How to Change the Oil on a C8 Corvette Z06?

how to change the oil on a c8 corvette z06

If you have the new Chevrolet C8 Corvette Z06 with the hand built flat plane crank engine and want to change the oil yourself vs taking it to a Chevy Dealer this video from Paragon Performance is for you.

If it’s that time for your first oil change and you’re thinking “How to change the oil on a C8 Corvette Z06” this should help as it comes from the experts at Paragon Performance. And they have years of experience working on the C8 Corvette platform since it came out in 2020.

C8 Corvette Z06 Oil Change

Learn step by step what you need to do when changing the oil on the C8 Z06 from where to get the oil, type of oil, tools, and process.

Step by step walkthrough on how to change your oil on your brand new 2023 + Chevrolet C8 Corvette Z06! A straight to the point “How to” video. Drain your oil, replace your oil filter and fill with 7.5 Quarts of 5W-50 Dexos approved oil. Make sure to check while your engine is running! Do it yourself and save yourself the trip to the dealership. Looking to purchase our products? Click Here! C8 Corvette Z06 Oil Change Kit – Includes 8Qt 5w50 Mobil 1 & AcDelco Oil Filter!

Tell Paragon Performance C8 Corvette Blog sent you when placing your order for C8 Z06 oil in the purchase notes. At the time of this post its currently on sale for $172.77

YouTube Transcript:

hey guys Alex here with Paragon
performance today we’re going to be
showing you how to change the oil in
your Z06 if you haven’t picked up the
stuff to change the oil in it yet
check out and get your
oil change kit today let’s get to it

first thing we’re going to want to do
here is open the engine compartment if
you have an HTC you will need to put the
top here in service mode
as best practice it’s always good to do
an oil change on a warm engine just keep
in mind that the oil can be very hot
depending on how warm that engine is so
use your best judgment for that
we’re going to start here by locating
where the oil fill cap and dipstick are
they’re located here in the front
passenger side of the engine bay on
these htcs you will have a rubber flap
here on this top panel to access that
the coop is in the same location all
right so once you’ve located those we
need to get the vehicle raised and
supported here so we can access the
underside so we can drain the oil out of

all right so we’re going to start here
by draining the oil out of the engine
itself first this is a 15 millimeter
drain plug next we’ll move over to the
drain plug for the oil reservoir this
will be a 3 8 Drive Extension you will
have to push up and turn a quarter turn
to remove the drain plug
and then last
we will remove the filter from the
housing this takes a 32 millimeter

thank you

all right so supplied with your oil
change kit from us here at Paragon we
include a new plastic plug for the oil
reservoir it’s not necessary to replace
it however they are plastic at some
point they will break or fail and if you
notice I did kind of have to pry it out
because they get stuck in there so we do
provide a new one just for safety’s sake
we’re going to install that and that
will you will install it push up and it
will turn a quarter turn but it does
have a stop and it will just stop in
just like that clean our oil off of here
some use of some brake clean works
really well for this as well and we’re
going to take our threaded
drain plug for the oil pan
reinstall that always inspect the seal
to make sure there’s no tears in it
then we’re going to torque this down to
18 foot pounds

all right so we’re going to grab the oil
filter provided
there is a new o-ring provided as well
for the cap
and then of course your oil filter

you can do this two ways you can install
this first and then put the cap on
secondly or this will actually snap into
the top of the cap if you want to do it
that way

then take a little bit of this excess
oil and just kind of wet the new o-ring
put my filter into the housing
and we’re going to just screw that back
into place
and the filter is torqued to 18
foot-pounds as well
clean up any excess oil
and we’re ready to fill it with oil all
right so we’re going to start here get
some oil put in it find you a suitable
funnel that you can set into
here makes it easy to pour the quartz of
oil into
it does take eight quarts of oil I like
to put about seven and a half quarts in
it to start and we’ll go through the
startup procedure in that process and
get the oil up to temperature and then
we’ll check it
it’s better safe to be a little low than
over so
it started about seven and a half quarts
and top it off from there


car here

and then you’re going to want to cycle
through until you can see this oil
temperature reading
and then we need to wait for that to be
about 175 degrees and then we can check
the oil
make sure you check for leaks

all right so we’re up to Temp now we’re
going to get the dipstick here pulled
and check the oil level

pull it out wipe it off
and put it back in
add that last half a quart of oil that
we had and we’re good to go

all right so we’ve got our low Mark and
our full Mark obviously the target’s to
be in between them but closer to the Top
If neat if we can be
this one’s good to go
there you have it Gia made it pretty
simple to change the oil in these cars a
little Tech tip remember when checking
the oil in the car does need to be at
operating temperature and while the
engine is running as always like
subscribe and comment we’ll see you guys
next time


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