Rick Corvette Conti Order Status (C8 Corvettes)

rick corvette conti

Check out this latest video from Rick Corvette Conti helping people figure out when their 2020 C8 Corvettes will be delivered and what status code they are.

He also answers questions about the C8 Corvette and other Corvettes in general.

2 thoughts on “Rick Corvette Conti Order Status (C8 Corvettes)”

  1. Hi, My name is John and I am very interested in purchasing. I watched your videos on Youtube and I wanted to get on the list. I am in Southern California and know all the options on the 2021 Corvette C8 that I would like to purchase. Let me know the next step or let me know if your allocation is full.

    Thank you

    1. Hi John, this isn’t Rick’s site.. we just posted one of his YouTube videos here.. However if you head over to his YouTube channel Rick Corvette Conti his banner heading has his website info, phone # ect..

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