Chevy Denies $5,000 Z06 Chevy Rewards (SHOCKING)

Speed Phenom Z06

In this video by Austin on the Speed Phenom YouTube channel discusses is frustration with GM and Chevrolet with his Carbon Fiber Wheels and $5,000 Z06 Chevy Rewards he thought he was getting for not flipping the car in the first six months.

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Z06 Carbon Fiber Wheel Issues

Not only did Chevy give Austin a new set of Carbon Fiber Wheels since the Chevy dealers were ruining them every time he changed tires from tracking the C8 Z06, once he received new ones for free the Chevy Dealer wouldn’t attempt to put them on.

He is currently trying to have an exotic car dealer help him get tires on the C8 Z06 Carbon Fiber Wheels made by Carbon Revolution.

As you will see in the video Austin from Speed Phenom on YouTube is not happy. First with the Carbon Fiber Wheels debacle and now with being denied the $5,000 in Z06 Chevy Rewards he was expecting to put towards brakes.

Z06 Chevy Rewards DENIED!

What do you think? Do you think his connection that got him the Z06 first, free carbon fiber wheels knows this is happening? Or the Chevy Rewards team isn’t aware he’s a YouTube influencer they gave special treatment for the exposure on his channel and showing the C8 Z06 tracked?

Austin seems like he’s going to sell the C8 Corvette Z06 after spending over $400,000 on Corvettes and go back to Ford and McLaren.

Will GM or Chevrolet make this right for C8 Corvette Z06 owners and Austin Everett, Speed Phenom?


Chevy RESPONDS! Will I Be Getting My $5,000 Reward?

In this video update from the My Chevy Rewards $5,000 debacle sounds like Speed Phenom’s YouTube videos strike again and he will be getting the $5,000 as well as more information from Chevrolet soon on helping other C8 Z06 owners get their Z06 Chevy Rewards they thought they were getting for holding the car for six months without flipping it.

Since we own a C8 Corvette Z06 we called into My Chevy Rewards and they said our C8 Z06 is attached to our account as we asked the Chevy Dealer to do and there is nothing else needed. She did read a specific document they have about the Z06 saying after 6 months you get 500,000 points or $5,000 but there wasn’t any specific thing you had to do other than have it attached to rewards as we did when we bought the car.

For reference she put in the notes we called in and provided a case number in case we don’t get the rewards we can use that as a reference point since we just bought it a few weeks ago. We will keep you update on any other Z06 Chevy rewards findings.

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