How to Prepare a C8 Corvette for the Track

Take a look behind the scenes on what it takes to get your C8 Corvette ready for the track, it’s very important you do the required preparation as GM Dealers may not honor your warranty on the track.

Make sure to Follow all of the C8 Corvette Track Guide steps (download the guide and bookmark this page for track days) or take it to your local GM Certified Chevrolet Dealer for help.


2020 C8 Corvette Track Prep GUIDE Deep Dive

JMC Rides Points Out Removing One Wrong Bolt for Track Prep Can Ruin Your C8 Corvette

Also, here is JMC Rides Track Day

2020 C8 Corvette Track Prep Tips (+ other useful C8 info)

Ron Fellows Performance Driving School instructor, Justin “JJ” Johnson, shares C8 Corvette track prep tips during an 8th Generation Corvette Owners School at Spring Mountain Motor Resort.

C8 Corvette Track Fill without taking Trunk out

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