you grind down the original studs.

How to install wheel spacers. C8 Corvette install.

In this video Highest Gear Reviews on YouTube provides his step by step instructions on how to install 20mm wheel spacers on the C8 Corvette and change the offset. This way you can get rid of the fender gap and make the wheels a lot more flush with the fender line and look a lot better.

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