Extreme Turbo Systems C8 World Record 9.05 @ 159mph

twin turbo c8 corvette

In this video you will see by Extreme Turbo Systems their customer with their set up (details below) just broke Emelia Hartford Record at 9.05 @ 159MPH.

Per Extreme Turbo Systems video description of their customers Twin Turbo C8 Corvette

TS customer unexpectedly captured a world record during our C8 testing session. When we attempt 8’s we will definitely have our media team present. #TeamETS ETS C8 Twin Turbo Kit w/ PT6466 Turbochargers ETS C8 Water To Air Intercooler ETS C8 Fuel System ETS C8 Tuning Package w/ Motec ECU ETS C8 Intake Manifold ETS Prototype Clutch Kit ** MORE INFO COMING SOON ** ETS C8 Twin Turbo Kit – https://www.extremeturbosystems.com/c… ETS C8 Tuning Package – https://www.extremeturbosystems.com/c… Website – http://www.ExtremeTurboSystems.com Accolades – First C8 to make over 1000whp on the dyno. First C8 to run 9’s. First C8 to run over 150mph in the 1/4. More to come! Need more info? Send an email to sales@extremeturbosystems.com

We have been covering Extreme Turbo System Twin Turbo kit for the C8 Corvette since June of 2020. They were one of the first shops to create a Twin Turbo kit, dyno it and run 9s.

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