C8 Corvette vs Toyota Supra (VIDEOS & More)

As we have posted before the Supra and C8 Corvette came out around the same time and people like to compare them.

Although a Supra is a Toyota it’s basically a BMW Z4 supped up.

Check out these videos of the C8 Corvette vs. Toyota Supra and leave a comment on which one you like better and why.

C8 Corvette VS 2021 Toyota Supra Supercar Swap Ep. 3


2020 Corvette C8 VS 2021 Toyota Supra Drag Race!

C8 Corvette vs 992 Carrera S vs 2021 Toyota Supra // DRAG RACE, ROLL RACE & LAP TIMES

C8 CORVETTE RACES 2020 TOYOTA SUPRA! Can A Tuned Supra Beat A C8 Corvette!?

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