C8 Corvette Callaway Launch Edition Debuting at Corvettes of Carlisle

callaway c8 corvette launch edition

In these video from HorsePower Obsessed and Brink of Speed they are covering the new C8 Corvette Callaway edition debuting at Corvettes of Carlisle.

They haven’t mentioned any power increase but time will tell when they show it off at Corvettes of Carlisle. The only information provided so far is they are using new aero, a center exit exhaust, and of course it comes with or maintains the factory warranty.

The big difference is the aero kit and their big wing to get you into the Big Wang Gang! There is a chance they have access to unlock the Chevy C8 Corvette ECU but not sure on that since C8 Corvette has over the air updates now that can knock that out real quick.

We agree with HorsePower Obsessed it’s probably a little too late unless someone is a hardcore Callaway enthusiast since the C8 Z06 is coming out with multiple variants soon.

Also, there’re already many engine mods you can do to your C8 Corvette (Fabspeed, Kooks, Soul Performance, American Racing Headers, Throttle body, Ported Manifold) as well as aftermarket wheel mods like Vossen Wheels, BC Forged Wheels,  and Carbon Fiber kits, ect..) like Racing Sport Concepts.

They better come with a pretty big engine upgrade which the C8 Corvette seems to be limited at that 600-650HP mark before the current Tremac Dual Clutch Transmission starts slipping. Hopefully they will have an axel upgrade too since they are known to break.

Standard on the Callaway C8 Corvette

  • Callaway Forged C8 Wheels
  • Double D Exhaust System
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
  • Callaway Interior package (door sills, alcantara, billet pedal set ect,,)
  • Callaway Ported Intake Manifold (should increase horsepower)
  • Callaway exterior badging

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