Kooks Headers for the C8 Corvette, How do they Perform?

kooks headers vs c8 corvette stock headers

Here are multiple YouTube Videos of the Kooks Headers for the C8 Corvette that compare how the C8 performs with changing out the stock headers and adding Kooks Headers as well as Kooks Green Cats.

Also, if you are installing Kooks Headers yourself on your Corvette C8 you need a O2 Sensor Socket Wrench as well.

We will keep this post updated with any new C8 Corvette Kooks Headers videos as well. If you want to add anything to this post let us know in our Sponsors Page contact form or shoot us a message on Instagram or Twitter.

Per Complete Street Performance C8 Corvette Kooks Headers

In this video we install a set of Kooks 1-7/8″ headers on the C8 Corvette with the factory cats. Then we put it on the dyno to realize the gains, only for the big surprise to be that we went the opposite way. We think we identified the reason why and hope Kooks will address the issue. If they do, there will be a follow up video! The Complete Street Performance YouTube Channel is dedicated to bringing you humorous but quality car content, mostly specializing in late model Domestic V8s. The work we do is with roughly a century of experience between everyone working at CSP, and the best part is we have fun doing this specialized work.

Per Emelia Hartford Kooks Headers C8 Video

Today’s episode is a fun one to say the least! Happy to announce we have partnered up with Kooks Headers and Exhaust to install a beautiful set of their new 1 7/8 304 Stainless Headers and Ultra Green High Flow Cats! Of course before installing the cats we had to see how she sounded with open headers! For the record these headers are not off a NASCAR but Kooks does make NASCAR headers and they sure sound like they are!

Per Gabe Design Florido C8 Corvette with Fabspeed Exhaust and Kooks Headers.

Gabe Design on Instagram and Founder of Car Lifestyle on Instagram has Fabspeed Cat Back and Sports Cats with Kooks Headers.

Corvette Direct Installs Kooks Headers and Green Cats and then Dynos his C8

Kooks headers get installed on the 2020 C8 Corvette!
We head to RPM in Garner, NC to get Kooks 1 7/8 in super sport header and green cats installed on the C8 Corvette. I hope yall enjoy. This opened the car up so much. Im excited to dyno the car and see what kind of gains were working with!

C8 Corvette Rev Battle- Kooks Headers & Green Cats vs Stock Headers (Sound Test)

Kooks Headers and Exhaust 2020 C8 Corvette

Here is a video from Kooks Headers with their new C8 Headers and Green Cats where they were able to test with 20+HP gains.

Also, per their website:

Kooks is excited to announce the new 1-7/8″ Super Street 304 Stainless Headers and Ultra-GREEN Catted OEM Connection pipes for the 2020 C8 Corvette!

This new combination was dyno-tested on a Z51 Equipped C8 and yielded 20+ hp and 26+ ft-lbs of torque to the tires.  All of this on a Stock Tune with No Check Engine Light! *Results may vary* 

1-7/8″ Stainless Steel Super Street Headers. 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8. Now Available for Pre-Order!

  • Oval Port
  • Stock Bolt Pattern
  • Flanged Collector Outlet Connects Directly to OEM Catalytic Converters or Kooks Super Street OEM Connections
  • Includes Gaskets and Bolt Kit required for Installation
  • No additional parts required

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