The Corvette C8 Market is Cracking? C8 Corvette Price Data

c8 corvette prices

Check out this video from Fourwheel Trader as he provides car depreciation analysis on many types of popular cars.

In this video he covers the still top selling and leader in July of 2021 C8 Corvette. We haven’t noticed that much cracking since the C8 is still hard to get and in most cases 12-18 months to get one in your hands when ordering as the lists are so big with Chevy dealers across the country.

The one thing that might slow it down is when Chevrolet announces the production dates on the new C8 Z06 on October 26th, 2021.

Per his video description of C8 Corvette Prices

Buying a Corvette C8? Then this is the video to watch. In this depreciation and buying guide of the Corvette C8 I will show you how much Corvette prices changed in the last three months and what the current premiums are. Furthermore, I will show that we might be at the beginning of the end for the c8 price premiums. You can contact me at if you would like a personalized analysis. Following high demand and limited supply, Corvette C8 prices skyrocketed during last year. This uptrend continued during the last three months as the median price point increased even further by 4%. However, as this video will show you, the first signs of a trend change start to appear. First, we can observe that the upward price trend in the used car market came to an end. Used car prices didn’t increase during the last three months. Moreover, we can already see some price decreases at a more granular level. All of this is caused by an increase in used car supply and median mileage. Second, we can see that the price variation starts to decrease. Prices are less extreme and outliers are priced closer to the rest of the market. This usually signals that the market decided on the price. All of this fits within in the larger market trends. Wholesale prices continued to decrease during July and the average time in takes to sell a used car bottomed out. Yet, it’s unlikely that the C8 market will crash. It’s still the most popular car of the US and it’s sales numbers are miles ahead of the competition. Therefore, it’s more likely that prices will adjust gradually. Note that all the prices are advertised prices.

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