Fabspeed C8 Exhaust on the New C8 Corvette

fabspeed exhaust

Check out these C8 Corvettes with a Cat Back Exhaust from Fabspeed with Sport Cats that are 90% similar to straight piped cats from these YouTubers and Social Media Influencers on Instagram

Fabspeed Motorsports C8 Corvette Exhaust is one of the most popular exhausts for the C8 Corvette sine they were one of the first cat back exhausts for the C8 Corvette.

This is a list of all the Fabspeed C8 Exhaust set ups we have seen so far online and will keep this updated so you can see how to install the Fabspeed C8 exhaust and what the Corvette C8 sound like with a Fabspeed set up on it.

People are using different headers from Kooks Headers, Corsa Headers, American Racing Headers, and AFE Headers too.


Corvette C8 (2020+) | Stock vs Fabspeed Supersport Exhaust | Revs and Drive-by Sound Comparison

Corvette C8 (2020+) | Stock vs Sport Cats and Valvetronic Maxflo Exhaust | Revs Sound Comparison

Corvette C8 (2020+) | Fabspeed R&D Explains the C8’s Stock Sport Exhaust System

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Corvette C8 (2020+) | Cat Bypass Pipes and Maxflo Valvetronic Exhaust System | Make Your C8 Loud!

Corvette C8 (2020+) | Stock Cats vs Fabspeed Sport Cats | Revs and Driving Sound Comparison

Corvette C8 (2020+) | Fabspeed Supersport X-Pipe and Valvetronic Maxflo Exhaust | Product Comparison

650ib 2020 C8 Corvette with Fabspeed Valvetronic Exhaust | SOUNDS GREAT!

Fabspeed C8 Cat Bypass Pipes Dyno

TR3 Performance: Gabe Design Florido C8 Corvette w/ Fabspeed Catback & Sport Cats / @CARLIFESTYLE

TR3 Performance: C8 Corvette Stock Exhaust VS Fabspeed Catback + Sport Cats

Now The 2020 C8 Corvette Sounds As Good As it Looks | Straight Pipes on the LT2 V8

Alright, so the all new C8 Corvette is a great sports car. But let’s get one thing straight, the stock exhaust needs some help. And that’s exactly where Fabspeed Motorsports comes in. They installed a nice set of straight pipes on this mid engine Corvette so let’s see how it sounds.


Loudest 2020 C8 Corvette Aftermarket Exhaust?? *Mid Engine Corvette*

Check out this latest video by Full Throttle Drive on YouTube as he adds a Fabspeed exhaust to his Corvette C8.

He asks is it the loudest exhaust? We think Soul Performance has it beat when they created one of the first cat back exhaust and sport cats for StreetSpeed 717 with straight pipes!

C8 Corvette 10k exhaust. Fabspeed exhaust and cats with AFE headers

BEST SOUNDING C8 EXHAUST? Fabspeed Supersport Exhaust install & Sound Comparison for C8 Corvette

Here at Speed Society, we’ve been working with the boys over at Fabspeed Motorsport, and it’s because we can always rely on perfect fitment, exceptional sound, performance, and American made quality parts. This exhaust kit provided for Matrix C8 takes it to another level with aggressive sound and performance you’d expect from this cutting edge sportscar and includes an X-pipe design to help set it apart.

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