This Chevy Dealer Has C8 Corvettes 30k Over Sticker!

Check out this video from YouTuber (DCrump) at Freedom Chevrolet in San Antonio Texas that has two C8 Corvettes that are MSRP, $76280 with a $30k mark up to $107,277. We have discussed C8 Corvette mark ups before

The whole C8 Corvette mark up issue is a big topic. One one hand General Motors limited production to only 2,700 C8s thanks to the UAW strike and now this virus pandemic. And even without those issues there is one hardcore side that has the stance “I will never pay mark up”, “that’s ridiculous” “blah blah excuse why they won’t do it when they don’t really even have the money to do so”, “I can wait a year or two” (which is actually fine and a decent excuse at least).

Then on the other side there are people out there that understand supply and demand, capitalism, and if they mark it up and no one buys it then they just sit on it and maybe will have to come down.

However, there are people willing to pay C8 Corvette mark ups for many reasons.

  • What other mid engine car can you get even with a mark up at $100-$107k?
  • Have driven cars that are 120k plus that are used “supercars” (Mclaren, NSX, Ferrari, Porsche) and they don’t even come close to how good the New C8 Corvette is.
  • Even people paying mark up let’s say like one in the video that’s 107k, take it to an auction or flip it yourself for $110k-$125k after a few mods or not depending how the rest of C8 Corvette production goes this year and in 2021 until the 2022 Chevrolet Mid engine C8 Z06 comes out.

Watch this video, and then leave a comment what side are you on?

This Texas Chevrolet Dealership has THREE C8 CORVETTE’S!

YouTuber, Brink of Speed went to a local Texas Chevy dealership, Classic Chevrolet in his home town and found more C8 Corvette Production cars hitting the dealer’s lot and found a C7R Callaway Corvette as well.

However, all 3 C8 Corvettes at this Texas Chevy dealer were all spoken for and that’s going to be what happens at least for a year per Rick Corvette Conti. Since C8 Corvette production got halted because of this virus and delayed because of the UAW strike only 2,700 were made and now all the 2020 orders are being finished and made in 3000 status and then the rest of the C8 Corvette orders for 2020 are turning into 2021 C8 Corvettes.

The C8 Corvette production has really had it’s hiccups and drawbacks which is crazy since the unveil of the C8 Corvette in July was one of the most anticipated and then highly sought after cars in the car market in a long time or in automotive history.

So in less someone backs out of their order or pays a mark up you aren’t going to be able to walk into a Chevy Dealer and just pick whatever C8 Corvette you want from their inventory for a good year and more like the summer of 2021 if we you are lucky.

Per Brink of Speed YouTube video below:

This Texas Chevrolet Dealership has THREE C8 CORVETTE’S! Hello everyone and welcome back to Brink of Speed. Today, I take you along with me to a Texas Chevrolet Dealership with three C8 Corvette’s at it. They have a Ceramic Matrix Gray, Torch Red, and Shadow Gray. All three are Z51 cars as well. Come on up and take a look at these beauty’s and see if they are something that you would like to place an order on with Rod Pitzer.

Daily Driven Exotics (DDE) Adds Carbon Fiber to their C8 Corvette

Daily Driven Exotics got a carbon fiber front splitter, carbon fiber side skirts, and they ordered new Brixton Forged Wheels that should arrive in the next week or so. The wheels are LaFerrari inspired, motorsport inspired and knowing DDE are going to look sick!

Check out this video of their LaC8 (laferrari and C8 had a baby) to see what their new carbon fiber parts for the C8 Corvette look like!

More 2020 C8 Corvettes are Hitting Chevy Dealer’s Lots!

Check out this Video by Spitzer Chevrolet in Ohio as more 2020 C8 Corvettes are starting to arrive from the restart in Corvette C8 Production.

Per the Video from Ken at Spitzer Chevrolet in Ohio:

Check out our THIRD 2020 Corvette! There is simply too much to cover in one video…WOULD YA JUST LOOK AT IT?!?! (Build details below)

They are out of 2020 allocations, but we are taking orders for 2021!!! ~ Call & ask for me (Ken Birdsall) ~ 440-988-4444 Make sure you subscribe and turn on your bell notifications, I’ll have more videos about this sweet car! Please feel free to email me at [email protected] or give me a call if you have any questions.

You can see all of Spitzer’s inventory at: Follow me on Facebook @


  • Sebring Orange Tincoat
  • Sky Cool Gray (interior)
  • GT2 seats
  • Z51 Package
  • 2LT Package
  • Carbon Flash Painted Aluminium Wheels
  • Battery Protection Package
  • MSRP: $76,275

2020 Chevy Corvette C8 ~ SECOND WAVE ARRIVALS ~ Walk around & Review ~ 2LT Z51 SEBRING ORANGE

Should General Motors Add this Color to the Corvette C8 Color Options?

We noticed one of the new Mid engine Corvette C8 owners changed the color of their Corvette as soon as they got it. Most of the time people will go with a wrap especially on YouTube where it has become a standard video for upload to show a new wrap on whatever new car they just got not just the C8 Corvette.

Also, Car or Vehicle Wraps even without a color chosen protect the paint on cars as well. However, Pure Automotive actually painted theirs at their shop!

To give you some background and per their YouTube Channel, Pure Automotive Performance is the parent company of and

Established in June of 2012, we are a one stop shop for general automotive repair, automotive performance upgrades, and custom automotive paint and body. is our newest addition, it will be your source for any and everything C8 Corvette related! We hope to be developing our own line of parts, as well as testing and installing all the aftermarket parts available for the C8 !

Here is their videos of painting a Corvette C8 what they call PPG Spitfire Green and we love it! It reminds of us of the exotic car green you see on Lambos and McLarens and we think Chevy and GM should add this green to their line up!

Here is the Paint process for getting their Corvette C8 this amazing green and a video of a recent car meet with another YouTuber ItalianStallion410.

World’s First Ever Fully PAINTED C8 Corvette!! C8 Custom Exhaust Clips Also!


General Motors Replaces C8 Corvette Engine in Less than 3 Weeks!

Recently, one of first 2,700 Corvette C8s had an engine blow up and seize from an engine rod bering. We reported on it a few weeks ago and have been updating the C8 engine post ever since.

In part 4 of the video below MidwestRide Jake on YouTube explains how fantastic the experience was with his local Chevy Dealer Friendly Chevy and the service advisor Gene.

Also, the engineers at GM were quick to have the engine pulled and replaced in less than 3 weeks and the car delivered back to Jake.

He shares how great the experience was and just goes to show the GM and Chevy brand is alive and well. He said at first he didn’t really want to share this even happened in the first place but the video happened initially with a big YouTube Tall Guy Reviews and he wasn’t sure if he would keep his C8 Corvette when it first happened.

However, after having an amazing experience with Friendly Chevrolet in Minnesota and the GM engineers in Detroit, MI he is going to keep it.

Not only did they give him a FREE engine which of course its under warranty they replaced the starter and fuse box as well and didn’t even have to. They also told him that the 500 mile break in is really for the DCT or dual clutch transmission so he should be good to go.

Lastly, another big point he makes is there is nothing close on the car market that can touch the C8 Corvette when it comes to value and even when he looked it was used older supercars like Ferrari and Mclaren that were still $135k an up and again nowhere close the value that the C8 Corvette provides. And for all the haters or whiners about “don’t buy a first run car blah blah blah” he has a message for them at the end since it really didn’t matter now did it? Guess they never heard of a warranty!

Check out the Video below for more details about MidwestRide Jake’s experience with General Motors, Chevrolet and his Corvette C8 engine getting replaced.

Late Model Racecraft Finished Street Speed 717’s Twin Turbo C8

The moment you have all been waiting for! We have finally gotten @Street Speed 717‘s twin turbo C8 build running!

It has definitely been a long road to get here, but we are so excited to finally show you guys what we have accomplished!

The car sounds incredible with our custom LMR exhaust, that bolts right up to the turbos! We are very excited for the future of this car and what we can accomplish with it!

Please like their video and subscribe to their channel and show support!

How to Change the Oil on the C8 Corvette? (Oil Change Process)

GM Corvette Certified Oil Change Process

Here is a behind the scenes look at what your Corvette C8 will go through when it gets its oil changed. This video is done by a Certified GM Chevy Dealer in Canada and has a YouTube channel named Cars and Crosbie.

TJ Hunt’s 1st pit stop. Full send mode engaged! How to change oil on 2020 Corvette (Chevy Dude YouTube)

The world’s first 2020 corvette oil change was performed at Bachman Chevrolet in Louisville ky. Youtuber TJ Hunt stopped by to get his 500 mile oil change. But was it necessary? special thanks to streetspeed717 and matt beaver with whitmoyer chevy for allowing me to help Tj on his way too home to cali.

The C8 Gets New Tint and it’s First Oil Change via Italian Stallion 410 on YouTube (also gets tint)

Took My C8 in for it’s First Oil Change by StreetSpeed717

Country Music Artist Brad Paisley Takes Museum Delivery of a C8 Corvette

Award-winning country music artist and Nashville, TN area resident Brad Paisley took delivery of his 2020 Long Beach Red Stingray Corvette at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. Brad, a long-time enthusiast, has owned a number of Corvettes and shared his excitement to pick his newest model up through the Museum.

His grandfather was a Pontiac sales man and he said the first car  he bought with his royalty money was a 1995 C5 Corvette.

He was there to build the engine on his last corvette but highly recommends the Corvette Museum delivery as well.

What’s It Like To Daily Drive A 2020 C8 Corvette

Youtuber, Corvette Direct goes over what its like to daily drive a 2020 C8 Corvette. And is it even possible? Let me know what your daily driver is and if you think you could daily drive a sports car!

As he points out in the video it’s very practical and easy to drive daily. There is also a decent amount of space in the frunk and the back trunk behind the engine and it gets pretty good gas mileage but as we all know most people buying the midengine corvette C8 aren’t worried about these features anyway.

Some points Corvette Direct makes in this video about daily driving a C8 Corvette

  • Gas Mileage good
  • Ride Height is great barely need to use the front lift if you have one
  • Storage space is decent for trips the grocery store, CVS or home depot
  • It’s comfortable and still good for long trips
  • GT1 seats are more comfortable as well as the GT2 but the Competition seats are more for track vs daily driving
  • It could be your only car if you were single or married couple with no family, kids, or dogs.