2021 Toyota Supra Vs C8 Corvette Z51: Is the C8 Corvetter Better?

Check out this video by Ben Hardy on YouTube where he compares a C8 Corvette vs. a Toyota Supra.

Some of the Top Points comparing the Supra vs. the C8 Corvette

  • C8 Corvette is Mid Engine
  • Supra has bigger tires and better wheels
  • Supra has a side skirt
  • C8 Corvette has Remote Start
  • C8 Corvette Rear is a lot bigger
  • C8 had quad exhaust while the Supra has dual exhaust with circular tips
  • C8 has a DCT, Supra is basically a BMW Z4 8 Speed Automatic
  • C8 Interior is high quality, unique and very tech cockpit driven
  • Supra interior makes you feel like your in a BMW
  • C8 has a PDR performance data recorder

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